If you are someone who wants to level up the look and feel of your kitchen space then apart from maintaining the aesthetic and keeping it clean, you should look at a few other things too. We are talking about Crockery. Yup, a good crockery set can level up your kitchen’s look up a notch, and you’ll clearly be able to notice that. Not just you though, every guest who walks into your kitchen, will immediately notice that. But yeah, we get it, it is not always about the looks though. You want your crockery to be incredibly tough, and safe to use as well. Right? Well, worry not because we are here with the list of the top 10 leading crockery brands that offer just that.

So, if you are already looking forward to investing in some crockery sets or unique crockery pieces, then this post is tailor-made just for you. Alright, now let’s get down to the list. Here we go.

1. Fabindia

Established way back in 1960, Fabindia’s story starts deep in India’s rich craft heritage. John Bissell, an American in New Delhi, began it. At first, they sold home goods abroad. Then, in 1976, they opened a store in New Delhi. And today, under John’s son, William, they have over 340 spots, both in India and globally. What’s special about them though? Well, they get stuff from villages all over India. They keep old skills alive, and wow, their hand-made things show it! Dipping into crockery, they’ve got plates, bowls, mugs, you name it. And their magic touch is simply all about mixing old designs with new vibes. Teaming up with designers, they’ve got stuff that city folks love, from clothes to home goods. Classic yet modern, they’re a big hit with those who love a bit of Indian charm.

2. Clay Craft

You see, Clay Craft is all about India’s beautiful ceramic art. Check out their website, it’s a feast! Dinner sets, tea sets, mugs, bowls, and even metallic drink stuff. If we were to talk about one of their cool collections, then it would be the “Fiesta Series”. We are talking about those elegant table things with peaceful flower designs. They come in colors like blue and pink. They even collaborated with “India Circus”. And that surely resulted in gorgeous products with a mix of old Indian designs and a fresh twist. Perfect for today’s homes but with an Indian heart.

3. Borosil

Started in 1962 with a little help from Corning Glass Works USA, Borosil first wowed India with top-notch lab glass. Come 1988, Corning moved on, and the brand became truly Indian. But Borosil isn’t just for labs though. Their kitchen stuff is a hit in homes too. Why? Well, simply because they blend beauty with toughness. Their microwave-friendly things can handle big temperature changes, all that thanks to special glass. So, pop them from the freezer straight into the microwave. Nothing to worry about there! All in all, Borosil’s journey is truly something like from a lab star to an every household favorite. In the end, today, they’re not just for scientists but for everyone who loves good stuff in their kitchen.

4. Corelle


Started back in 1970 by Corning Glass Works, this brand has made its way into our kitchens and hearts. Why, though? Because of its fancy Vitrelle glassware. Their technique is kinda unique, like a glass made of three layers. Two clear ones on the outside and a white one in the middle. And if you like colors on your dishes, they’ve got special glass ink to keep it fresh and long-lasting. Remember the “Butterfly Gold” pattern? Started in 1970 and is still a hit. Even though some designs got retired, people still love and want them. And yeah, Corelle doesn’t just stick to glass. They’ve got stoneware and plastic products too! From the start to now, they’ve shown how they blend beauty with function.

5. Milton


It was the year 1972, and that’s when Milton stepped into the game. We all remember the shiny steel lunch box or that solid water bottle, right? Today, they’ve upped their game, quite a bit actually. We are talking about stuff like their bottles that keep your drink hot or cold for a full day or a tiffin that’s wifi-enabled. They’ve got everything from kitchen stuff to bathroom gear. And it’s all top-notch. All thanks to their commitment and a network of 55,000 retailers across India, getting a Milton product is a super easy task. At the heart of it all, Milton’s goal is simple: make life better with innovative products. Whether it’s their casseroles for warm meals on the go or stylish bottles, they promise you good stuff without breaking the bank.

6. Cello

And here comes Cello with its shiny Opalware collection. They have plates with graceful designs in colors ranging from classic white to rich gold. But yeah, it’s not just about the looks though. Cello puts in a lot of effort to make sure their products last. And when we say “a lot”, we mean it. These dishes can handle the microwave and temperature changes without a sweat. In our busy lives, who has time for hand-washing? The good news here though, Cello’s collection is dishwasher-friendly. And they care about us too. Their dishes are safe for our food and won’t scratch easily. And yeah, they’re light and easy to store. Looking for a gift idea? With its glossy finish and stylish patterns, Cello’s Opalware is a win for any occasion.

7. Treo

And have you ever heard of Treo? It’s a top-notch brand by Hamilton Housewares Pvt. Ltd. They’re all about amazing glassware and kitchen stuff. And without a doubt, they’ve made a big name in India. Why? Because they don’t just make products that work well, they make sure they look great too! Just take a peek at their Opalware collection and you’ll know what we are talking about. From pure white to fancy gold. That sure will make you fall in love. But Treo isn’t just about looks though. This means you can pop them in the microwave, and they won’t crack in the dishwasher. And for your peace of mind, their dishes are super safe. No nasty chemicals! Also, don’t worry about scratches. Treo dishes keep shining, use after use. And yeah, they’re easy to hold and save space in your kitchen. If you are someone who fancy a touch of class, well, their glassware can do just that!

8. LaOpala

Now, La Opala is kind of like the trendsetters in tableware in India. They saw what was missing in the market and filled that gap. They were the first to bring opalware to India. Their stuff isn’t just about beauty though. Worried about dropping them, well know that these are tough dishes, and they handle heat well. On top of that, they shine bright, giving your table that special glow. And what about safety and hygiene? Well, that is at the top of their list. Their dishes are super light, but don’t be fooled though, they’re strong. And if there’s an accident and something breaks, it won’t turn into sharp bits. It’s like they thought of everything. They’re perfect for microwaving, and they’ve got no bone ash. So, 100% veggie-friendly.

9. Jaypore

While Jaypore has got many cool things, their dinnerware is truly special. Traditional yet modern, perfect for any day or a big party. Take a look at the Hibiscus Printed Stoneware Side Plate that they offer. That set is something that tells you Jaypore is all about top quality and design. Another gem is for sure the Handmade Sky Blue Ceramic Dinner Large Plate. A set of 4, it’s like having a calm sky on your table. But Jaypore doesn’t stop at looking good. They ensure their stuff lasts long and works well too. From trays to bowls, they’ve got it all. Whether it’s a big party or a family dinner, Jaypore adds that touch of magic to your table.

10. Luminarc

Now, let’s move a bit to the West. Luminarc started in Arques in 1948, is a big player in tableware brands. They sell 400 million glass items every year. That’s a lot of glass! They really get what people want and need in their kitchens. And they care about our planet too because they use materials like recycled glass and sand. And they transport most of their stuff by water, which is way better for the environment. One of their famous items is the Opal Diwali plate. They make a whopping 30 million of these every year. And they keep an eye on what’s trending too. And looking back, they’ve had some cool moments. Like in the 1960s, they made this “Ballon” glass. And it was a big deal because it was the first of its kind. They kept pushing limits. And by the 80s, they went international and set up a big company in New Jersey. That was the start of them going global.


That’ll do it. Remember, these are by far the most famous brands that are known to set trends and bring out new crockery sets every once in a while. So, if you are looking forward to buying one, just pick one brand from this list, go through their collections, and you’ll be good for the most part.

Crockery FAQs

Q. Is there any assurance that the crockery items I am using is free from lead and properly safe when it comes to everyday use? Are they safe to be used for children?

Ans: It should always be kept in mind that the issue of lead contamination is a very serious one, specially in the crockery items. To stay away from such issues, you should check the certifications of the brands. The brands having lead free or LGFB certifications can be considered as safe. But you should not confuse these certifications with the vague, “non-toxic” claims. Also, if you really need to be assured from your side, you can ask for independent lab test reports as well.

Q. What kind of difference is there between bone china, ceramic and porcelain dinnerware? How these products differ in price and durability?

Ans: Materials must be distinguished to choose tableware wisely. Bone china is durable, translucent, and chip-resistant, making it a premium option. Bone china is expensive yet exquisite and lasting. Durable and inexpensive porcelain is another choice. Porcelain is cheaper than bone china without compromising quality due to its toughness and translucency. Ceramic is the cheapest. Ceramic tableware is cheaper than bone china and porcelain but less transparent and chip-resistant. Budget-conscious consumers should choose ceramic. Consider personal needs and use frequency while picking from the various options. Asking specific inquiries about the brand’s manufacturing technique and material composition for each tableware type helps consumers choose depending on their interests and lifestyle.

Q. Which crockery items are microwave safe and dishwasher safe? Are there exceptions?

Ans: Compatibility claims for tableware may be unclear. Some products are microwave and dishwasher safe, but not all. Consult product labels or the brand to ensure compatibility. Check each component for clear labels like “microwave-safe” or “dishwasher-safe” to evaluate its suitability. People typically assume brand promises apply to the whole collection, however material or design variances may make certain products unsuitable.Paying attention to detail helps consumers make informed decisions and protect crockery. Compatibility claims must be clear and explicit to guarantee your tableware suits your lifestyle and usage.

Q. How can you ensure ethical sourcing and enable fair labor practices within your supply chain?

Ans: Use the Internet to find out about the commitment of a brand to fair trade, certificates for ethical sourcing, and responsible practices related to labor. Look for transparency on their part in supply chain management and social responsibility measures. Inquire specifically how they ensure fair wages, correct working conditions, and care for the welfare of the workers right along the production process.

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