Traditional Dress of Telangana [Men & Women]

Telangana is one of the creative states of India. The land is famous for its tie-and-dye methods. Traditional costumes are an integral part of their local and culture significance. They are a beautiful blend of colour, intricate designs, and highly materialistic patterns and have been thus passed on from generation. Here are a few traditional dresses for men and women in Telangana.

Telangana Traditional Dress for Men

1. Hyderabadi Sherwani

Hyderabadi Sherwani

Sherwanis are a rich combination of royalty and elegance. They are a pair of long kurtas with loosely fitted pyjamas adorned with an expensive shawl and a turban. Sherwanis are mainly worn during special occasions, marriages, and festivals. They are typically made of nylon fibre with a blend of dark colours embedded with shiny stones.

2. Pancha Dhoti

Pancha Dhotis are ancient attire worn by temple priests. This traditional dress comprises a white dhoti with golden borders. It is wrapped around the waist tightly and tucked near the tailbone. In a few temples in Telangana, Hindu men are prohibited from entering the temple without wearing a Pancha dhoti.

3. Kurtas

Due to the state’s hot and humid climate, every Telangana man prefers wearing a comfortable cotton kurta. These kurtas are made of pure cotton fabric and are woven using different colour combinations. A Silk kurta is worn only during special events.

Traditional Dress of Women in Telangana

1. Salwar kameez

Unlike the north Indian states, even Telangana prefers wearing a comfortable salwar kameez. It is a traditional dress originating from Punjab and worn as a casual and formal attire. Different variations have been adopted to the salwar kameez over time. Some women prefer wearing salwar kameez made of cotton, while others love a blend of cotton and silk. This beautiful dress is enhanced with an elegant dupatta called chunni. Chunnis are made of cotton fabrics and blend in with Telangana’s atmosphere.

2. Langa Voni

Langa voni is a famous traditional long flowy skirt with a beautiful short blouse. It is exclusively made of silk or cotton material. It is also well known as the Lehenga saree, tucked in a lehenga style. It has charming embroideries and exclusive designs. Langa voni is available in any local city market in Telangana. The richness of Langa Voni has spread far and wide, and nowadays, even South actresses prefer wearing one.

3. Saree

Sarees are a staple dress for every woman in India. Wearing a classy saree increases a woman’s overall beauty. In Telengana, saree varieties are mindblowing, from Gadwal to Mangalgiri Sarees. Every saree has its tale. Let’sget to know each one of them.

4. Gadwal Saree

Gadwal saris are known for their unique weaving style. They are made out of silk and cotton yarns that are woven together. The saree possesses a fantastic combination: the main body is cotton, while the pallu and borders are silk. It has golden borders and fine motifs at the pallu. Gadwal sarees are beautifully designed with contrasting colours on the entire body of the saree.

5. Narayanpet Saree

Narayanpet sarees are well known for their incredible weaving style. This saree is also designed similarly to Gadwal sarees by weaving cotton and silk yarns together.

6. Uppada Saree

This traditional saree of Tamil Nadu is famous for its elegance and intricate design. It is often made of silk fabric.

7. Pochampally Saree

The traditional Pochampally saree is made using an excellent technique known as tie-and-dye. This technique involves tying the fabrics in small knots before dyeing them. The specialized method creates flourishing and rich patterns on the fabric that are unique to every saree.

8. Mangalgiri Saree

Mangalgiri Sarees are praised for their simple and elegant texture. It is purely made of cotton fabric and gives a rich feel.


Telangana’s traditional dress for men and women illustrates its local culture. They are testaments of comfort, style and elegance. From the elegant drapes of the saree to the rich embroidery of the Langa Voni, each garment reflects the creativity and skill of the weavers. Whether for daily wear or special occasions, Telangana’s unique collections of traditional dresses offer a beautiful way to express oneself. The popularity of Pochampally Ikat, Narayanpet, Udappa and Gadwal silk is evidence of the state’s rich textile tradition that continues to captivate fashion enthusiasts all over the world.

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