Top 10 Popular Pencil Brands in India

Pencils are the most important stationary item. In an age where digital devices dominate the educational landscape everywhere, pencils still remain the timeless tool indispensable for the purpose of being purveyors of the beginning of creativity and knowledge.

In India, there are numerous brands that are manufacturing world class pencils. Here we have listed favourite pencil brands for students, artists even for the least fortunate working class. All of these pencil brands are very famous in India for their uniqueness, innovations, and popularity factors.

1. Faber Castell

Faber Castell

Stationery giant aber Castell is famous in India. Faber Castell pencils are accurate and durable due to their quality and ingenuity. For decades, the firm has merged traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to provide a variety of pencils for varied tasks. Students and professionals like Faber Castell ergonomic grip and classic writing pencils. Faber Castell is India’s top stationery manufacturer, supplier, and dealer. Quality pencils from the brand please students and artists. The company’s stationery offering, which is stylish and inexpensive, is known globally. Faber Castell’s drawing pencil entry reinforces its stationery domination. The brand’s graphite pencils provide rich black tones in artworks. The homogenous shading of Faber Castell’s drawing pencils allows beginners and professionals to work on huge pages without interruption. The Faber-Castell Castell 9000 Pencil Set is perfect for artists. Gold stamping and meticulous varnish finishing enhance artists’ instruments. These pencils’ easy sharpening and precise surface blending show Faber Castell’s dedication to creative improvement.

2. Apsara

Students have always trusted Indian brand Apsara. Classrooms and families utilize Apsara pencils for their affordability and quality. The iconic Apsara Platinum pencil and value-focused Apsara Absolute provide a smooth and dependable writing experience to a broad audience. As a leading pencil company in India, Apsara offers economical, high-quality stationery. Apsara is memorable in Indian stationery, particularly for kids. Simple, attractive sketching pencils for young learners have characterized the brand’s decades-long existence. For glossier writing and sketching, use Apsara pencils. India’s leading pencil brand, Apsara, employs modern manufacturing procedures to ensure quality. Leading drawing pencil manufacturers employ high-quality woods and graphite to generate crisp, precise 0.5 mm pencils. Uniquely strong graphite underpins Apsara drawing pencils. Pencils are robust and great for writing and sketching. The extra-dark Apsara drawing pencils are reliable for artists and students since they improve handwriting and pencil life.

3. Nataraj

The vibrant Indian art community has embraced Nataraj, a brand for painters and doodlers. These pencils from this local manufacturer are popular for expressing ideas and creativity. The Nataraj 621 pencil’s soft lead is perfect for subtle shading, while the Bullet Pencil’s precision satisfies exact creative demands. Nataraj pencils combine art and utility, making them popular among aspiring and accomplished artists. Nataraj is one of India’s top-selling pencil brands, produced, exported, and traded by the Hindustan Pencil Group. Many houses use the brand’s pencils, which have a standard lead core with good graphite, blackness, and lifespan. India prefers Nataraj sketching pencils for better drawing. Nataraj sketching pencils are perfectly constructed with high-quality wood for grip. The pencils’ non-toxic, high-grade graphite lead meets brand safety criteria. Ultra-bonded lead makes pencils stronger and more useful.

4. Doms

Innovation from Doms changes the Indian stationery market. Doms makes creative products that meet current needs and encourage sustainability and creativity. Writers who value usefulness and sustainability like Doms’ unique blend. Doms makes comfortable triangular pencils. The unique form enhances writing and reflects the brand’s comfort. Sustainable Doms recycled newspaper pencils are more than practical. This sustainable idea addresses the growing demand for eco-friendly products, showing Doms’ environmental concern. Doms makes durable, inexpensive, and high-quality Dome’e pencils. Smoothness, soft leads, and high-quality wood define dome pencils. Doms is known for its robust stationery. Doms makes inexpensive, high-quality Drawing Pencils in India. Dome’e pencils offer pleasant wood grips and crisp, well-bonded leads. Sketching with soft wood and creative lead in numerous patterns and colors is pleasant and improves novice artists.

5. Camlin

Camlin, a classic Indian stationery brand, reveres vibrant colors and creativity. Camlin has several art instruments, but students and experts prefer its pencils. The Camlin Supreme pencil, for smooth writing, and the Camlin Scarlet pencil, for deeper lines, show the brand’s commitment to variety. Camlin Pencils challenge Apsara and Natraj in sharpness and reliability. The main Indian drawing pencil business is known for its durability and excellent lead. Camlin’s attention to quality raw materials and design reflects its dedication to drawing. These pencils are smooth, elegant, and have a unique feel. Camlin pencils make drawing enjoyable and distinctive. The brand offers premium erasers and sharpeners. Camlin pencils’ glossy surface and vibrant colors improve drawing. Artists and students may trust Camlin pencils due to their longevity and sharpness. The Camlin package of 10 pencils is ready to sharpen.

6. Staedtler

International German brand Staedtler has established itself in India through quality and precision. German engineering competence is represented by Staedtler pencils worldwide. A Staedtler classic, the Mars Lumograph series includes precisely graded leads for drawing methods. Staedtler fulfils artists, architects, and designers’ individual needs with excellence in every stroke in this collection. Johann Sebastian Staedtler began the pencil firm in 1835 with a lengthy history and worldwide goal. Premium Staedtler drawing pencils are ideal for sketching, note-taking, and paper drawing. Artists, students, and graphic designers like the brand’s pencils. Staedtler showcases its superiority with durability, break resistance, crisp lead, and long-lasting performance. Staedtler pencils are preferred by Indian students for their longevity.

Rubber-tipped pastel barrel Staedtler colored pencils provide personality to writing equipment. These robust pencils for companies and schools color writing and drawing. Dark strokes and basic sharpening make paper drawing exciting.

7. Pentonic

Luxor’s Pentonic pencils are distinctive and effective. Pentonic Hi-Tech pencils have retractable leads, and Cometz pencils are smooth and fun to write with. These products show the brand’s commitment to combining style and function for younger stationery buyers. Teachers recommend Pentonic Pencils for kids who bite their pencils. The pencils are safe and effective, manufactured of sturdy wood and fulfilling international lead quality standards. Pentonic Drawing Pencils’ non-toxic graphite makes writing accurate and worry-free, making students more appealing. Pentonic pencils’ grip makes drawing and writing comfortable. Pentonic employs a wood from the world’s largest woods and top Drawing Pencil Dealers for smooth sharpening, break-resistant leads, and ease of use for artists and students. Pentonic Drawing Darker pencils reduce writing and drawing pressure. This function enhances pencil versatility and user experience. Pentonic prioritizes safety and performance with easy-to-sharpen and non-toxic lead.

8. Reynolds

Reynolds, famed for its pens, joined the pencil market to flourish. Reynolds Jetter and Reynolds 432 pencils, recognized for their break-resistant lead and smooth writing, show the brand’s devotion to trustworthy writing equipment. Reynolds became one of India’s top pencil brands after entering the market. Reynolds intentionally diversifies their product portfolio to fulfill client needs. Reynolds pencils are more than just tools, with vibrant designs that enrich writing. These super-dark pencils are great for writing and drawing and come in lovely colors. Since it’s break-resistant, users may sketch or write without worry. Reynolds like delicate wood pencils for accurate writing. Sharpening the point for precise and clear writing is easy with this function. Reynolds pencils’ super-dark leads give notes a distinctive aspect, according to teachers and seniors.

9. Brustro

Indian stationery newbie Brustro has grown known for its innovative excellence. Brustro targets art enthusiasts and professionals with high-quality sketching and drawing pencils. The Brustro Artists’ Charcoal Pencil Set and Brustro Professional Drawing Pencils show the brand’s dedication to creative tools. Given his quick growth, Brustro is a rising artist. Regular bonding makes Brustro graphite pencils great. Break-resistant and easy to sharpen, Brustro pencils are useful for artists. These pencils make gorgeous, black, erasable designs on paper, displaying the brand’s creativity. Brustro Pencils’ latex-free rubber eraser promotes student and artist health. Brustro’s chemical-free eraser emphasizes safety and performance. Brustro sells sharpened, multi-use pencils to simplify living. This clever function saves users time sharpening their pencils and displays Brustro’s commitment to a smooth creative experience. Brustro Pencils are made to endure with their meticulous design and exotic woods. Excellent materials make pencils durable, providing artists a reliable tool.

10. Kabeer Art

We conclude with pencils for writing and drawing from Kabeer drawing, which merges traditional and contemporary stationery. Kabeer Art’s comprehensive product line serves students, artists, and professionals. The Kabeer Art Graphite and Color Pencils show the brand’s diversity. Smooth texture and moderate thickness make Kabeer Art pencils ideal for freehand drawing. Angled pencils provide strong lines and shading. This pencil lets artists shade without sharpening, keeping tip length. This allows pencils to last longer and be handier. Wood-free Kabeer Art pencils are unique. This idea makes drawing sustainable and simple by eliminating lead sharpening. India’s best sketching pencil suppliers’ smooth grip makes drawing on paper simpler and attractive to artists seeking ease.


The world of pencils in India is very vibrant and dynamic, each pencil plays a role uniquely as to the needs at hand. Top 10 pencil brands in India whether it is the longstanding legacy of Faber Castell, artistic flair of Nataraj or, innovative designs of Pentonic cumulatively represent the changing dynamics in stationery where the tradition and innovation meet without compromising on quality that remains quintessential factor.

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