Sarees, with their timeless grace and cultural significance, have remained an integral part of India’s rich heritage. 2024 paints a fashion landscape rich with immaculate brands of saree which, while been deeply rooted in Indian ethos and traditions, also make an attempt to incorporate modernity into its styles so that to reflect changing taste of the modern women. The saree design is such that it will earn respect from the family and the elders in the Indian culture. Some of the most famous types of sarees in India include Banarasi silk sarees from Varanasi, Kanjeevaram silk sarees from Tamil Nadu, Paithani sarees from Maharashtra, Bandhani sarees from Gujarat, and Chikankari sarees from Lucknow, among many others.

Below are the top 10 famous saree brands in India which are here to stay fashion-wise.

saree brands

1. Mimosa:

A top Indian saree brand, Mimosa is rich and sophisticated. Pioneering saree maker Mimosa is known for its excellent stitching, zari work, and wide range of textiles Mimosa has successfully shifted from Bangalore to provide its magnificent sarees to saree lovers nationwide with its large internet presence. Mimosa makes outstanding Indian silk sarees. A devotion to inexpensive, high-quality items has helped the firm prosper. Clients may choose cotton, silk, chiffon, and designs from Mimosa. Kanjivaram, Mysore, Banarasi, Kasavu, Patola, Lenin, chiffon, raw silk, Cotton, Orgenza, and Uppada, all these designs make Mimosa’s sarees appealing. Mimosa’s wide range shows its commitment to provide saree aficionados both classic and modern designs. Mimosa’s Kanchipuram and silk sarees are appreciated for their elegance, adaptability, and affordability. Mimosa sarees shine in formal and casual settings. The brand’s elegant, ageless, and youthfully exuberant items are flexible for everyone.

2. Karagiri:

Karagiri, rooted in India, leads ethnic fashion. A famous saree brand, Karagiri, highlights Indian textiles’ rich tapestry with a curated historical and modern collection. Saree enthusiasts who cherish handmade techniques and current design have praised the firm for its commitment. Karagiri’s identity is founded on sarees as art. Each saree is a piece of art that celebrates India’s culture, says the business. Artwork on each saree portrays a narrative of legacy and contemporary. Karagiri features occasion-specific sarees. The brand’s website is a saree lover’s delight, with sumptuous Banarsi, exquisitely embroidered, organza, and traditional chikankari. Beyond design, the company sells silk, linen, cotton, organza, Katan, satin, chiffon, crepe, georgette, chikankari, and silk mixtures.

3. Meena Bazaar:

Meena Bazaar has been an Indian fashion icon since 1970. Saree lovers love its traditional designs, making it a popular brand for discerning buyers. The exquisite Banarasi and Kanjeevaram silk sarees of Meena Bazaar showcase Indian craftsmanship and timeless beauty. Established in 1970 in Delhi, Meena Bazaar became one of India’s most popular clothing businesses. Celebrities and businesswomen love Meena Bazaar’s timeless elegance. Traditional women’s sarees are best bought in Delhi’s Meena Bazaar. The organization offers several economical options to satisfy clients’ diverse preferences. Comfortable and luxurious, Meena Bazaar’s silk, crepe, and georgette sarees are magnificent. Each saree Meena Bazaar creates reveals a narrative of cultural heritage and artistic brilliance, keeping weaving traditions alive. Its adaptability to modern purchasing patterns, including the ability to acquire these exquisite sarees online from trustworthy markets, makes it appealing.

4. Libas:

India’s top saree brand, Libas, blends heritage and current trends. Libas targets the trendy Indian woman with its bright colors, avant-garde patterns, and creative designs. Libas offers a variety of sarees, from casual cotton to extravagant occasion wear, to suit modern Indian ladies. Libas is a unique ethnic apparel brand that fits current and traditional needs. Libas features a great selection of kurtas, gowns, salwars, and sarees for distinguished women. The brand’s wide range of ethnically inspired garments meets clients’ diverse fashion needs. The informal and lavish Libas saree collection is particularly attractive. Libas makes timeless Indian sarees from brocade, silk, georgette, chiffon, crepe, cotton, and linen. Libas sarees are versatile since each fabric is chosen for seasonality and event compatibility. The Libas website provides sarees in several styles and patterns. From simple block patterns to intricate bandhani motifs and classic floral embroidery, Libas’ saree range offers several options to reflect customers’ tastes.

5. Sabyasachi:

Without Sabyasachi Mukherjee, India’s greatest saree brands list is incomplete. Sabyasachi is a fashion symbol of luxury and craftsmanship. Every Sabyasachi saree is a marvel of heritage and modernity. Sabyasachi is an Indian fashion pioneer with celebrity clients and global recognition. Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s simple style is inspired by India’s rich culture. Mukherjee’s brand encourages Indian craftsmanship and distinctiveness in a globalized world. Sabyasachi sarees showcase India’s creativity and culture, whether ancient or regal. Printed, embroidered, bordered, floral, handwoven, khadi, cotton, and silk sarees tell the country’s history, making them appealing. Sabyasachi designs add Indian flavor to world elegance. Brilliant colors, traditional fabrics, textures, patchwork, and exquisite ornaments bring the distinctive style and intricate designs to life. Every garment is unique, the culmination of years of skill, love, commitment, and most importantly, unwavering trade dedication.

6. FabIndia:


Well-known brand FabIndia preserves Indian craftsmanship and handloom traditions. Due to ethics and sustainability, FabIndia promotes contemporary design and authenticity. Traditional and modern silk, cotton, and linen sarees are sold. FabIndia has been a recognized saree brand since 1960. Indian artisans create new designs for the company. Besides its aesthetics, FabIndia promotes rural craftspeople and traditional weaving communities, aligning with its ethics. FabIndia’s goods and mission to empower local artisans demonstrate its sustainability. Jobs from the brand assist rural economies. The focus on women’s garments has helped FabIndia prosper, allowing rural craftspeople to shine. To accommodate varied preferences, FabIndia offers cotton, silk, silk-blend, cotton-silk, rayon, linen, wool, viscose, and synthetic materials. Buyers may select a saree that matches their style and comfort. Due to rural artisans’ meticulous handcrafting, FabIndia’s sarees stand out.

7. Jaypore:

Jaypore, an internet company that sells beautiful handmade sarees, promotes Indian craftsmanship. Promoting Indian weaves’ diversity has made the site famous. Jaypore’s collection features India’s textile heritage, from intricate Banarasi sarees to airy Chanderi weaves. With its unique designs and natural fabrics, Jaypore stands out among online saree marketplaces. Their sarees show the brand’s individuality and sincerity. Jaypore’s sarees’ layers, folds, and intricate motifs provide dimension, vitality, and refinement to any event. Jaypore makes beautiful heritage-modern sarees. Jaypore sells casual and formal outfits. The webpage offers woven, printed, and embroidered sarees in several categories to show the brand’s versatility. Beyond a saree, Jaypore sells art that tells the story of Indian craftsmanship. The web partners with major manufacturers to provide a broad range of options to enable saree enthusiasts find a unique piece.

8. Mirraw:

Mirraw, renowned online saree marketplace founded by Shailesh Jain and Anup Nair in 2011, links buyers with sellers. This Indian cultural hub is becoming a worldwide fashion destination due to its impact. Mirraw, a cultural ambassador, showcases Indian clothing internationally, making it a beloved ethnic wear outlet. The platform’s 1 lakh products show its commitment to Indian culture. Mirraw’s 3 million global sales make it the place to go for Indian elegance and variety. Saree fans admire the brand for its user-friendly interface and quality. Mirraw sells regionally handcrafted sarees. Mirraw’s Handloom, Chickenkari, Banarasi, and Kanchipuram sarees express different stories about India’s culture. The site provides traditional silk and new designs to please their diverse clientele. Mirraw doesn’t offer pre-stitched sarees since it promotes authentic Indian clothing. Mirraw’s success as a platform lies in its capacity to capture India’s cultural diversity and offer it globally, not only in its enormous archive.

9. Kalamandir:

Kalamandir is a fashion powerhouse that is indeed Indian in its tribute to Indian traditions. Kalamandir’s silk sarees are indeed beautiful and of superior quality too. Saree lovers actually bank on Kalamandir for the fine quality they offer along with excellent craftsmanship. Kalamandir is traditional saree manufacturer to offer beautiful pretty sarees for special and festival occasions to wear.  The brand has got an extensive collection of classy sarees with impressive zari work and beautiful borders. Some of the most famous brands of the saree in India like Kalamandir are engaged in traditional processes also having a number of styles. In sarees of Kalamandir, modernity and tradition were connected as traditional ways are revealed and traditional saree properties reanimated. It offers Banarasi, Kanchipuram, Linen, Chanderi, Kora, Silk sarees. The brand offers diversity as well as compatibility in every section. These sarees by Kalamandir are done professionally and with detail hence it is a trusted place to find timeless art that meets up with the cultural richness of India.

10. Suta:

Suta is a brand of flimsy, flowy sarees that leads contemporary Indian women’s fashion. Started by two visionary women – Sujata and Taniya, Suta wanted to blend traditional weaving with contemporary design. The design studio at Suta churns out stylish, comfortable clothing befitting their mission. Easy designs and airy fabrics make Suta’s sarees apt for casual dos and celebratory occasions. By being inclusive and body positive, the brand has won a varied and loyal customer base that mirror Indian women’s values. Suta crafts sarees from pure cotton or a blend of natural and organic fibres, which are skin-friendly textiles to use daily. Suta’s readymade sarees fit snugly to a 7-year-old girl. Suta brand-designed most of the intricate handcrafted pieces that indicate craftsmanship and style. This is a modest collection that gives a great appearance to wearers.


These 10 Indian saree names are redefining traditional fashion in 2024. From Sabyasachi’s grandeur to FabIndia’s sustainability, each brand brings something unique to sarees. These firms’ contributions to Indian design, whether they’re maintaining ancient traditions or embracing new forms, will keep sarees appealing.

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