Top 10 Popular Study Notebook Brands in India

It makes the choice of a study notebook very important in the academic journey for a student in the dynamic world of education where, note-making is one of the core aspects of learning. With the wide range of available choices in the market, one would need to make a choice on a notebook that can be relied on and deemed of good quality. A notebook increases the recall of information. Also, they are a creative space through which one can organize their notes and to-do list however one feels like.

Notebooks make amazing journals or diaries for people who like documenting their thoughts. Here are a few of the brands that definitely deserve special mention simply because they are committed to offering nothing but the best to students in terms of quality and tools for effective note-taking. Scroll down to know the popular study notebook brands in India in 2024.

1. Classmate:


Classmate has led the Indian stationery market for years owing to its quality and durability. Students throughout use Classmate notebooks for reliability and study aid. Classmate is the best study partner because to its vast selection of sizes, paper types, and appealing cover designs. Since 2003, Classmate has been India’s top notebook brand, providing a range of writing materials. Classmate sells geometry boxes, coloured pencils, sketching pens, and oil pastels for everyone. Due to its massive influence, professionals and office workers appreciate the brand’s competence beyond the classroom. Classmate prioritises quality and variety to satisfy diverse clients. Classmates are trustworthy and good companions for students preparing for exams, artists creating their next masterpiece, and professionals taking meeting notes.

2. Navneet:

High-quality, low-cost instructional resources are Navneet’s speciality. These high-quality, inexpensive study notebooks represent this concept. Students who value quality and cost like Navneet’s notebooks. The firm offers notebooks for various preferences. A leading stationery, notepad, and educational material provider, Navneet was founded in 1959 by the Gala Group in Mumbai. They offer notebooks, long books, sketching books, pastels, canvases, and more for understudy writing. Navneet’s notebooks are meticulously crafted. Sustainable paper in these notebooks protects rainforests. Using wood fibres from farms or controlled plantings, Navneet produces high-quality items while respecting the environment.

3. Unigo:

Unigo attracts students seeking innovative learning materials. Their notebooks are distinctive with bright colours, creative designs, and contemporary learning layouts. Unigo is the top choice for fashion-forward students because to its elegance and functionality. Unigo makes beautiful, effective student notebooks. Due of its affordability, Unigo notebooks are accessible to everyone. Hardbound covers and robust binding make these notebooks durable. Unigo’s inexpensive premium notebooks blend style, usability, and durability, showcasing its excellence. Unigo enables students take notes in class and sketch creative ideas while staying organised and motivated.

4. Mead:

Leading stationery company Mead has established itself in India with quality and inventiveness. High-quality Mead notebooks include reinforced edges and covers for frequent use. Mead is a reputable global study resource for pupils. Water-resistant plastic covers make Mead notebooks easy, adaptable, and durable. Some models last a year due to water resistance. Additionally, Mead notebooks include ink drain-safe material and holes for page removal. Mead offers Indian and foreign students a reliable academic solution with high-quality stationery. Mead notebooks are convenient and durable, enabling kids to focus on schoolwork.

5. Camlin:

Famous in India, Camlin provides a broad range of study notebooks. Camlin notebooks’ smooth, high-quality paper has set the standard for writing comfort and quality for decades. Students love Camlin’s appealing cover designs and dedication to fluent writing. Quality and inventive ink and print and writing supplies manufacturer Camlin has been in business since 1946. Through a strategic partnership with Kokuyo, a prominent Japanese company, Kokuyo Camlin combined Indian expertise with Japanese precision. The company provides wellspring pens, markers, inks, colours, pencils, and oil pastels for various sectors. Camlin’s expertise and reputation attract users from numerous sectors. Camlin products excel in schools, businesses, and creative spaces, earning client loyalty.

6. Luxor:

Luxor, famed for its writing instruments, has expanded into stationery with high-quality study notebooks. Luxor notebooks provide great stationery and many levels to help pupils study. Fine craftsmanship and smart design differentiate Luxor laptops. These notebooks’ snag-free twin-wire clasp and 70 GSM paper make writing easy and productive. A poly cover protects your notes in any conditions, safeguarding your work. Organisation and efficiency are easy with Luxor notebooks. The 300-page notebook has five topic difference markers, making subject switching easy and enhancing study structure.

7. Paperkraft:

Paperkraft, a new notebook brand, has become renowned for its creative and sophisticated designs. The firm makes stylish, practical notebooks to meet modern educational needs. Student who desire style and utility in study equipment choose Paperkraft notebooks. Top notebook brand Paperkraft is noted for its flawless design and long-lasting impression. Paperkraft notebooks use Ozone-treated Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) paper from eco-friendly companies for quality and sustainability. Paperkraft utilises premium paper to produce their notepads, boosting user experience. The Expression Series adds symbols, inscriptions, and fascinating photos to notebooks to exhibit Paperkraft’s contemporary aesthetics. Paperkraft supports the environment with their Green Impression notebooks.

8. Happy Craft:

Happy Craft stands out for its eco-friendly stationery. The brand’s notebooks are eco-friendly and recyclable. Eco-conscious students like Happy Craft for their high-quality alternative. Several Happy Craft notebook features increase usability and decrease environmental impact. Inner pocket envelopes, lace bookmarks, and page holes make these notebooks durable. Happy Craft notebooks are perfect for organising, updating, and maintaining a semester journal. Superior white paper in Happy Craft notebooks maximises performance and decreases environmental effect. These notebooks are eco-friendly and useful for assignment writing, activity organisation, and academic recordkeeping. Happy Craft offers kids and educators eco-friendly stationery. Happy Craft uses eco-friendly materials and clever design to encourage responsible consumption without losing quality or performance.

9. Factor Notes:

Creative and helpful, Factor Notes study notebooks are unique. Custom notebook covers let students tailor their study equipment, making the brand distinctive. This personalisation option, high-quality paper, and sturdy binding make Factor Notes a unique, premium study choice. Factor Notes was established on a love of how art and storytelling impact people. Factor Notes products enrich life with creativity, inspiration, organisation, and enjoyment. The firm provides high-quality stationery for various purposes to boost students’ learning and creative experiences. Factor Notes values creativity and elevating the everyday. Personalising and self-expressing notebooks from Factor Notes foster study material ownership. The brand helps individuals to accomplish academic and creative objectives with confidence and enthusiasm through excellence and innovation.

10. Artangle:

Artangle notebooks apply art to studying with their gorgeous designs. Students who like stationery design prefer Artangle notebooks. Their dedication to making unique, personalised notebooks sets them apart. Artangle journals let users write, draw, doodle, travel, and express themselves. Beautiful Van Gogh painting patterns stimulate creativity on these notebooks. Artsy themes will make studying more fun. Artangle notebooks are attractive and functional. Broad, smooth pages make journaling, sketching, and writing simple. Journaling or planning in artangle notebooks allows for self-expression and creativity. Artangle beautifies study notebooks. The brand’s inventiveness and usefulness make note-taking visually attractive, encouraging self-discovery and expression.


The choice of the right study notebook is going to matter much in the life of the student, from the overall learning process to their academic success. The top 10 best selling study notebook brands in India are Classmate, Navneet, Unigo, Mead, Camlin, Luxor, Paperkraft, Amazon Brand, Happy Craft, and Factor Notes. The brands guarantee availability based on a wide array of choices to cater to all tastes and requirements. Whether durability, affordability, innovation, or sustainability, these brands offer notebooks that meet the varied needs of students today, for a seamlessly enjoyable experience of taking notes.


Q: What are the criteria for a high quality notebook?

Ans: Notebooks made of high-quality paper are usually substantial in size, thickness, and weight. Their erasability is enhanced and their show-through is minimised.

Q: Which is the Perfect Notebook for a student?

Ans: As already mentioned, already there are brands like Navneet or Classmate that offers popular notebooks for the students. But when it comes to works like noting down fast or sketching, it is the Artangle notebook that works perfectly. The brand makes notebooks that are extremely sturdy.

Q: What are the 4 Types of Notebook?

Ans: There are 4 specific kinds of notebooks namely:

  • Spiral Notebooks: For these notebooks the pages are aligned with the use of a spiral binding. The papers used in these notebooks are mainly the lined sheets.
  • Bound Notebooks: With the swen pages, these notebooks get a flat spine. Different kinds of pages are used in these notebooks.
  • Composition Notebooks: These notebooks are like the writing pads and they are mostly used by the students. Other than that they are also used at the offices.
  • Pocket Notebooks: Last but not the least, these notebooks are extremely small and can fit in a purse or pocket.
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