What Waffle Varieties are Served by The Belgian Waffle Co. Near Me?

It takes minutes to decide but seconds to finish it! Yes, we are talking about waffles. From top restaurants to street food stalls, you will come through two types of waffles: a typical round or square version and the Belgian waffle. While they appear the same, Belgian waffles generally have a soft texture and inserted pockets that take up syrup and various toppings. Their origin dates back to Ancient Greece, and the Belgian waffle has been associated with the Prince of Liege’s chef. However, there are a number of options you can get by scrolling online through the varieties available at a nearby waffle restaurant. Rather, this post helps you with the scrumptious options offered by the Belgian Waffle Co. near you.

Different Varieties Offered by Belgian Waffle Co. Near Me


1. Almond Cocoa Butter

The best companion on a dull Sunday evening is the waffle made of Almond Cocoa Butter! It includes classic batter with cocoa butter stuffing and real almond chunks! This dish has a classic crunchy waffle and cocoa butter garnished with roasted almonds. It is completely nutty and mouthwatering! This unique culinary creation is a breeze to arouse for a pleasing meal that will keep you complete and fueled for the whole day. So, to relish this dish, you can visit any nearby waffle store or order online to have it within your home’s comfort.

2. Honey Butter

Immerse into the satisfying taste of warm blended butter with golden honey spread on a waffle. All this offers a captivating harmony of sweet and luscious flavours that will fascinate your taste buds. The warm, buttery cuddle of freshly made waffles is usually covered with a tantalising sprinkle of golden honey and soft butter. With every bite, you can feel the ideal mix of crunchy waffle texture, velvety softness, and a sweetened touch.

3. Maple Butter

Start your day with something relishing and sweet, such as a maple butter waffle. These crunchy raised waffles, with a sprinkle of warm and soft maple butter and some fresh berries, are all you crave for weekend breakfast vibes! It is a complete feast for the eyes and the stomach both! This delightful combination of a plain waffle and buttery maple essence is an effective yet ideal dish to make your day special! Don’t wait! Search for the best waffle near me stores online now, and order your delicacy to indulge in the relishing flavours of maple butter waffle.

4. Naked Nutella

Naked Nutella is here to fulfil all your sweet cravings this season. Nothing can make you more happy than a naked Nutella waffle. They are soft, crispy, laden with enough chocolaty nutella, and have a gluten-free taste! The luscious and rich taste of Nutella between hot and crunchy waffles will make you go mad! So, get it now from any waffle near me restaurant and add crispiness to your beautiful day!

5. Chocolate Milk

The chocolate milk waffles are soft, light, and very delightful. The chocolate milk provides the waffles with an exquisite hint of cocoa flavour, and then they are topped with a peanut butter chocolate spread and succulent mixed berries. It is ideal for a weekend breakfast– or can be enjoyed as a recovery food after an extended workout!

6. Strawberry Cheesecake

Light, smooth strawberry waffles are now changed into a sandwich with savoury strawberry vanilla cream cheese. Prepared with cream cheese and strawberries, these waffles are the best for an exclusive brunch celebration. This typical crunchy waffle is covered with cream-filled cheesecake and fresh strawberry fruity dessert to offer you a heavenly taste.

7. Butterscotch Crunch

Have you ever tried a waffle made with a butterscotch crunch? Frail, sweet, and delectable, you will not be able to resist its taste as it is prepared with a savoury, thick paste of butterscotch to make it satisfying and enjoyable. Crunchy pieces of butterscotch with soft milk chocolate are surely going to be a Saturday evening bliss for you!

8. Coffee Mocha

Mocha waffles are seasoned with both chocolate and coffee to develop the best combination of a chocolate waffle with a coffee twist. The mocha waffles are crunchy on the outer side and soft on the inner side – the ideal consistency, and all set to be adorned with your preferred toppings!

9. Dark and White Fantasy

Make your dark and white fantasy come alive all through the year! So, get ready to munch over a newly made waffwich with the creamiest stuffing. Dark and white fantasy is a combination of signature dark chocolate waffles and a creamy preparation of melted Belgian white chocolate. This is a true match made in heaven. If the dark chocolate is much bitter for you and the white chocolate is sweeter, then this unique match of the two will keep a balance wonderfully.

10. KitKat

This considerate sweet treat attributes a frail waffle garnished with rattled or crushed KitKat bites, making a great symphony of creamy and crunchy consistency. Each bite of this delicacy is a specific combination of chocolaty goodness and waffle pleasure. So, it is a delightful treat that will make your taste buds dance with happiness!

11. Blueberry Cheesecake

Your breakfast has just got a twist of dessert with tasty blueberry cheesecake waffles! These warm, soft blueberry waffles are adorned with a warm blueberry sauce and a sugary creamy cheesecake toppings. Traditional crispy waffle covered with smooth cheesecake stuffing and fresh blueberry dessert garnished with lotus biscoff pieces, which gives a completely delicious and tarted taste.

In Summary

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