India’s 5G Download Speeds Rank 14th in the World 2024

Ookla’s recent report sheds light on India’s standing in global 5G performance rankings, marking a significant stride as the country ascends to the 14th position worldwide. With India’s continuous climb on the global 5G ladder, the report underscores the nation’s rapid progress in embracing next-generation connectivity.


In a remarkable surge, India leapt 55 places in the fourth quarter of 2023 alone, securing its place among the top 15 markets with the fastest reported 5G median download speeds globally. Ookla attributes India’s commendable performance to the extensive and prompt deployment efforts spearheaded by industry giants Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel, which have played pivotal roles in driving 5G adoption across the nation.

The report highlights India has witnessed a significant surge in 5G availability, with figures soaring from 28.1% in the initial quarter to an impressive 52.0% by the close of 2023. Dominating the market, Reliance Jio commands a substantial share at 68.8%, closely trailed by Airtel at 30.4%. Adding momentum to this growth trajectory, the proliferation of 5G-capable smartphones has fueled adoption, with a striking 52% of all smartphones shipped in 2023 now boasting 5G capabilities. This surge underscores India’s swift transition toward next-generation connectivity, propelled by robust infrastructure development and widespread access to 5G-enabled devices.

Notably, the transition to 5G has revolutionized video streaming and gaming experiences, offering significant improvements over 4G LTE connectivity. Both Jio and Airtel’s networks have excelled in providing faster video start times and reduced latency, with Jio reporting a latency of 77ms and Airtel at 92ms. Jio’s 5G network boasts a video start time of 1.14 seconds, while Airtel clocks in at 1.99 seconds.

The rapid nationwide deployment of 5G networks by major operators like Jio and Airtel has been a cornerstone of India’s 5G journey. By December 2023, more than 400,000 5G base stations were operational across the country, marking a substantial increase from January 2023.

Comparing the performance of 5G to its predecessor, the report underscores the remarkable speed difference. In Q4 2023, the median download speed for 5G was 18 times faster than 4G, with 5G boasting a median download speed of 301.86 Mbps compared to 4G’s 16.05 Mbps. Additionally, fewer than 10% of 5G users experienced speeds more than twice as fast as the median download speed of 4G, highlighting the significant performance enhancement that 5G offers.

In a forward-looking move, Vodafone Idea is set to shake up India’s 5G scene with plans to roll out its 5G services by mid-2024. Meanwhile, existing players are broadening their services, with offerings like Jio AirFiber and Airtel Xstream AirFiber gaining traction. Additionally, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) intends to auction more 5G bands in May 2024. This move opens up avenues for telecom companies to extend and enrich 5G services across the nation. Such initiatives underscore a concerted effort to bolster India’s connectivity landscape and pave the way for enhanced digital experiences in the future.

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