India Surpasses the US as Herbalife’s Largest Market

Herbalife, a global leader in nutrition and weight management, has witnessed a significant market shift with India surpassing the United States to become its largest revenue contributor. In 2023, Herbalife’s revenue from India reached nearly $800 million, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s international growth strategy. This article explores the factors contributing to this milestone and its implications for Herbalife and the broader nutrition industry.

The Growth Trajectory in India

Herbalife’s expansion in India has been driven by several key factors. The increasing health consciousness among Indian consumers has played a crucial role. With a growing middle class and a heightened awareness of lifestyle diseases, more people are turning to dietary supplements and wellness products. Herbalife’s diverse product portfolio, which includes weight management, targeted nutrition, energy, and fitness supplements, aligns well with these consumer needs.


Moreover, Herbalife’s direct selling model has resonated strongly in India. The company’s strategy of empowering local entrepreneurs has created a robust network of distributors who effectively market and sell products through personal connections and community-based approaches. This model has not only boosted sales but also fostered a sense of community and trust among consumers.

Strategic Product Launches and Localization

Herbalife’s success in India can also be attributed to its strategic product launches tailored to local preferences. The company has introduced products that cater to Indian tastes and dietary habits, such as customized protein shakes and herbal teas. This localization strategy has helped Herbalife differentiate itself from competitors and meet the specific needs of Indian consumers.

In addition to product customization, Herbalife has invested heavily in marketing and brand building. High-profile endorsements, fitness events, and health awareness campaigns have enhanced brand visibility and credibility. The company’s focus on digital marketing and e-commerce has further expanded its reach, especially among tech-savvy urban populations.

Comparative Performance: US vs. India

While India has emerged as the largest market, Herbalife’s performance in the United States has faced challenges. The US market, which was traditionally Herbalife’s stronghold, saw a decline in revenue due to several factors, including regulatory scrutiny and changing consumer preferences. North America reported a revenue decrease of 10.4% in 2023, contrasting with the growth seen in the Asia-Pacific region, including India​.

The regulatory environment in the US has become more stringent, with increased scrutiny on the direct selling industry. Herbalife has faced legal challenges and settlements, impacting its operations and public perception. In contrast, the regulatory landscape in India has been more favorable, allowing Herbalife to expand relatively unhindered.

Global Implications and Future Outlook

Herbalife’s shifting market dynamics highlight the growing importance of emerging markets in the global nutrition industry. The company’s success in India is a testament to the potential of these markets to drive growth for multinational companies. Herbalife’s ability to adapt to local markets while maintaining global standards sets a precedent for other companies aiming to expand internationally.

Looking ahead, Herbalife plans to continue its focus on product innovation and market expansion. The introduction of new products, such as Herbalife24® Premium Creatine and the GLP-1 Nutrition Companion Product Combos, reflects the company’s commitment to meeting evolving consumer needs​​. As Herbalife strengthens its presence in India, it is also looking at other emerging markets to replicate its success.

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