Top 10 Climber Plants in India (With Names and Pictures)

Greenery around your surroundings benefits your physical and mental health. People understand the importance of plants for their health and Mother Earth, so they are planting more trees in the nearby area. Some house owners use plants to decorate their houses and garden areas.

You can start your gardening journey in a fun and unique way by growing climbing plants. These plants grow upwards and can completely change the look of your fence or archway, adding brightness to your garden. You can also use them to cover bare walls or hide unsightly spots. There are over 130 plant families that include climbers. Vines comprise more than 40% of all plant species in tropical forests.

What are Climber Plants?

Before we look at the list, let’s briefly discuss climbing plants. Climbers are plants that grow up trees and other tall things. Many of them are vines that wrap around trees and branches. Some climb in different ways. Usually, climbing plants have more varieties than plants that don’t climb.

What are the top 10 Climber Plants in India?

1. Bougainvillea


In India, Bougainvillea is a famous climbing plant. It adds lots of colors to your home. You don’t have to grow it as a climber, but it looks beautiful on walls. It grows small paper-like flowers in pink, orange, white, and other colors. Taking care of it is easy; it needs little maintenance to bloom beautifully. But it grows fast, so you’ll need to prune it regularly to keep it in control.

2. Madhu Malti

Madhu Malti

This plant is called the Rangoon creeper. Gardeners who like green and colorful gardens should have it. It grows fast and needs a little care. You can make it climb up walls or grow over iron structures like gates. Madhu Malti looks lively with green leaves and pink and white flowers. If you want your garden to be colorful quickly, choose this plant!

3. Curtain Creeper

Curtain Creeper

Picture covering your balcony with curtains made from nature itself! Wouldn’t that be a beautiful sight? Well, guess what? You can make this idea real using the curtain creeper plant. It’s called that because it grows like a curtain, which is great for making private areas on balconies and terraces. You must guide and support its leaves to mimic curtains, but growing this plant at home is easy. As its name suggests, this plant will beautify your surroundings with its delicate and elegant branches!

4. Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s Ivy

People in India like Devil’s Ivy because it grows fast. They often call it a money plant because its leaves look like hearts, and it’s thought to bring good luck. You can grow it in water or soil, but it’s better to grow it in soil with a moss pole to help it climb. Once it’s big enough, you can let it trail over things like trellises or walls. Cutting off their stems can make more plants when it’s fully grown.

5. Orange Trumpet Vine

Orange Trumpet Vine

When discussing climbing plants, we can’t forget the orange trumpet vine. It’s also known as the flame vine or Venusta vine. This plant is great for covering your backyard with dark green and orange colors. Its name tells you exactly what it looks like—its flowers are orange and shaped like trumpets. It looks like your garden is on fire when it’s in full bloom! This plant needs a lot of space to spread out its roots and plenty of sunlight to grow well.

6. Bleeding Heart Vine

Bleeding Heart Vine

The bleeding heart vine is a really special plant in gardening. People love it a lot. It looks amazing because it has shiny green leaves and white and red flowers. These flowers are really pretty because they have too bright colors. They look like they’re bleeding, which is why it’s called bleeding heart vines. This plant grows on a woody stem and doesn’t grow too big. But it looks its best in spring and summer when it blooms.

7. Allamanda


Allamanda is also known as Golden Trumpet Vine. It grows in beautiful yellow and green colors. It’s originally from America, but people in India like it because of its shiny yellow flowers that resemble trumpets. If you put it outside, ensure it gets plenty of sunlight for the best flowers. But you can also grow it indoors near a light that’s not too bright. Even though it looks similar to the flame vine, it’s quite different.

8. Star Jasmine

Star Jasmine

The plant we call Jasmine isn’t the same as the Jasmine plant, but it acts a lot like it. It’s like a plant that stays green all year round and produces beautiful white flowers with five petals. These flowers smell nice, too. It’s easy to grow this plant without much trouble, and it doesn’t need much attention. Once it’s fully grown, it’ll make your garden look amazing!

9. Rakhi Bel

Rakhi Bel

This climber is called the passion flower vine in English. It’s famous for its special blooms that can catch your eye! The flower, known as the passionflower, is full of energy and comes in colors like blue and orange. Plus, this vine can grow up to twenty-five feet high. It’s called Rakhi Bel in Hindi because its flowers resemble the bands tied during the Hindu festival Raksha Bandhan.

10. Thunbergia


The Thunbergia plant comes from India and is called the Bengal clock vine and the blue-sky flower plant. It grows fast and spreads a lot, but if you trim it right, you’ll get a tough climber with lovely faded-blue flowers all over your garden. The flowers look like they’re hanging on a rope. Interestingly, you can only wrap this vine around something in a clockwise direction!


So, here are the best climber plants in India that will transform your home and garden with a cheerful vibe through their impressive appearance and delightful climbing abilities. All you need to do is visit a plant store and fall in love with these green beauties. Choose the most attractive climbing plants and get ready to experiment with them. They will also add a touch of magic to your landscape with their colors and textures! Lastly, climbing plants is an excellent way to enhance your surroundings.

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