Top 10 Popular Tiles Brands in India

In interior design and architecture, the choice of tiles forms a vital aspect that defines both the functionality and aesthetics in spatial planning. The Indian market is enriched with scores of tiles brands whether residential or commercial use, these tile companies are offering a vast selection of designs, materials, and functionalities. The Indian tiles market is booming, valued at over $6 billion and expected to reach $9.24 billion by 2029 with a CAGR of around 8-9.5%.

Here will be discovered the top 10 reputed tiles brand that became pioneers of this brand new era, making a change to homes, offices and business spaces for masterpieces. These are the companies that have the best potentials to lead the country in different financial and business ventures based on tiles.

1. Kajaria Ceramics Limited:


Business pioneer Kajaria Ceramics Limited revolutionized tiles. Kajaria, noted for its ceramic and vitrified tiles, provides novel patterns and great quality and durability. Kajaria, India’s largest tile producer and a global leader, has dominated the industry for decades. The company is based in New Delhi. In the Mid-1980s it was Shri Ashok Kumar Kajaria created it. Kajaria exports to over 30 countries, setting the bar for high-quality ceramic and vitrified tiles. The company has nine contemporary Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh plants. Their enormous tile assortment is easily created and delivered over this network. Modern technology in each factory shows Kajaria’s quality commitment. Kajaria has around 2800 ceramic and vitrified tile designs for various preferences and budgets. Pan-Indian dealership makes the company’s products accessible nationally. Indians awarded Kajaria a green certificate for its environmental achievements.

2. Somany Ceramics Limited:

Due to its distinctive design, Somany Ceramics Limited is associated with innovation and beauty in the tiles industry. For various preferences, the firm produces ceramic, vitrified, and porcelain tiles. Environmental practices and innovative designs place Somany second among India’s top 10 tile companies. Shri H.L. Somany created Somany Ceramics Limited in 1969, a major ceramics and related products firm. Over four decades, the company expanded into Africa, the Middle East, the UK, and Russia. Somany Ceramics makes digital tiles, bath fittings, ceramic walls and floors, vitrified tiles, glazed vitrified tiles, sanitary ware, and more at Kadi, Gujarat, Kassar, Haryana, and other joint venture sites. Somany Ceramics, India’s second-largest tile maker, produces 60 million square meters annually.

3. Orient Bell:

Since 1977, New Delhi-based Orient Bell has been a renowned tile maker noted for its design. This brand’s seamless integration of digital printing with eco-friendly alternatives displays its devotion to beauty and usefulness. India’s top tile manufacturer, Orient Bell, sells 3D and anti-skid tiles. Orient Bell’s low price attracts many customers looking for beautiful, durable tiles. Orient Bell supplies glazed, full-body vitrified, double-charged, and other popular tiles. The firm has approximately 500 rustic wooden and marble tile designs. The series stands out with its rich tile finishes, stain and scratch resistance, and low maintenance. Under the name “Orient Bell,” consumers may pick non-glossy, glossy, matte, rustic, and other tiles. Its diverse product line reflects its commitment to design innovation and consumer variety.

4.  Grindwell Norton Limited:

Grindwell Norton Limited (GNO) makes high-performance vitrified tiles using abrasives and ceramics. Since 1941, the company has pioneered grinding wheel production for tiles, offering innovation and endurance. GNO is a leading Indian tile company listed on the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges. Its strategic partnership with Saint-Gobain, which includes buying Norton, improved GNO’s industry position. GNO became the first majority-owned subsidiary in India when Saint-Gobain increased its equity position, emphasizing its global tile industry importance. With innovation, quality, and sustainability, Grindwell Norton leads tiles. GNO is a leading tile brand in India due to its heritage, strategic ties, and cutting-edge manufacturing. Innovative and skilled, Grindwell Norton Limited leads the tiles business.

5. Cera Sanitaryware Limited:

Cera Sanitaryware Limited, recognized for its sanitaryware, has easily expanded into tiles, offering a wide and exquisite selection that surpasses bathroom expectations. Through deliberate diversification, Cera has enhanced its position as a comprehensive architectural and design solutions provider. Cera Sanitaryware Limited, established in 1980 in Ahmedabad, is a significant Indian tile company. Cera leads the tile industry in quality, innovation, and design with dedicated employees. Cera’s elegant and modern tiles reflect home designers’ and consumers’ shifting aesthetic choices. Cera’s precision-crafted digital glazed as well as unglazed vitrified floor tiles, HD digital tiles, and digital porcelain anti-skid tiles fulfill many design and architectural needs. Cera Sanitaryware Limited offers beautiful tiles and wellness products. Wellness products include shower cubicles, steam shower rooms, shower panels, dividers, and pressure pumps. By expanding its product line, Cera has become a one-stop shop for practical and appealing architectural and interior design. Pioneer in the Indian tile market, Cera Sanitaryware Limited establishes new quality, design, and customer satisfaction standards. Cera’s diverse and sophisticated product portfolio has transformed settings for over 40 years.

6. Asian Granito India Limited:

Global powerhouse Asian Granito India Limited (AGL) has made an impact in India and beyond. Innovation-driven AGL has changed the tile industry with its extensive ceramic, porcelain, and vitrified variety. AGL capacity has 40 times expanded since 2000. Sustainability makes Asian Granito the leader in eco-friendly tiling. AGL’s eco-friendly tiles appeal to elegant, sustainable consumers. AGL’s eight ultramodern Gujarati facilities make world-class products. The company has 240 exclusive dealers and 6,000 dealers and sub-dealers in all Indian states.

7. Nitco:

Nitco’s legacy in the Indian tile business spans decades. Pran Nath Talwar created Nitco in 1953 to provide high-quality tiles for homes, businesses, and public spaces. Nitco’s meticulous quality control and aesthetic refinement show its commitment to excellence. Discriminating customers who seek durable, attractive tiles trust the brand. High-quality tiles are produced in Nitco’s Alibaug factory, near Mumbai, where innovation and precision thrive. The brand has expanded globally by sending 20% of its production to the US, Canada, Europe, Africa, Oman, and the UAE. The company’s global presence reflects its commitment to making high-quality tiles for diverse clients. Glazed Vitrified, Ceramic Wall & Floor, DCH, Heavy Duty, and SST tiles are available from Nitco. Its Matt, Satin Matt, Rustic, Eclat, Lapato, Barnio Glossy, and Sugar finishes show its versatility in meeting customer needs. Nitco thrives thanks to its 1300 outstanding employees.

8. Simpolo Vitrified Pvt. Ltd:

Luxury vitrified tiles from Simpolo Vitrified Pvt. Ltd. redefine design and craftsmanship. Simpolo, a ceramics and tiles icon from Morbi, Gujarat, was founded in 1977. Its patterns and quality are recognized globally. Research and ingenuity make Simpolo Ceramics and Tiles famous. The Indian Minister of State for Shipping awarded the brand the “Bhartiya Udhyog Ratna” for its industry achievements. Simpolo’s 15+ Million Square Meters (MSM) tile production capacity ensures its quality and elegance leadership internationally. As Simpolo grows and innovates, its commitment to high-quality tiles remains, making every tile a symbol of luxury.

9.  HSIL Limited (Building Products Division):

With its Building Products Division, HSIL Limited adapts to the evolving tile business. The brand’s beautiful wall and durable floor tiles fit many design styles. HSIL’s quality and durability impress architects and homeowners. India’s vitreous china sanitaryware supplier Hindustan Twyfords Limited was created in 1960 with UK Twyfords. In 1969, it became Hindustan Sanitaryware and Industries Limited, then HSIL Limited in 2009. Its 2018 ‘Fortune India 500’ listing highlights industrial supremacy. HSIL Limited has BPD, CPD, and RPPD, four business sectors. HSIL’s strategic diversification displays its adaptability and business acumen to meet shifting customer and market needs.

10. Varmora Granito Private Limited:

Varmora Granito Private Limited pioneers surface solutions with a broad range of tiles that enhance living spaces with their unique patterns and textures. This brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability is shown by its tile aesthetic innovations. Bhavesh Varmora established ceramics pioneer Varmora Granito in 1994. Sanitaryware, wall tiles, full-body porcelain, and floor tiles from Varmora Granito stress uniqueness and ecological production. With activities in the Middle East, South Africa, Taiwan, and Sri Lanka, the ceramic company is famous globally.


The tile industry undergoes constant change through 2024 due to innovation, sustainability, but most essentially the idea to deliver greatness. Be it the eternal grace of Kajaria or avant-garde design emanating from Simpolo every brand can add to its flavour of Indian interior designing making houses and commercial spaces a canvas of sophistication and style. So these companies stand out from the rest with their best qualities and success in the market.

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