Traditional Dress of West Bengal [Men & Women]

West Bengal is a lively state that proudly boasts its cuisine, music, literature, painting, and fabulous attire. The state is famous for its Durga Pooja Celebrations. Traditional wear during different occasions is also part of its cultural identity. Here are some conventional dresses worn by men and women in West Bengal.

Traditional Dress of Bengali Women

1. Sarees

Saree Bengali

Sarees are a signature traditional clothing of Women in West Bengal. The design style of saree draping is unique to other states. Some of the reputable names are as follows:

2. Korial and Garad Sarees

Garads are traditional Bengali sarees that are white with deep red borders. These sarees have religious importance and are popular during Durga Poojas, ceremonies, and weddings. A typical Bengali ivory or conch shell is worn, paired with Red Bangles. Garad Sarees are the epitome of elegance and grace for Bengali women.

3. Tant Sarees

The name Tant is derived from the loom on which the saree is woven. Tant sarees are extremely popular traditional lightweight sarees. They are very suitable for hot and humid climates and are also designed with special motifs and flowers across thick borders.

4. Dhakai Jamdani

This beautiful saree is believed to have originated from Dhaka. Its uniqueness lies in the emerald embedded in it. There are beautiful, delicate patterns of flowers woven with silver and gold threads. However, the laborious and time-consuming process defines the high cost of these sarees.

5. Tussar and Kantha silks

Malda district of Bengal is one of the largest hubs for this tussar sarees. They are more textured and have vibrant colors. These sarees are made of golden sheen on silk and adorned with traditional and contemporary motifs on pallu. Kanta sarees have running stitches on bright hues. It is both heavy and lightweight with elaborative designs.

6. Muslin Cotton and Murshidabad Silks

Muslin cotton is a sheer-quality saree made of soft paste colors. Due to their delicate patterns, they give a simple yet classy look. Murshidabad Silks are fine-quality silk sarees in bright colors. They have traditional batik and block patterns.

7. Baluchari Sarees

Baluchari sarees are made of fine silk clothing. It is embedded with golden embroidery and carved with Indian Mythological characters. They are also well known as Swarana sarees due to their bright golden borders. The pallus looks best when left unpleated and reveals the overall design and pattern.

8. Kurta and salwar with adorable Dupattas

Traditional kurtas and salwars are paired with colorful dupattas, motifs, embroideries, and exotic patterns. In Jamdani and Kantha, Bengali women often pair their kurta salwars with beautiful, lush cotton or silk dupattas.

Traditional Dress of Men in West Bengal

1. Panjabi Dhoti

Bengali men prefer panjabi dresses, similar to the north’s kurta and plain dhoti. The only difference is the fabric used, which is Muga Silk, Tusshar silk, and cotton silk. In modern times, Panjabi dresses are paired with jeans and trousers. Garad silk kurtas come in beige, cream, and honeycolour shades.

2. Kurta Pajama

Kurta Pajama

Kurtas are unique, long-length clothes worn with loosely fit trousers. They are considered regular wear and are usually made of silk or cotton.

3. Lungi (Dhotis)

Dhoti Kurta

Unlike the South Indian, even Bengalis wear a lungi similar to the dhotis. These are long pieces of white cloth draped on the waist and tucked on the lower back near the tailbone.


The vibrant culture of West Bengal is depicted in the traditional clothing of Bengal. From the elegant sarees in many fabrics and styles like Dhakai Jamdani to the comfortable Panjabi dhoti, Bengali women and men have colourful attire for every occasion.Bengal’s traditional dress remains vital to its cultural identity.

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