Top 10 Popular Backpack Brands in India

Backpacks are one of the most important accessories in India, commonly used by students, professionals and travelers alike. When it is about selecting the best backpack, one needs to consider a number of aspects before zeroing on one. There are a number of criteria based on such election process can be made, such as longevity, comfort, space, movability etc. When thinking of purchasing a backpack, surely you would need all these features present, and that is why choosing from the leading backpack brands in India is a good idea. Be it for your travels, or for daily chores of carrying different academic, electronic or other essentials, these are best choices for you. If you are thinking of buying one such quality backpack, then it is high time you read about the top 10 backpack brands that are now most popular in India this year.

1. American Tourister

American Tourister

  • Price Range: Rs. 2000 to Rs. 7000

Leading baggage manufacturer American Tourister provides backpacks for everyday tasks, short trips, and organization. Comfortable and affordable American Tourister backpacks are sturdy and handy. American Tourister backpacks include several pockets and sections for organization. American Tourister backpacks organize and carry laptops, books, water bottles, and more. This organizes users for a busy workday or weekend getaway. American Tourister backpacks are durable and practical. So your backpack can handle anything, every part is durable, from zippers to fabrics. Cheap American Tourister backpacks are available to many. American Tourister sells reliable backpacks for students and busy workers at low prices.

2. Safari

  • Price Range: Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000

Safari backpacks are lightweight and composed of high-quality materials since 1974. Meeting clients’ shifting needs has kept the brand thriving. Daily-use safari backpacks are durable, useful, and stylish. Safari backpacks are lightweight and portable. Safari backpacks are comfortable and convenient for transporting products in busy city streets or outdoors. Safari backpacks are lightweight and robust. From durable fabrics to reinforced stitching, safari backpacks protect your belongings on the go. Safari offers backpacks for all preferences and lifestyles. Safari has basic pull-string bags and outdoor waterproof backpacks. Each backpack is designed for optimal storage, organization, and ergonomics to optimize user experience.

3. Tommy Hilfiger

  • Price Range: Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3000

Tommy Hilfiger painstakingly designs each bag for poise and elegance. For versatile accessories, Tommy Hilfiger backpacks are attractive and durable. Tommy Hilfiger backpacks are stylish. Tommy Hilfiger backpacks compliment every ensemble with classic, elegant, modern, and edgy styles. Tommy Hilfiger backpacks enhance your evening or business suit. Tommy Hilfiger backpacks are stylish and useful. Padded layers provide long-term comfort, and several pockets and compartments organize your accessories. The Tommy Hilfiger bag organizes your laptop, books, and everyday things for the day.

4. Skybags

  • Price Range: Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000

VIP Industries’ Skybags subsidiary makes modern, ergonomic backpacks. Skybags produces business, vacation, and daily backpacks. Skybags backpacks provide durability and quality. Skybags backpacks for kids mix style and function, making them popular with fashion-conscious folks looking for sturdy gear. Skybags backpacks are ergonomically designed for comfort. Skybag backpacks’ padded straps, back panels, and adjustable features make them pleasant to wear for extended hours. The Skybags backpack has several storage and organizational options to keep your belongings tidy and accessible. Skybags has backpacks for work, weekend, and library study.

5. Polestar

  • Price Range: Rs. 599 to Rs. 2100

Polestar leads the backpack business with ergonomic designs and high-quality materials. Quality is considered in fabric selection, manufacturing, and finishing of Polestar backpacks. Polestar backpacks are durable and daily-useable due to high-quality materials. Polestar backpacks are waterproof, making them ideal for commuters and vacationers. Polestar backpacks protect valuables in crowded cities and the great outdoors. Polestar backpacks are stylish and practical. Polestar makes stylish, minimalist, and flashy backpacks. Polestar offers fashionable, effective business and weekend backpacks. Polestar backpacks are affordable despite their high-quality materials and stylish designs. Polestar makes inexpensive, high-quality backpacks by decreasing production and focusing on efficiency. Budget-conscious buyers who don’t want to sacrifice appearance or usability for price and quality like Polestar.

6. Lavie

  • Price Range: Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3599

Lavie offers stylish backpacks as well as handbags and slings for ladies. This has allowed Lavie to offer more visitors, professionals, and college students seeking stylish, functional accessories. Lavie backpacks are elegant, functional, and detailed. Lavie backpacks are luxurious and functional in bustling city streets and business meetings. Lavie backpacks stand out for their versatility. Lavie makes stylish, simple, and colorful backpacks for any purpose. Lavie backpacks complement sophisticated and casual clothes. Lavie backpacks are durable due to their high-quality materials. Lavie backpacks are reliable for all your excursions due to its sturdy zippers and stitching.

7. Lenovo

  • Price Range: Rs. 1500 to Rs. 5000

Lenovo backpacks safeguard electronics and other goods with style and durability. Lenovo backpacks survive severe conditions and protect your devices. Lenovo backpacks are sleek and modern. Lenovo offers sizes and styles for different preferences. Lenovo’s diverse backpacks are ideal for work or vacation. Lenovo backpacks are stylish and practical. Many Lenovo backpacks are water-resistant, safeguarding your gear from rain and spills. Lenovo backpacks protect laptops, tablets, and other gadgets in moist conditions. Lenovo backpacks provide ample storage and simple organization. Lenovo backpacks organize and make Laptop, book, and other items accessible with sections and pockets.

8. Artistix

  • Price Range: Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000

Artistix backpacks are stylish and durable for everyday trips. These backpacks are robust for school, work, and travel due to high-quality materials. Because of its durability, Artistix backpacks may be used often without losing flair.Artistix Talon backpacks stand out for tech-savvy customers. This clever design incorporates USB charging ports so users can charge their devices and stay connected all day. The Talon backpack’s anti-theft features provide customers peace of mind. Artistix backpacks are popular among fashionistas for their style and functionality. Artistix backpacks match your style and help you stay organized and prepared in the city or outdoors.

9. Gear

  • Price Range: Rs. 500 to Rs. 4000

Gear creates functional, well-designed backpacks for modern adventurers. These stylish backpacks with various pockets and compartments are constructed of high-quality fabric. Gear bags keep you organized for weekend getaways or city exploration. Gear backpacks are tough. Most Gear backpacks are waterproof or feature water guards to protect your belongings. This durability makes kit backpacks ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and vacationers who need robust gear. Gear backpacks are fashionable and useful. People who enjoy sleek, minimalist designs or vivid, eye-catching patterns would love a Gear backpack. Gear backpacks are stylish and functional.

10. F Gear

F Gear

  • Price Range: Rs. 300 to Rs. 2000

Unique backpacks are F Gear’s specialty. Young folks like F Gear’s leather backpacks and innovative designs. These fashionable backpacks are perfect for everyday use and serious travel due to their comfort and durability. F Gear is distinctive in its fashionable, high-performance backpacks. F Gear backpacks are durable and organized for trekking or city travel. F Gear backpacks provide support and ergonomics to keep you comfortable and strain-free even after long hours. F Gear backpacks can withstand frequent use, making them suitable for active persons. F Gear improves user experience with compartments, padded straps, and strengthened stitching. If you need plenty of storage or simple access, F Gear backpacks are fashionable and useful.


When it comes to a proper selection of backpacks, the aforementioned brands can be the best picks. Not only that they have the best varieties as per your utility, but also that the looks of these backpacks are extremely cool. Variety in color shade, zipline, water bottle pockets, colored doodles, all of these made these backpacks perfect for the new generation.

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