Top 10 Popular Brown Sugar Brands in India

As a part of the culinary creations, sugar is a very important cooking element. One of the variations of sugar, that has recently gained a lot of popularity if the is brown sugar. In fact, people are preferring brown sugar more than the normal one as it has more nutritional elements. Brown sugar comes it rich caramel notes and undertone of molasses, something that makes brown sugar brands all the more special. A number of companies have presently with their brown sugar brands, here we will share information about top 10 of them.

Brown Sugar

1. Dhampure:

Indian sugar giant Dhampure’s brown sugar shows its excellent commitment. Purity-focused Dhampure chooses sugarcane to manufacture premium brown sugar. Dhampure’s brown sugar’s strong fragrance and natural sweetness improve many meals. Dhampure, a leading Indian sulphur-free sugar manufacturer, offers several clean and pure sugar products. Dhampure Sugars Limited, a trusted sugar company, customizes its products. Dhampure Speciality Sugars Ltd., a leading Indian sugar manufacturer, makes and sells chemical-free, natural sugars. Industry presence is shown by the company’s Rs 33.07 Crore market worth. The 30-09-2021 quarter saw Dhampure Sugars Limited earn Rs 5.72 Crore.

Quality, purity, and natural methods make Dhampure successful. Brown sugar reflects these principles and our dedication to meeting consumers’ evolving needs. Dhampure’s chemical-free, natural sugar production supports the Indian sugar industry and delights families.

2. Sugarlite:

Sugarlite’s low-calorie brown sugar has made it a popular among health-conscious consumers. Health-conscious and flavor-savvy consumers like the brand’s caramel-flavored, guilt-free brown sugar. Sugarlite’s 100% natural sugar blend innovates sweetness. The unique blend of stevia and sugar tastes like sugar but has half the calories. Sugarlite attracts health-conscious customers with this ingenious tactic.

Sugarlite’s new natural sugar blend emphasizes wellness. Sweetened with Stevia, the brand has less calories. Sugarlite leads the way in healthy, tasty options. Without sacrificing taste, Sugarlite’s brown sugar is low in calories. Sugarlite’s mix of health-consciousness and flavor enhancement makes it a dynamic sugar market player, appealing to a broad variety of clients seeking a tasty and healthy sweetener. Sugarlite signifies sugar’s transformation via innovation. The brand has attracted health-conscious consumers and enhanced the sweetness experience by integrating heritage with modern health concerns, setting a new standard in the sugar product industry.

3. Trust:

Trust is a reliable sugar provider. Since Trust is committed to purity and flavor, brown sugar is perfect for baking and cooking. This brown sugar gives pastries and beverages a distinctive flavor without jeopardizing the brand’s image. Simbhaoli Group’s Trust sugar brand originated as a sugar mill in Simbhaoli, Uttar Pradesh, in 1933. The Simbhaoli Group now sells farm-to-consumer FMCG. Trust leads in staples, food, beverages, personal, home, and agri-input quality.

Trust brown sugar symbolizes quality and history. Sugar is precisely manufactured to the highest purity and taste standards from the Simbhaoli Group’s vast network. Due to this passion, discerning clients pick Trust to enhance their culinary creations. Trust preserves its legacy and enables the Simbhaoli Group dominate FMCG consumer segments. Because of its sugar production and innovation, the competitive Indian FMCG industry associates trust with quality.

4. Vedaka:

Amazon’s Vedaka brand, renowned for its wide choice of culinary products, sold brown sugar, demonstrating its dedication to quality and affordability. Vedaka’s brown sugar is the highest-quality and most cheap for Indian households, meeting consumers’ needs. Vedaka, exclusive to Amazon India, offers dry fruits, spices, pulses, groceries, grains, lentils, oils, tea leaves, dried fruits, flours, and more. Due to its large product range, Vedaka is ideal for daily shopping.

Vedaka’s brown sugar is inexpensive and high-quality. A careful selection of components and reliable manufacture show the brand’s quality dedication. Vedaka’s affordable, high-quality solution has made it stand out in the food product sector. Amazon’s private label product Vedaka is a client favorite and diversifies Amazon’s ecosystem. Value, convenience, and quality make the brand a trusted name among Indian households, proving its affordability and excellence.

5. Madhur:

Madhur’s brown sugar proves its quality, solidifying its leadership in the Indian sugar market. Indian houses use Madhur’s brown sugar to sweeten tea, coffee, and other foods owing to its quality and sanitation.

Since joining Shree Renuka Sugars in 2007, Madhur has become India’s fastest-growing sugar brand. In all items, the business emphasizes purity, quality, and cleanliness. Madhur’s five-year CAGR is 46%. In Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra, grocery stores sell Madhur items. Major food malls, internet retailers, and restaurant chains sell Madhur, bolstering its reputation as a trusted sugar brand in India.

6. Fortune:

Fortune, famous for its food, specializes in brown sugar. Fortune, famed for its quality and originality, has upgraded its brown sugar product, providing discerning clients a rich and indulgent taste experience. Adani Wilmar owns Fortune, an Indian FMCG behemoth. Indian FMCG giant Fortune sells kitchen essentials. Sugar, edible oil, rice, wheat flour, and legumes are sold.

The DRHP report reveals Adani Wilmar’s financial strength. The conglomerate’s 2020-21 net profit was Rs 727.64 crore, up from Rs 460.87 crore. Adani Wilmar’s strong financial growth shows its FMCG strategy and resilience. Fortune’s brown sugar success comes from quality and genuineness. Fortune, a recognized brand in Adani Wilmar’s product range, provides high-quality food and helps the company succeed in the competitive Indian market.

7. 24 Mantra:

Health-conscious clients may get organic brown sugar from 24 Mantra. This brand ensures chemical-free brown sugar for sustainability and purity. 24 Mantra’s organic brown sugar is ideal for eco-conscious health-conscious clients. In 2004, Raj Seelam started 24 Mantra Organic in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, to transform India’s organic food market. A specialty food company, it provides cooking equipment, ready-to-eat meals, and beverages to support farmer livelihoods, consumer lifestyles, and the globe.

24 Mantra, a renowned Indian organic food company, helps 45,000 farmers in 15 states and 2,25,000 acres better their lives via organic farming. Brown sugar with these traits reflects the brand’s entire approach. 24 Mantra supports organic food quality by emphasizing farmer well-being, sustainable consumer choices, and environmental preservation. 24 Mantra currently offers all its items in larger catering packaging to reach more customers. 24 Mantra’s organic brown sugar and other goods are pure and create a healthy, organic ecosystem for farmers and consumers.

8. Uttam Sugar

Indian sugar major Uttam Sugar enters brown sugar. Our brown sugar has a rich flavor because Uttam Sugar retains the natural molasses content with cutting-edge manufacturing methods. Home bakers and chefs trust Uttam Sugar’s brown sugar for quality. Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd. is India’s biggest refined sugar producer. Research and development enhance the brand’s high-quality sugar manufacturing. Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd.’s holistic sugar business strategy stressed ecology, health, justice, and compassion.

Uttam Sugar’s brown sugar shift complements its quality and excellence strategy. With advanced manufacturing methods that preserve natural molasses, the brand ensures that our brown sugar exceeds client expectations and adds depth and personality to culinary creations. Uttam Sugar supports health, justice, sustainability, and compassion beyond its products. Our holistic approach combines technological innovation with ethical and environmentally responsible practises, putting Uttam Sugar apart from the industry. Brown sugar from Uttam Sugar symbolizes the brand’s dedication to high-quality sugar products and a more sustainable and compassionate future.

9. Sri Sri Tattva:

Brown sugar suits Sri Sri Tattva’s comprehensive philosophy. This brand’s brown sugar is lightly processed to retain flavor. Sri Sri Tattva brown sugar is ideal for health-conscious palates that appreciate taste and awareness. Yoga teacher and spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar established Sri Sri Tattva, a holistic health and wellness brand. The brand promotes a comprehensive, integrated healthy lifestyle for every family.

Brown sugar shows Sri Sri Tattva’s commitment to health. The brand retains sugar’s flavor by processing it little, making it healthier and more mindful. Health-conscious customers like brown sugar. A complete brand strategy involves community support and product offerings. Sri Sri Tattva happy supports the Art of Living foundation’s social and rural welfare initiatives, showing its social responsibility and community impact. Sri Sri Tattva brown sugar symbolizes health. The brand’s careful choice to mix taste with wellness reflects its goal to enhance every home’s health.

10. Herms Organic:

Herms Organic is known for its organic products, including brown sugar. Herms Organic’s brown sugar is created from organic sugarcane without pesticides or chemicals. Sustainability and quality make the brand’s brown sugar popular among health-conscious consumers. Herms Organic, part of Herms Nature Private Limited, is a renowned Indian organic food brand. Their careful, chemical-free manufacture sets them apart. Brown sugar manufactured from organic sugarcane demonstrates the brand’s commitment to natural and healthy options.

Natural processing improves vitamin and nutritional content at Herms Organic. This approach meets health-conscious customers’ needs at Herms Organic. The brand offers pesticide-free food for a greener living. Herms Organic brown sugar is pure and more. It represents the brand’s health, sustainability, and purity in goods and lifestyle. Healthy living and sustainable food business are advocated by Herms Organic brown sugar.


India is a land of diverse food items. Be it the taste or the flavors, the dishes stand out. The brown sugar is the reason many of these dishes are so perfect. With low calorie and best nutrition option, brown sugar reigns the sugar market. Here’s the best 10 of them.

Brown Sugar FAQs

Q. How is brown sugar made?

Ans: Brown sugar is made by mixing white sugar with molasses. The amount of molasses added determines the darkness and flavor of the brown sugar.

Q. What is the difference between light brown sugar and dark brown sugar?

Ans: Light brown sugar contains less molasses than dark brown sugar, resulting in a lighter color and milder flavor. Dark brown sugar has a higher molasses content, giving it a darker color and stronger flavor.

Q. Can I substitute brown sugar for white sugar in recipes?

Ans: Yes, you can generally substitute brown sugar for white sugar in recipes, but keep in mind that it will affect the flavor and texture of the final dish. Brown sugar adds moisture and a hint of molasses flavor, so the result may be slightly different from using white sugar alone.

Q. Is brown sugar healthier than white sugar?

Ans: Brown sugar contains slightly more minerals (such as calcium, potassium, and iron) than white sugar because of the molasses content. However, both sugars are similar in terms of calories and impact on blood sugar levels, so they should be consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Q. How should brown sugar be stored?

Ans: Brown sugar should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place to prevent it from hardening. Some people also place a slice of bread or a terra cotta brown sugar saver in the container to help keep it soft.

Q. Can brown sugar go bad?

Ans: Brown sugar has a long shelf life if stored properly. However, it may harden over time due to moisture loss. If brown sugar becomes too hard, it can be softened by placing it in a sealed container with a damp paper towel or by heating it in the microwave for a few seconds.

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