Top 10 Popular Sharbat Brands in India

In Indian, the summers are quite scorching, so the cold drinks on a hot day are a very enjoyable one for many. The sharbat is one of those drinks that Indians prefer to have. The sharbat happens to be a very tasty and flavorful syrup that gets mixed with cool water and ice. For the Indians, it is truly a timeless favourite. At present from traditional favorites to innovative blends, there a number of sharbat brands in India that ranks quite high. Here we are discussing about the top 10 in this list.


1. Hamdard

Since 1906, Hamdard has been in Indian households. This popular restaurant’s specialty is RoohAfza, a herb, fruit, and vegetable sharbat. RoohAfza cools, making even simple beverages tasty.Hamdard, founder of RoohAfza, has commanded this niche industry for a century. Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed made this excellent concoction. From 1906, Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed’s work in Delhi and India elevated Hamdard. Hamdard created Unanisharbats to reduce heat and pain.In 1906, innovative entrepreneur Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed launched Hamdard in Indian households.

Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed invented RoohAfza, a cooling drink. Harbats’ medicines are based on Unani medicine, an ancient therapeutic system. Each sip of RoohAfza illustrates the brand’s holistic health approach. Hamdard’s impact goes beyond business to Indian culture. From a modest drugstore to a household brand, it has adapted while staying true to its roots. Hamdard delivers refreshments and family wellness history, demonstrating trust.

2. Patanjali

Yoga teacher Baba Ramdev has guided Patanjali to success in India since its foundation. Ayurvedic and medical brand Patanjali sells sharbats. Sharbats show the brand’s dedication to employing traditional herbs to make healthy, tasty snacks.A renowned Indian worldwide corporation, Patanjali was formed in 2006. Its success comes from selling cheap, high-quality Ayurvedic products like sharbat syrups. Ayurvedic medicine-inspired Patanjali’ssharbat brand attracts health-conscious clients.

Since Patanjali is known for Ayurvedic therapies, its sharbat syrups are growing more popular. The Ayurvedic approach and pricing make Patanjali a popular sharbat brand. Patanjali promotes overall health with Amla, Aloe Vera, and Rose flavors.Patanjali’ssharbat syrups are famous due to their affordable costs. The firm purposely markets itself as inexpensive and healthful. Patanjali’ssharbats are now a household staple in India because to this technique.

According to Ayurveda, Patanjali’ssharbat campaign promotes holistic health. Reputation, quality, price, and customer care make the brand appealing. As Patanjali expands, its sharbats demonstrate its commitment to Indian customers’ culture and health.

3. Baidyanath

Baidyanath has led Ayurvedic health and wellbeing since 1917. Sharbats highlight the brand’s Ayurvedic roots. Baidyanath bottles are made with traditional Ayurvedic ingredients to ensure natural goodness and well-being.Ayurvedic recipe and therapy purification pioneer Baidyanath. Baidyanath’ssharbat syrups complement its holistic health philosophy. Sharbats are Ayurvedic. Baidyanath may not smell or taste like other brands. Although Baidyanathsharbats taste and smell distinct, their Ayurvedic efficacy makes them unique.

Health advantages characterize Baidyanath’ssharbats. The aroma and taste may be copied, but Baidyanathsharbats’ therapeutic value is unique. The brand’s Ayurvedic authenticity ensures each bottle is a potent health potion.

4. Dabur

Indian FMCG giant Dabur symbolizes trust and quality. Dabur blends nature’s bounty with Ayurveda’s wisdom. Dabur’ssharbats, notably the famed DaburGulabari Rose Water, combine natural and Ayurvedic ingredients.Dabur’s beverage portfolio now includes shirbat syrups, increasing its position in India. Sharbat-e-Azam is a popular health drink. Dabur’ssharbat syrups are unusual since they include rosewater, mint, basil, apple, and other flavors to suit different preferences.

Dabur’sSharbat-e-Azam is a delicious and healthy dish. Dabur uses a concentrated combination of medicinal herbs and fruit/vegetable extracts to infuse every drop with nature. It tastes right and has therapeutic elements.Danbur’ssharbat syrups are unique for their natural and therapeutic ingredients. The formula’s therapeutic elements make sharbat a tasty and healthful drink to sip daily. Dabur’ssharbat syrups provide true flavors with every sip, demonstrating the brand’s excellence and authenticity.

5. Haldiram’s

Haldiram’s, a snacking favorite, has tastefully added sharbats. Snacks are the company’s specialty, but its sharbat selection represents India’s varied tastes.Outside of sweets and snacks, Haldiram’s vast product range, including sharbats, delighted consumers. Haldiram’s, a household name, offers snacks and meals. The company provides sharbats and packed dinners to fulfill Indian clients’ evolving needs.

Many don’t know that Haldiram’s serves wonderful food and beverages, including their renowned sharbats, in many major cities. This method enables customers sample before purchasing, ensuring product authenticity.The Haldiramsharbat collection exemplifies culinary brilliance. Each bottle’s unique Indian flavors are skillfully mixed to produce exquisite sharbats. From chilly NimbuPani to exotic Khus Syrup, which entices with its lovely fragrances, the choices are various.

Haldiram’ssharbats are known for their Indian flavor. Sharbats represent the country’s cuisine, giving consumers a sensory experience with each sip. Haldiram’s makes each sharbat a celebration of flavor, whether it’s NimbuPani’s familiar and invigorating taste or Khus Syrup’s strange and intriguing undertones.

6. SGR 777 Foods

SGR 777 Foods, a leading beverage manufacturer, is known for its sharbats. Indian customers’ evolving tastes are met by the brand’s excellent products. SGR 777 Foods makes classic and creative sharbats.Despite seeming fresh, SGR 777 Foods has been operational since 1933. The company took off in 1954 when it debuted packed meals. This well-known brand’s sharbat industry is known for its excellent products.

SGR 777 Foods is proud of its popular naturally flavored sharbats. The subtle concentration of these sharbats makes them pleasant and authentic. Many selective consumers choose SGR 777 Foods’ properly balanced sharbats over concentrated ones.Delicious sharbat beverages are simple to create with SGR 777 syrups. Cool drinks are feet away. Cold water, fresh lemon juice, and sugar may be added to sharbat syrup. This easy cooking method shows the brand’s commitment to tasty meals and client satisfaction.

7. Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda

Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda’s unique sharbats refresh and rejuvenate, bringing Ayurveda’s ancient wisdom to life. Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda may not be as popular as other firms in our discussion, but its unique position as a provider of authentic Ayurvedicsharbat concentrates has earned them a slot.Unlike others, Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda’s sharbat concentrates are pure. This dedication sets the company apart and challenges the market. Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda provides chemical-free sharbats for the finest Ayurveda.

Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda specializes in pure sharbat concentrates. Without chemicals, these sharbats are real. The brand claims Krishna’s Herbal &Ayurvedicsharbat boosts digestion, immunity, and metabolism.Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda isn’t as well-known as its rivals, but its authenticity and purity bring it a niche following. Traditional recipes and natural ingredients in the brand’s sharbats show its commitment to herbal goodness for families.

8. Mapro

In addition to fruit jams and syrups, Mapro now sells sharbat. Like Dabur and Hamdard, Mapro was created in 1959 and has a lengthy history. In India, Mapro manufactures great sharbat syrups as well as fruit jams, beverages, crushes, snacks, and other products.Mapro’ssharbats provide natural sweetness from berries, mangoes, and more. The company has seamlessly turned its talent in preserving fruit essence into a tempting variety of sharbats for natural flavor enthusiasts.

In India, Mapro’s rose sharbat is popular. Given its sweetness and floral notes, rose sharbat is a popular refreshing drink. Pour rose sharbat syrup into chilled water or milk for a tasty treat.Mapro entered the sharbat sector to provide authentic fruit flavors and meet client preferences. The brand’s versatility from fruit jams to sharbats displays its excellence and flexibility.

9. Gulabs

Gulabs, a growing Rajasthanisharbat star, uses local spices in its delicious recipes. GulabMaa, 15, launched the enterprise, which has grown into a sharbat powerhouse. GulabMaa captures Indian summers in every bottle with its quality-focused business model.Not only has a brand, Gulabs embodied its founder’s dedication. GulabMaa focused on developing unique sharbat compositions. Gulabs’ devotion to India’s best sharbat formulations in many flavors sets it distinct.

Taste receptors love Gulabs’ distinctive flavors, which remind Indian culture. From hot ChilliKhus to fragrant Cardamom, cool Paan, and classic Saunf, every Gulabs bottle tells a tale of history, innovation, and regional diversity. The firm provides Rosewater, Lemon, Jeera, Mint, Kesar, and the strange to please different tastes.Customers who desire traditional tastes in every drink adore Gulabs’ purity. The brand’s sharbats honor India’s culture. Gulabs recognizes how crucial it is to express Indian summers’ flavors, and their sharbats do so effortlessly.

10. Shreeji Home Products

Quality and inventiveness make Shreeji Home Products the sharbat leader. This renowned brand offers sharbats for various tastes. Shreeji Home Products refines KesarElaichi and Blue Curacao sharbats.Shreeji Home Products pioneered Indian sharbat syrup. It popularized national favorite Kala Khatta. Companies provide Rose, Paan, Orange, and Jeera in addition to this classic.

Shreeji’ssharbats are sweet and concentrated. Forget generic sharbat syrups—Shreeji’s are sweet enough without sugar. This eases use and showcases the brand’s customer service.Shreeji Home Products guarantees quality sharbat ingredients. This quality assurance enables consumers experience Shreeji’ssharbats’ rich and distinct flavors without losing taste or purity. Quality ingredients give the brand a good reputation in the sharbat market.


India has a great diversity. So the tastes of Indian drinks are also quite diverse. The sharbat brands also cary this diversity in their flavor and tastes. Be it the festivities or welcoming the guests during the summer, they prefer the sharbats like no other drinks. This choice is what makes them special in Indian households.

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