Top 10 Popular Sweatshirt Brands In India

Well, the sweatshirt is basically this long-sleeved pullover shirt or a jacket of some kind, which obviously is worn in winter times. Now, among all the clothing options for winter, a sweatshirt is by far the best-looking one, and you know, it can be worn by both men and women. So, let’s say you are super into sweatshirts, and you want to buy some really cool sweatshirts for your wardrobe this winter, what would your first move be? Well, most of you just head down to the market, pick the best one you’ll find, and that’s it. But you should put more effort into it, after all, you’ll be wearing it in the winter, so it must last long and look good too, right? That’s why we are here with the list of the top 10 famous sweatshirt brands in India for 2024. So yeah, enough with the intro thing, let’s get let’s jump straight to the list of these brands, here we go.


1. Puma

When it comes to clothing that is stylish and will last long, Puma is the name that’ll always come to your mind when shopping in the Indian market. Some of you may know Puma as this awesome footwear brand, but yeah, they’ve millions of hearts right here in India with their clothing collections too. So much so that they have their own dedicated clothing stores in many locations across India. Talking specifically about the sweatshirts that Puma offers, we can clearly say that you’ll be a little surprised to see how many options this brand offers. Like, in terms of fabric, style, and price range, there are literally dozens of options. There is something unique about Puma though, you see, the people behind this brand seem to get what the Indian crowd is in need of, especially Gen Z aka the younger generation.

2. H&M

You see, in India, if you wanna look cool without breaking the bank, H&M’s your spot. Their sweatshirts? Super popular, and here’s why. First up, H&M is all about the latest styles. They’ve got sweatshirts with cool designs, and vibrant colors, which is like a total hit with India’s youngsters. When affordability and trendy style are in the mix, tell us, who wouldn’t want to go with such a brand? This, along with their global charm, makes H&M’s sweatshirts a prime pick for Indians chasing trendy yet budget-friendly fashion. But yeah, H&M’s sweatshirts aren’t just about style though, they’re comfy and durable too. Perfect for a casual day out or even a relaxed office vibe.

3. Adidas

Alright, onto Adidas. This brand needs no intro, right? Why’s everyone into their sweatshirts? Well yeah, Adidas gets it on how important the durability, comfort, and suitability factor is for the crowd in the Indian subcontinent. They’re constantly dropping new, trendy designs that the youth in India just downright love. They’re always upping their game, like with sweatshirts featuring the latest fabric tech. And Adidas doesn’t just cater to one crowd. Nope. They’ve got styles for athletes, fashion buffs, pretty much everyone.

4. United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton, this big name from Italy, started its journey in 1965. Now, it’s all about those dazzling, vibrant designs that young folks and fashion lovers can’t seem to resist. Particularly in India, this brand has made a unique spot for itself, mixing Italian style with what’s trendy worldwide. But hold on though, let’s chat about their sweatshirts, they’re a real craze! Here’s the thing though, first, Benetton’s big on quality materials. This means you get lasting comfort, a real plus for Indian shoppers who look for value in every rupee spent. And those colors, the patterns! They’re far from ordinary, making Benetton’s sweatshirts pop among the usual crowd.

5. Nike

The brand’s journey began in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports, then in 1971, bam, it became Nike, and the rest is history. If you think we must explain what Nike is famous for, then we’d assume that you must be living under a rock. And that assumption would be pretty much correct. Anyway, known for top-notch sports gear and shoes, that’s Nike for you. In India, owning Nike is like wearing a badge of premium quality, style, and performance excellence. So, why the craze for their sweatshirts? Nike’s genius in sportswear technology is the answer. Their sweatshirts spell comfort, and durability, and are perfect for sports lovers or anyone who wants to ace the style game. It’s not all practicality, though. Nike sweatshirts are a fashion icon, striking the perfect balance between aesthetics and function.

6. Flying Machine

For those who love the latest trends and youthful energy, this brand should be at the top of your list, especially with their sweatshirts. Flying Machine, an Indian original, launched in 1980 under Arvind Fashions Ltd. They’ve been focused on delivering cool, international styles to Indian youngsters, and that too, without a hefty price tag. Denim might be their best thing, but they’ve expanded big time, including into sweatshirts. But hold up though, Flying Machine excels in offering quality that’s easy on the wallet.

7. Roadster

Did you know that at first, the Roadster brand just launched on Myntra way back in 2007, and from there on, it grew like crazy? For example, just head over to Myntra right now, and search for a clothing item or footwear, you’ll see many listings from the Roadster brand. Since you are reading this post, which means you are likely a customer, which means you understand why the affordability and style factor of a clothing item is always important for you as a customer, correct? And that is precisely where a brand like Roadster wins hundreds and thousands of hearts in the country, yeah, with their affordable collection of clothes, accessories, and footwear items. So yeah, if you want to buy some sweatshirts that’ll last for a few winters and match your style then you’ve gotta check out Roadster’s collection, especially on Myntra.

8. HRX by Hrithik Roshan

Do one thing, just head over to Myntra or Flipkart and search for the best sweatshirts for men or women, or whatever your specific preferences are, then see where does HRX brand’s name pops up. You’ll see that people have given more positive reviews to the HRX brand than some really top-of-the-line brands like Zara, Nike, Puma, etc. Sure, some other less popular brands beat HRX in terms of affordability, at times, but still, if you want the best possible-looking sweatshirt without spending too much, then you’ve got to check out the collection that HRX brand has. Just check out the product collection the HRX brand has, and we are a 100% sure that you’ll be dazzled with such good options at affordable price points with literally thousands of reviews on them. And yeah, it could be that you’ll get confused since there are so many good options to choose from. Well, in our opinion, that’s kinda the problem you’d wanna subscribe to, right?

9. Red Tape

If you have been out shopping for shoes or footwear in India at some point in your life, then you know how popular the brand Red Tape has become in India. If that’s the case, then you’ll also be a little confused to see Red Tape’s name on this list, correct? Well, you see, when you check out their product collection, you’ll find that Red Tape sells all sorts of fashion products like clothing items and accessories too. The one thing that people like Red Tape the most for is that this brand is truly out there delivering the best quality stuff, the kinda stuff that you’d expect at a really high price point, but they deliver it at such a low price that you start to question how’s that even possible. But yeah, some loyal fans of Red Tape have begun to say that this affordability thing is starting to fade away.

10. Wrogn

Let’s quickly talk about one more brand which is quite a hit, especially in the clothing scene of the country. We are talking about the Wrogn brand, yeah, the same brand that is backed by none other than Virat Kohli. And that fact right there should be more than enough for many of you to trust this brand even more, correct? So what exactly is so special about the clothing items, mainly the sweatshirt that Wrogn offers? You see, unique designs, top-notch quality fabric, and a decent price are everything that Wrogn has to offer. And yeah, that is exactly what you’d be looking for as a shopper who’s shopping around for stylish, top-notch quality, and affordable pieces of clothing items, especially sweatshirts. Right?


Now, you’ll see that there are so many variations of sweatshirts from these 10 brands, which is a good thing ultimately. This means you’ll get to choose from different styles and price range options. All in all, in our opinion, just pick any brand from the list, check out their collection, find the perfect sweatshirt as per your preference and you’ll be good for the most part.

Sweatshirts FAQs

Q. How the Indian sweatshirts are different from the international brands?

Ans: Yes, it is true that Indian sweatshirts are much different to the International ones. When it comes to fabric choices, designs, cultural influences as well as pricing, these sweatshirts are proven to be quite different.

Q. What are the top considerations when choosing a sweatshirt brand in India?

Ans: When selecting a jumper, there are a few factors to consider. The pricing points vary greatly, from high-end brands like WROGN and Superdry to more reasonably priced options like Roadster. Think about how frequently you want to wear it while making your buy to stay inside your budget.

Comfort and durability are greatly influenced by the material selection. Cotton offers breathability, but after time, it may become less pliable. Although fleece is cosy and fluffy, its durability may be questionable. Polyester dries rapidly and is wrinkle-resistant, although ventilation could be an issue. Choose a material that goes well with your style and the environment.

Everything from classic pullovers to hoodies and zip-ups may be used in a variety of situations and to show off one’s own style. Consider the desired use as well as your own aesthetic preferences when selecting a design.

A brand’s reputation is crucial; well-known brands in India include Nike, Roadster, WROGN, Adidas, Puma, UCB, and H&M. You should research numerous brands to choose the one that best meets your requirements since each one offers a unique blend of pricing and design.

Q. Are there any sustainable or ethical factors to consider when buying a sweatshirt in India?

Ans: Give priority to businesses who use organic cotton or recycled materials to make sweatshirts in order to reduce their environmental impact. Select vendors that respect ethical manufacturing guidelines and just labour regulations to ensure that workers get equitable treatment across the supply chain. Supporting Indian companies in the area is beneficial since they produce sweatshirts domestically, which lowers carbon emissions associated with transportation. Selecting domestically produced sweatshirts encourages the growth of the national economy and helps consumers reduce their influence on the environment. Pick companies that uphold moral labour standards, use sustainable materials, and support local Indian producers if you want to have a beneficial impact on the environment and the community around them.

Q. Where can I find the best deals on sweatshirts in India?

Ans: Internet businesses provide sweatshirt discounts year-round. Myntra, Ajio, Amazon, and Flipkart provide deals. Buy winter clothing in summer or vice versa with off-season deals. Around this time, sweatshirts are cheaper. Factory outlet and brand-specific merchants discount out-of-season and overstocked goods. Great places to get cheap sweatshirts.

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