Top 10 Famous Indian Cartoon Characters

We all have been through that childhood phase, and you can distinctly remember liking cartoon characters in those golden days, right? Well, the story is no different today, there still are some really good cartoon shows that are not just fun, but teach kids important lessons about life too. And today, we are here to take a good look at the 10 famous Indian cartoon characters as of 2024, who have the biggest fan base in India and are liked in literally every part of the country by the young audience. Alright then, let’s get to the list.

1. Chhota Bheem

Chhota Bheem

Well, if you have grown up in the 2000s, you’ll surely know this cartoon character. You see, Chhota Bheem, an iconic part of Indian animation since 2008, tops our list. This, Rajiv Chilaka’s adored figure is from the made-up town of Dholakpur and is famously strong thanks to his favorite snack, laddoos. Just like how in Popeye, it was spinach that used to give power to the main character, for Chhota Bheem, it is laddoos. Always ready to protect his village from various threats, Bheem’s adventures emphasize values like friendship, bravery, and wisdom.

2. Motu and Patlu

Motu and Patlu

With their 2012 premiere on Nickelodeon India, Motu and Patlu have been entertaining viewers. This very cartoon show was an instant hit in the country, especially because of the very fun setup of the whole show. Based on the classic comic strip “Lotpot,” this duo from Furfuri Nagar brings endless laughter with their escapades. Although the more intelligent Patlu comes up with ingenious solutions, Motu’s penchant for samosas gets him into a lot of trouble.

3. Little Krishna

Little Krishna

Bringing viewers into Lord Krishna’s youthful experiences, “Little Krishna” entertains young audiences in the country and comes in at number three. The 2009 season of this 3D animated series was created by ISKCON in collaboration with Reliance Animation and Big Animation, and it really was a hit from the get-go. This show used to go live every morning, and kids used to love this show because of the interesting plots, fun parts, amazing animation, and of course because of Little Krishna himself. Showing Krishna’s miraculous abilities, humorous antics, and fights against demons, it takes place in Vrindavan.

4. Shiva


Another interesting show called “Shiva,” which airs on Nickelodeon India, comes in at number four on our list. Why? Well, all because of the main character of this show, who is also named Shiva, who is an adventurous young boy with amazing powers and a strong sense of what is right in this interesting show. The setup is pretty simple, you see, the show takes place in busy Vedas City, where Shiva lives with his close friends Aditya, Reva, and Uday, as well as his loyal dog Ladoo Singh.

5. Gattu and Battu

Gattu and Battu

Next, at number five, we have “Gattu Battu,” a cartoon show on Nickelodeon India that is about a detective. Again, the setup is pretty interesting, it shows the adventures of Gattu, a smart detective, and Battu, his funny but loyal partner, as they solve crimes in the cute town of Vishrampur. Gattu’s sharp intelligence and Battu’s funny antics work together to create interesting stories that show how important it is to work together and be friends.

6. Chacha Chaudhary

Chacha Chaudhary

If you have been a 90s kid or even if you grew up in the 2000s, you’ll know how big of a deal this Chacha Chaudhary show was, right? Chacha Chaudhary has been a common name since his show first aired in the 1970s. He is known for being smarter than a computer, according to a famous saying, you know? All in all, this famous character and his tall alien friend Sabu face a wide range of problems with their smart minds and shrewdness throughout the show.

7. Roll No 21 (Kris)

Roll No 21 (Kris)

“Roll No. 21” tells Lord Krishna’s stories in a modern way through the figure of Kris, who is the god’s reincarnation as a boy in modern times, you know? Kris uses his godlike abilities in a modern school to fight his enemy Principal Kanishk, who is the demon king Kansa. The show combines mythology with real-life events, which makes it both informative and fun. As you may already know, young people are interested in themes like good vs. evil, friendship, and smart problem-solving, that’s the very reason why this cartoon show is a hit in India.

8. Kumbh Karan

Kumbh Karan

Then there is Kumbh Karan, another recently famous cartoon character, who stars in the animated TV series of the same name, which is aired on Pogo TV in India. The story revolves around the twin brothers Kumbh and Karan, who live in a vibrant village named Ajab-Gajabpur. Kumbh has a huge appetite and loves to sleep like a log, whereas his brother Karan is fit, active, and energetic. Being the contrary twin, Karan always takes the lead, while Kumbh’s strength and courage help him in accomplishing things. They act together and support each other on various adventurous missions in different episodes.

9. Pakdam Pakdai (Doggy Don)

Pakdam Pakdai

“Pakdam Pakdai,” also known as “Rat-A-Tat,” is a funny story about Doggy Don and three naughty mice named Chotu, Lambu, and Motu. Based on the age-old rivalry between Doggy Don and the three mice, the series features delightful one-liners on personal habits and physical appearance, which is super fun for the young audience. Doggy Don’s raging egocentrism predisposes us to ridicule him as the mice consistently derail his scheme after scheme.

10. Bandbudh Aur Budbak (Badrinath and Budhdeb)

Bandbudh Aur Budbak

“Bandbudh Aur Budbak” is about how best friends Badrinath and Budhdeb get into trouble. Bandbudh Aur Budbak follows the ups and downs of the best friends Badrinath and Budhdeb and portrays the misadventures and strong friendship of schoolboys. Kids love the show for its fun and light-hearted humor and, of course, for being carefree and cheerful as it depicts childhood.


There you have it. These are by far the most famous Indian cartoon characters as of 2024, though, we haven’t included the foreign cartoon characters like Doraemon and Shinchan. Those are famous in India too, but they are not particularly what we call “Indian Cartoon Characters” you know?

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