The Indian snack market is diverse, offering a great plethora of snacking products. The chips are the front-runners in India, they are enjoyed by people of all ages and are typically seasoned with various flavours such as salt, spices, vegetables or cheese. As of now, endless chips manufacturing companies have come up in the Indian market with their varieties in flavour and taste. But Not all have the best quality or market reach. Here we are going to talk about the India’s top 10 famous chips brands and will try to offer you a bit of detail for all.

1. Lays:


Lays’ thin, crispy chips are a favorite among chip fans who prefer simplicity and flavor. Snackers love Lays’ Classic Salted, Magic Masala, and Spanish Tomato Tango flavors for their versatility. Pepsico’s Lays has been in nearly 200 countries since 1965. This 1995 debut into the Indian market started a gourmet odyssey that would become routine. Lays has elevated snacking to art. American-style Lays Cream and Onion chips are popular in India and elsewhere.

Each chip is created from the finest potatoes to showcase the brand’s excellence. The chips have a great crunch from high-quality oils. Lays, an Indian favorite, symbolizes snacking globally. Customers adore the brand’s quality ingredients and flavor innovation, making every crispy bite delectable. Pepsico’s popular Lays dominates the snack industry with a tasty variety for all ages. Lays chips have united people. Lays’ lengthy history, global presence, and dedication to taste have pleased generations with its crispy and delectable goods.

2. Bingo:

Bingo, a pioneering snack brand, is famous for its Tandoori Paneer and Piri Piri chips. Bingo, established by ITC Limited in 2007, is a popular Indian snack brand. ITC Limited, which owns Sunfeast, Aashirvad, Yippee, and Bingo, introduced this unique snack brand to its portfolio to provide a range of delightful treats. Bingo’s spicy Mad Angle Very Peri Peri chips shine. These chips are crispy and flavorful because they use the correct rice grits and flour.

For bold tasters, Very Peri Peri spices give great flavor. Bingo leads the snack industry with its constant innovation and flavor discovery. Each new bingo chip revamps snacking. Bingo showcases ITC Limited’s ingenuity, exceeding consumer expectations with each chip. Bingo’s unique and delectable chips and flavor exploration make it popular. ITC Limited’s brand appeals to strong tasters with its excellent and unique snacking experience. Bingo shows ITC Limited may modify snacking behaviors. Bingo is a pioneer in creating chips with unusual flavors that fulfill cravings and leave a lasting impression.

3. Doritos:

International hit Doritos has joined the Indian market, adding spice to normal chips. Doritos’ vibrant flavors liven up snacking. Nacho Cheese and Sweet Chili are perfect for adventurous eaters. The Pepsico-owned premium chips sub-brand Doritos invented flavored tortilla chips in 1964. The brand adds flavors to unflavored chips. In 1966, Doritos debuted roasted corn, initiating a tradition of diverse flavors. The iconic

Doritos Nacho chips debuted in 1972. The strong flavor and tooth-rattling crunch make these chips unsurpassed. Strong taste and excellent texture define Doritos Nachos. Doritos’ debut into India complements its global reputation for creative snacks and flavor. Fans of Doritos may always expect excellent Nacho Cheese or Sweet Chili.

4. Parle Wafers:

Famous Indian snack brand Parle makes delectable wafers. Since Parle Wafers are thin, crispy chips with several wonderful flavors, they are ideal for light snacking. Parle, founded in 1929 by Mohanlal Dayal Chauhan in Mumbai, is the world’s largest biscuit supplier. Parle, famed for its biscuits, also makes chips, adding taste and quality to other munchies.

Taste and texture are distinctive to Parle wafer chips. These potato chips are light and crisp, improving taste and eating delight. Due to their quality and careful ingredient selection, Parle’s wafers are popular among snackers. Due to Parle’s lengthy food industry history and commitment to innovation, Parle Wafers’ unique blend of tradition and modern flavors delights every snacking occasion.

5. Haldiram’s:

Haldiram’s, an Indian culinary empire, now offers real chips. Haldiram’s Masala Munch and Pudina Punch chips offer a spicy Indian taste with every bite. Indian snack, dessert, and restaurant giant Haldiram was established in 1941 in Bikaner, Rajasthan, by Ganga Bishan Agarwal. To meet Indian preferences, Maharashtra-based Haldiram’s sells potato chips, frozen dinners, beverages, sweets, and snacks.

Haldiram’s chips are meticulously produced. The hand-picked potatoes in these delectable chips showcase India’s rich culinary legacy. Using authentic spices makes these chips a perennial favorite and synonymous with superb Indian chips. One of the country’s best-selling chips is Haldiram’s, infused with fragrant spices. Haldiram’s Indian-inspired snacks are delectable and high-quality.

6. Pringles:

The stacking nature of Pringles’ circular packaging makes for a unique chip experience. Pringles provides flavours like Sour Cream and Onion and Jalapeño for unusual and addictive chips. Kellogg’s Michigan sub-brand Pringles benefits from its parent company’s legacy and expertise. Kellogg’s, established by Will Keith Kellogg in 1906, makes Rice Krispies, Cheez-It, Corn Flakes, and Pringles. Pringles’ Sour Cream and Onion chips taste unusual.

The healthy pack contains 50% less calories than regular chips. Pringles’ balanced diet emphasis displays their dedication to appealing, nutritious solutions. Pringles are known for their cylindrical packaging, unusual flavors, and clever stacking. Pringles, part of Kellogg’s, offers exciting chip varieties and healthy snacks.

7. Uncle Chipps:

Indian households still love Uncle Chipps. Uncle Chipps’ traditional flavor and charm make it popular. After Amrit Agro Ltd. created Uncle Chipps in 1992, it became a national snack. In 2000, global food, snacks, and beverage conglomerate PepsiCo bought the brand, altering its course. While making exotic spiced potato chips, Uncle Chipps has been known for quality and flavor.

Uncle Chipps utilizes fresh potatoes for superior taste and texture for every bite. Spicy and crispy, the chips are perfect for relaxing with cool drinks. Uncle Chipps is a cultural symbol that evokes nostalgia and warmth beyond its great meals. All ages like the brand’s mascot. Uncle Chipps is a brand that has combined tradition and creativity to create unforgettable snacks and experiences for centuries.

8. TagZ:

TagZ, noted for its inventiveness and quality, has become a popular premium chip brand. TagZ elevates chip eating with Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper and Cheese & Onion. TagZ, a Bengaluru-based food brand started in 2019, is revolutionary. The Anish Basu Roy and Sagar Bhalotia-founded business innovates chip manufacturing. TagZ boldly promises to create 50% lower-fat popped potato chips without baking or frying.

TagZ’s popped potato masala chips emphasize natural ingredients. For health-conscious consumers, these chips have no artificial flavors, gluten, or preservatives. TagZ’s quality and advanced chip manufacturing appeal to health-conscious consumers. The brand’s Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper and Cheese & Onion snacks provide variety and refinement. TagZ pushes convention and drives the semiconductor industry toward a more sophisticated and health-conscious future in a market that values innovation and wellness.

9. RiteBite Max Protein:

Health-conscious folks seeking flavor and nutrition can choose RiteBite Max Protein. This brand offers guilt-free snackers a distinctive taste and health benefits. Naturell India Private Limited offers RiteBite Max Protein chips, nutrition bars, protein bars, and morning pastries. RiteBite Max Protein’s USP is flavor and health.

RiteBite’s gluten-free Max Protein crisps satisfy celiacs. These chips feature 35% less fat than conventional chips, supporting the brand’s healthy eating goals. Super grains including oats, ragi, sorghum, quinoa, and others differentiate Max Protein chips. This meticulous selection enhances the chips’ nutritional value and variety. RiteBite Max Protein chips mix enjoyment with health benefits.

10. Beyond Snack:

Beyond Snack offers healthy, tasty chips to meet the rising need for better snacking options. This Kerala-based snack firm is known for its high-quality chips. Beyond Snack’s unique Beetroot Chips and Sweet Potato Chips follow the trend toward healthier and tastier snacks. Beyond Snack meets the changing tastes of health-conscious snackers by adding nutrient-rich veggies to their chips. They sell Nendran banana chips, a unique pack containing prebiotics and nutritional benefits.

In this particular variant, bananas cultivated in lush Kerala provide the chips their unique flavor and texture. This snack has been carefully selected by Beyond Snack to provide a great snacking experience and promote healthy living. Beyond Snack stands itself as a brand that goes beyond standard snacks as people value their health and seek nutritional benefits. Beyond Snack aims to transform snacking with tasty, healthy alternatives based on quality ingredients, new tastes, and nutritional advantages.


In the great vibrancy of taste and flavor concerning the chips, it is true that the above mentioned companies have perfectly captured the heart of Indian consumers. Snacking is unfinished without these brands. Their tastes are the best delights. The companies also plan to widen their production and product variations. In the coming years, more surprises await the chips lovers.

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