Top 10 Fastest Growing Cities In India

On the economic development front, these 10 fastest-growing cities of India are not only bringing forth lifestyle improvements but also setting standards for infrastructure companies to maintain. These are the cities that are growing quickly and provide various unique features and opportunities to both local inhabitants as well as those in other towns. Join us in 2024 when we investigate the centres of progress, the urban centres making their nation work. They are writing India’s new story, the towns of the future, from ultra-modern technology corridors to high-adhesion economic zones. This piece is available in a series across the locations that are leading India forward with their exceptional development and innovation. So, whether you are a resident or an investor, the top 10 cities have a lot of viable things to offer. Let’s go learn more about it.

1. Hyderabad (Telangana):


With its widespread infrastructural arrangements, Hyderabad is a major IT hub and is also known as the “City of Pearls” for attraction reasons. Connected well due to the Outer Ring Road and metro, the city has seen the likes of Apple, Google, and Microsoft. The reasonable living costs and increased growth of serviced apartments make it even more popular among working-class people. The property here is between ₹6,500 to ₹7,600 per square foot, which indicates that the demand and growth potential are at an all-time high in Hyderabad.

2. Chennai (Tamil Nadu):


Chennai known as the “Detroit of India” – enjoys a burgeoning auto, IT and manufacturing commerce. The infrastructure in the city is standard with projects like Chennai Metro Rail and large road projects. The Chennai economy is at an all-time high as it has the fifth-highest GDP per capita in the country, it is one of the 100 cities in India identified by NITI Aayog as a “potential boomtown”, and even with a relatively higher cost of living compared to smaller cities, its thriving economy spurs business growth and attracts migrants looking for jobs and educational opportunities. Chennai has witnessed a progression in the cost of land where a normal property here is between ₹5,500 — ₹6,550 per square foot.

3. Ahmedabad (Gujarat):


Gujarat’s economy is largely based on textiles, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals but Ahmedabad stands out as the largest commercial hub of Gujarat. The city is known for being a pro-business environment and its strategic location garners large investments. No different in Ahmedabad where work is going on for the Metro line and expansion of SG Highway. It is an attractive destination as it has reasonable living costs and a strong economy. You have real estate prices that average someplace between ₹3,500 to ₹3,800 per square foot and growing.

4. Pune (Maharashtra):


Pune is the illustrious Oxford of the East for education and industry in India. Having more than 800 colleges, it invites students from across the country. The city’s proximity to Mumbai, and marketing it as a flourishing IT destination and automotive hub have acted as catalysts. With more cafes, a mall, schools and colleges opening up on this side of town, the Pune Ring Road, as well as the Metro line is bound to take various infrastructure projects in this region a long way! It is observing a steady increase in real estate prices, with the average flat costing approximately INR 5,360 per square foot.

5. Bangalore (Karnataka):


Bangalore, famously known as the “Silicon Valley of India” has a vast IT industry and an overwhelming number of beachhead startups. This city has the right infrastructure as well with the big extensive Namma Metro and properly laid out road networks. There is high employment in Bangalore, especially for working women and millennials. Property in Bangalore has been flourishing these days, the general per sq ft apartment rate is Rs. 6760. The East Bangalore and northern sub-markets, in particular, maintain strong interest from homebuyers.

6. Surat (Gujarat):


First thing you have to hand it, Surat is becoming a very rich city, the Fastest growing economy in the world, the diamond city of the world. It is one of the best cities for investment as it has a great infrastructure and a business-friendly city. This part of Gujarat has a low unemployment rate and the metro is yet to come, thereby making Surat the ideal depreciable in India. While the prices for real estate in Surat have increased significantly, there has been significant growth in affordable housing with average apartment prices oscillating between ₹4,334 and ₹5,500 per square foot.

7. Nagpur (Maharashtra):


Nagpur is an important industrial and logistics hub centrally located in India. The city is known for being very green and having a lot of natural resources, enjoying good connectivity, and substantial electricity production facilities. The city has witnessed considerable real estate expansion, mainly powered by NRI investments. Properties are priced between ₹4,125 to ₹5,550 per sqft on average showing a sign of high demand and development.

8. Agra (Uttar Pradesh):


Agra is one of the prominent tourist centres in India known mainly due to the presence of the Taj Mahal which boosts a strong economy based on agriculture, handicrafts and tourism. The city is highly connected through the Agra-Lucknow Expressway and Yamuna Expressway, which aids in the growth of this city. Agra real estate is flourishing — property price hovers at an average of ₹4,350 per sqft. With the continuous development and the rich heritage of the city, there is else that can be better than this, perfect for investment & living.

9. Tiruppur (Tamil Nadu):


Tiruppur, which has emerged as one of the largest textiles and knitwear hubs in India is an example to showcase the rapid growth that can happen with little assistance from a government Tiruppur, famous for playing a major role in India’s textile exports, derives its strength from the organic growth within. It is an investment-friendly city with a high rate of GDP growth of a vibrant industrial base. Tiruppur real estate is on the rise with property costs between ₹3,025 and ₹4,500 per square foot as a result of affordable housing demand.

10. Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh):


Vijayawada, the second biggest city of Andhra Pradesh is a huge center of trade and is popular for its farming and industrial commodities. The city’s good connectivity through the national highways and suburban railways has also contributed to its development. It is an education hub and students from all over India flock to Vijayawada. Average real estate prices of ₹4,350-₹5,700 per square foot for apartments reflect its new demands and job prospects.


Here is a list of the 10 fastest-growing cities in India that show great progress and dedication. All these cities are different but one thing is the same: they all, in some way, contribute to developing India uniquely. These urban communities mirror modern economic powerhouses and cultural epicentres, offering something to everyone, ultimately putting the country in an enviably advantageous position.

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