Top 10 Famous Decorative Laminate Brands in India

Decorative laminates have now become famous for decoration in India. For transforming spaces and aesthetics of a house these laminates are important elements. The laminates offer a versatile and cost-effective avenue. They are now commonly used for improving the look of homes, offices, and businesses. In 2022, the market size of decorative laminates in India was $1.7 Billion. As expected the market will grow to $2.4 Billion by 2028, with a growth rate of 5.8% from 2023 to 2028.

Below we have listed the leading decorative laminate brands in India. Each of these companies have left an indelible mark. Indeed, they are special on the dynamic landscape of interior design. These brands have upheld rigorous standards of quality.

1. Greenlam Industries

Greenlam Industries

Greenlam Industries is a special name. It stands as an eminent and reliable name within the Indian decorative laminate industry. Since its establishment in 1993, Greenlam has become a very well-known name. It has been synonymous with delivering high-quality laminates. Their products are adorned with innovative designs and captivating textures. Their extensive product portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum of laminates,. This caters adeptly to both residential and commercial applications. They have woodgrain textures to abstract patterns and solid colors. Greenlam offers a diverse array of laminates. Surely, they provide options to suit diverse design preferences and project requirements.

What sets Greenlam apart is its unwavering commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. This dedication extends beyond creating aesthetically pleasing laminates to ensuring environmental responsibility. Greenlam’s emphasis on eco-consciousness. This has contributed significantly to its robust reputation in the market. Their venture has made it a trusted choice among architects. The interior designers, and homeowners value both style and sustainability in their projects. So prefer this brand.

2. Century Laminates

Century Laminates

Century Laminates is an integral division of Century Plyboards (India) Ltd. It commands a prominent position within the realm of decorative laminates. The brand is distinguished by a relentless pursuit of quality and innovation. Truly, Century Laminates boasts a versatile portfolio. This appeals to a myriad of design sensibilities. Their laminates are celebrated for their exceptional durability and resilience against wear and tear. The laminates render them ideal for deployment in high-traffic areas.

What sets Century Laminates apart is their unwavering commitment to producing laminates. These laminates exude aesthetic appeal. They also stand the test of time in terms of performance. This blend of style and substance has established Century Laminates as a preferred choice for architects. Same kind of choice is made by the, interior designers, and discerning clients also. They prioritize quality and innovation in their projects. Century Laminates has an enduring legacy in the decorative laminate industry. It is a testament to their dedication to excellence.

3. Merino Laminates

Merino Laminates

Merino Laminates has consistently held a pioneering position in India’s laminate industry. It has been so since its establishment in 1981. The brand has earned widespread recognition. It was possible for its avant-garde designs, encompassing premium textures and patterns. These detailed works set trends in interior aesthetics. Merino’s extensive laminate range dazzles with its visual appeal. It also impresses with its longevity and low-maintenance qualities.

Merino is dedicated to offering laminates that marry style with practicality. This is what truly distinguishes Merino. Merino laminates is a top choice for architects, interior designers, and homeowners. Merino Laminates has an enduring legacy. It underscores their commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and product quality. That makes them special in the Indian laminate industry.

4. Sunmica

Sunmica is operating under the umbrella of AICA Laminates India Pvt. Ltd. This brand holds an esteemed place in the hearts and homes of countless Indians. Sunmica has earned its reputation by offering a captivating array of laminates. These laminates effortlessly traverse the realms of classic and contemporary design. It caters adeptly to a diverse spectrum of interior design preferences.

Sunmica’s laminates are not only merely admired for their visual appeal. They are also held in high regard for their enduring quality and durability. Sunmica laminates has the blend of aesthetics and resilience. This ensures that the product remain a preferred choice for architects. The interior designers, and homeowners seek both style and longevity in their interior design projects. Sunmica’s status as a household name in India reflects its commitment. The brand offer laminates that resonate with the diverse tastes homeowners. It is one of the essentials of the nation’s interior design landscape.

5. Formica


Formica is a globally renowned laminate powerhouse. It has established a formidable presence within the Indian market. It has a storied history dating back to the early 20th century. Formica has consistently stood at the forefront of innovation in the laminate industry.

Formica’s laminates exemplify a harmonious fusion of style and functionality. Its a hallmark that renders them a wide spectrum of projects spanning. This brand is a preferred choice for both residential and commercial domains. Their laminates not only exude aesthetic allure. This also boast the resilience and versatility. This makes it necessary to meet the exacting demands of modern design.

6. Greenply Industries

Greenply Industries

Greenply Industries is an eminent player in the plywood and allied products sector. Greenply Laminates has strategically expanded its portfolio into the realm of decorative laminates. The brand has deep-rooted expertise in wood-based solutions. The brand successfully offers best laminates. These laminates authentically replicate the appearance of genuine wood and other materials.

What sets Greenply Laminates apart? They offer remarkable authenticity. Their capturing the nuances of real wood grains and textures is unquestionable. This commitment to emulating the beauty of natural materials extends beyond aesthetics. To encompass durability, Greenply Laminates ensures not only exude visual appeal. It also stand the test of time.

Greenply has a foray into laminates. It is a testament to its commitment to diversification and innovation. , providing architects, interior designers, and homeowners with versatile options to elevate interior spaces. Greenply Laminates offer a compelling choice for those seeking the timeless charm of wood. They do it without compromising on durability or sustainability.

7. Durian Laminates

Durian Laminates

Durian Laminates, an integral component of the Durian Industries Ltd. conglomerate, has earned acclaim for its extensive and exquisite selection of laminates. The brand holds a expansive portfolio. It encompasses a plethora of designs. This span the spectrum from classic to contemporary. It is meticulously crafted to cater to diverse interior design sensibilities.

Their unwavering commitment to producing laminates distinguishes Durian Laminates from others. The brand not only captivate with their aesthetic appeal but also endure the rigors of daily use. This fusion of style and resilience renders Durian Laminates an ideal choice. The brand offers a wide array of projects. It includes both residential and commercial spaces.

The brand Durian has dedication to offering laminates that balance aesthetics with durability. It underscores its role as a innovative player in the interior design landscape. Durian Laminates continue to be a preferred choice for many. It is one of the laminates that deliver enduring style and functionality.

8. Royale Touche

Royale Touche

Royale Touche has etched a distinguished reputation for its opulent laminates. These laminates radiate opulence and style. The brand has carved a niche for itself. It specializes in premium laminates. These are tailored to meet the discerning tastes of the high-end market segment.

Its unwavering emphasis on both quality and aesthetics sets Royale Touche apart. They create laminates that are not just visually captivating. It also deliver unparalleled performance. These attributes make Royale Touche laminates a natural choice. It is specially crafted for upscale residential and commercial projects. Choose Royale Touche if the emphasis is on luxury, elegance, and enduring quality.

Royale Touche is committed to offer sophistication and excellence. It has solidified its standing as a preferred choice among architects. Interior designers with a penchant for the finer things also prefer Royale Touche. The brand continues to elevate interiors with its luxurious laminates. Leaving an indelible mark of grandeur and style.

9. Eurotex


Eurotex Laminates, is a relatively recent entrant in the realm of decorative laminates. The brand earned popularity by making innovative designs and competitive pricing. This dynamic brand has captured the attention of industry professionals and homeowners.

Eurotex Laminates boasts an extensive selection. It places a distinct focus on contemporary patterns and finishes. This strategic emphasis on modern design trends resonates well with interior designers. It is also best choice for homeowners. With this they can infuse their spaces with a contemporary flair.

Eurotex has the ability to offer an enticing combination of affordability and style. It is a popular choice for those looking to strike a balance between budget and design. In a relatively short span, Eurotex Laminates has carved a niche as a brand. They not only keeps up with evolving design aesthetics. A broad spectrum of consumers in the laminate market can easily access it.

10. Archidply Industries

Archidply Industries is known for its plywood and particle boards. It has extended its product portfolio to include laminates. Their laminates are known for their durability and resistance to scratches and stains. Archidply Laminates caters to both residential and commercial markets. It offers a diverse range of designs.


The world of decorative laminates in India has evolved significantly over the years. These top 10 leading brands have played a pivotal role. It shaped the industry. These brands offer laminates with traditional wood finishes. They have eye-catching patterns, and modern designs. They cater to the tastes and requirements of designers. These brands are leaders in the Indian decorative laminate market. They have transformed interior spaces across the country.

Decorative Laminates FAQ

Q1. When choosing a decorative laminate how will it be possible for your to choose the genuine ones from the cheaply marketed ones?

Ans: Forget the celebrity endorsements, when it comes to choosing the right decorative laminates, then you need to keep your focus at the followings:

The first happens to be the quality of the material. When you choose the best brands, then you will find that the use premium resins as well as Kraft papers. Both these elements ensure of a durable and long running laminate. You can also research on the brand’s processes for quality protection.

Industry certifications: You need to be critical when checking the IS or EN compliance of the laminate. Proper certification can only ensure of the right quality checks.

Warranty and after-sales service: The better the brands will be, the proper will be there warrantees and after sale customer support.

Las but not the least, you can go through the reviews offered by the industry experts about these decorative laminates.

Q2. How it is possible to choose the right decorative laminates as per the design requirement?

Ans: Many aspects must be balanced for a harmonious house design. To update your décor, browse collections with natural textures, minimalist patterns, and powerful geometric motifs. These fashionable additions may modernise your space.

Maintaining personal style: Trends are vital, but don’t lose your style. Match your style with conventional finishes or woodgrains. You build a personal space by adding items you love.

Versatility: Use neutral base laminates with accent laminates for suitable portions. This allows design changes without major repairs. Build a foundation that adapts to shifting design preferences using flexible laminates.

Think about the design: Match laminates to your space’s hues, textures, and furniture for cohesion. To make a place appealing, match laminates to the overall style.

To build a beautiful, lifestyle-expressing environment, balance trends with personal style, emphasise flexibility, and consider design coherence.

Q3. For the high traffic zones as well as moisture prone zones, which laminate would be the best?

Ans: Understand each application’s demands to pick durable laminates. Choose laminates with scratch- and abrasion-resistant surfaces for high-traffic areas. For durability and wear resistance, use thicknesses between 1.00mm and 1.25mm. Kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and laundry rooms should have water-resistant laminates. Choose manufacturers with resistance levels in their product specifications for compatibility. Use fire-retardant laminates in high-risk areas. These laminates provide emergency protection and peace of mind. Ask architects, interior designers, or laminate merchants about the best laminates for your project. These professionals can assess your needs and provide products that meet aesthetic and functional needs. Their expertise helps you pick laminates that work effectively and last.

Q4. Is it possible to choose a high quality laminate within budget?

Ans: Remember that price often signals quality. Affordable options may indicate low-quality materials or workmanship.

Compare brand and store prices: Online and offline shopping offers low pricing without sacrificing quality.

Consider long-term value: Use durability and maintenance expectations to compare prices. Cheap laminates may require frequent replacement, costing more.

Try various finishes: Budget-conscious customers could choose stylish laminates that mimic wood or stone.

Considering worth, not price: Choose laminates that blend quality, design, and performance within your budget for practicality and beauty.

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