Traditional Dress of Tripura [Men & Women]

Tripura is an epic state known for its cultural heritage, artwork, and traditional costumes. These costumes differ from those of other northeastern states and feature beautiful designs and unique patterns. Here are some of the traditional attires worn by male  and female in Tripura.

Traditional Dress of Men in Tripura

1. Kamchwlwi Borok


A colourful Tripuri shirt or jacket is worn by most men in Tripura. This shirt features a redcolour with beautiful designs and patterns running horizontally and vertically. Kamchwlwi Borok isa regular shirt but looks attractive when worn. It is a common traditional dress worn by men on a daily basis.

2. RikutuGamcha and Kubai

Rikutu is a small triangular piece of cloth identical to a towel. It is mostly worn around the waist, while the Kubai is a traditional style shirt worn on Gamcha.

3. Pandri

Pandri is a small cloth. This traditional dress is like a small towel or napkin. It is used by Reang tribe men to cover their lower waists.

4. Kamchi

Unlike the turbans or pagris used in the northern states, even the men in Tripuri use a Kamchi, an ordinary piece of cloth, to cover their heads during summer.

Traditional Dress of Tripuri Womens 

1. Rignai

Rignai is used by Tripuri Women to cover the lower part of the body. It is a plain black colour cloth with white vertical and horizontal stripes on it. The standard length of a Rignai is 1.6m long and 1.2m in breadth.

2. Risa

This is a popular Tripuri attire. Risa is a colourful, long piece of cloth that covers the upper body portion of women. It has two layers to secure the two closures. This cloth is 1.5m long and 0.3 to 0.5m wide. It is handwoven with a variety of patterns and designs. Risa is traditionally made of blue and black but sometimes arrives in red, too.

3. Rikutu

Rikutu is another traditional attire that covers the entire body. Women mostly wear this attire during the winter season. The Tripuri ladies wear this attire so that the ‘chunri’ i.eend portion of the cloth covers the chest region, while the two enclosures hang down the shoulder to the back, like the draping of a saree.

4. Rinanybaorok

Rinanybaorok is another traditional atiire which consist of a long length cloth. It is usually made to cover the lower part of the body below the waist region.

Jewellery worn by women in Tripura

1. Surang

Surangs are hairpins that are worn by women in Tripuri. This hairpin is used for enhancing the overall beauty of a women.

2. Mathia

Mathia are cylindrical shape bangles that are worn on the hands. These resembles to the typical round bangles, but these are cylindrical in shape.

3. Wakhum and Twaya

Wakhum and away are beautiful earrings worn during special occasions such as ceremonies and weddings.

4. Bali and Bitan

Every woman adores an enchanting nose ring. It deepens the beauty and overall look of every traditional attire. Bali and Bitan are these traditional nose rings worn by Tripurari Women.

5. Yasitam and Faru

Yasitam is a finger ring, and Faru is a charming anklet worn during auspicious occasions such as weddings and special events.


The enchanting colours, intricate designs, and unique clothing styles of the Tripuri people reflect their rich culture. From their daily wear like Kamchwlwi Borok for men to the exquisitely handwoven Risa for women, each piece has its own story of tradition and artistry. Wnile unique jewelers make the outfit look stunning. Tripuri traditional attire is not just clothing; it’s a celebration of cultural identity.

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