Top 5 Highest Cotton Producing States In India

Cotton is very important in India’s economy. It’s one of the main crops that brings in money. India now makes more cotton than China, making it the biggest cotton producer in the world. India makes about a quarter of all the cotton in the world. By the end of September 2024, it’s expected that there will be about 346 lakh bales of cotton weighing 170 kilograms each. The cotton season in India starts on October 1st and ends on September 30th every year.

Let’s find out the top 5 highest cotton producing states in India.

What are the top 5 major cotton producing states in India?


1. Gujarat

Gujarat is a major state of India that makes the most cotton in India, about 27% of all the cotton made in the country. In 2023-24, Gujarat made 94.41 lakh bales of cotton, each weighing 170 kg. About 15.19 lakh hectares of land in Gujarat grow cotton every year, making around 31.80 lakh bales of cotton. The main reason Gujarat’s agriculture is growing is because of cotton. The main places in Gujarat where cotton grows are Amreli, Bhavnagar, Junagarh, and Rajkot districts.

2. Maharashtra

Maharashtra is a big state in western India, covering a lot of land in the Deccan Plateau area. It’s the second largest producer of cotton in India, making about 23% of all cotton grown in the country. In the cotton season of 2023-24, the state grew 80.71 lakh bales of cotton, each weighing 170 kg. Maharashtra has been growing cotton for a long time. The main places where cotton is grown in the state are Nagpur, Aurangabad, and Jalgaon.

3. Telangana

Telangana is a state in India, located in the southern part of the country on a high plateau called the Deccan Plateau. It’s known for growing a lot of cotton, being the third biggest cotton producer in India. Around 16% of all cotton produced in India comes from Telangana. In the year 2023-24, Telangana produced 30.50 lakh bales of cotton. The main places where cotton is grown in Telangana are the districts of Adilabad, Warangal, and Khammam.

4. Rajasthan

Rajasthan, known as the ‘Land of Kings,’ is a state in northern India. It grows a lot of cotton, being the fourth biggest producer in the country. Around 8% of all cotton in India comes from Rajasthan. In the year 2023-24, it produced 29.50 lakh bales of cotton. The main places where cotton grows in Rajasthan are Nagaur, Jodhpur, and Pali districts.

5. Karnataka

Karnataka is a state in the southwest of India. It’s known for producing a lot of cotton. In fact, it’s the fifth biggest cotton-producing state in India, making about 6% of all the cotton in the country. In the year 2023-24 alone, Karnataka produced 22.50 lakh bales of 170 kg each. Bijapur, Dharwad, and Bellary are some of the main places in the state where cotton grows well.


That’s everything you need to know about the which states are the largest producer of cotton in India. Cotton is really important for India’s farming and economy. It’s often called “White-Gold” because it’s so valuable. Gujarat makes the most cotton in India, then Maharashtra and Telangana. Lots of people in rural areas rely on cotton for their jobs. Where cotton grows depends on things like the soil and weather. It mainly grows in North, South, and Central India. Lastly, we hope you found this article useful.


Q1. What are the top 5 states in India for growing cotton?

Ans: Gujarat grows the most cotton in India, making up about 27% of the country’s total production. After that these states ranks Maharashtra, Telangana, Rajasthan and Karnataka.

Q2. Which 5 states produce the most cotton in the United States?

Ans: The top cotton-growing states in the United States are mainly in the South and West. They include Texas, California, Arizona, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana. These states produce over 99% of the cotton grown in the US, mostly the Upland variety, with some American Pima.

Q3. What is Andhra Pradesh’s rank in cotton production?

Ans: Andhra Pradesh ranked 7th in both area and cotton production in India for the year 2021-22. The major cotton-producing states were Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Telangana, with Andhra Pradesh following in terms of production.

Q4. What is India’s rank in cotton production worldwide?

Ans: India ranks first globally in cotton acreage, with about 120.69 lakh hectares under cotton cultivation, which is approximately 36% of the world’s cotton-growing area of 333 lakh hectares. Around 67% of India’s cotton is grown in rain-fed areas, while 33% is grown in irrigated areas. However, India ranks 38th in terms of productivity, with a yield of 510 kg/ha.

Q5. What is the softest cotton variety in India?

Ans: Malmal Cotton, also known as Mulmul Cotton, is a fine variety of cotton known for its soft, fluffy texture. It produces airy, transparent, and extremely comfortable cotton fabrics.

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