Top 5 Highest Soybean Producing States In India

Soybean, an essential legume, is unique to the Indian agriculture landscape. Apart from that, there is also the fact that amongst others, both animals and humans need it as the major source of protein. Besides, it is one of the major contributors that boosts economic growth too. Come 2024 in India, there will be some amazing increases in soybean production in all parts of the country, and a significant number of states are expected to become dominant. Lets find the five most soybean-producing states in India for 2024.

 Soybean Producing

1. Madhya Pradesh (52.47 Lakh Tonnes)

In the entire country, Madhya Pradesh alone is at the top of the soybean production list. This state is gifted with fertile soils and favorable climatic conditions; the soybean crop is well suited to these conditions, resulting in good yields. Farmers in Madhya Pradesh have been uniquely innovative and, with government intervention, have always established high yields due to their widely recognized modern farming techniques. The state shows great ambition for the development of agriculture, which manifests in the role of the leader in soybean production, achieving the highest results every year.

2. Maharashtra (46.92 Lakh Tonnes)

Maharashtra also holds on to one of the major soybean providers in India. Agro-climatic zoning can unleash the full potential of the state’s diverse agriculture zones for soybean cultivation. Using improved technologies in the production area, such as machinery and crop rotation, Maharashtra farmers have increased yields. Also, government projects targeted at farmers’ capacitation and the development of ecologically friendly farming have influenced the stimulation of soybean cultivation in Maharashtra.

3. Rajasthan (10.13 Lakh Tonnes)

Thanks to its large agricultural area, soybean crops in Rajasthan emerged as one of the most significant players in soybean production. However, some challenges that the state of Rajasthan has to come a long way, such as water scarcity and climatic conditions, empower with the resilience to face soybean farming. Rajasthan’s farmers have used novel irrigation methods and their efficiency on crops that can cope with severe droughts. This has helped them gain more yield despite the severity of the environmental adversities. India’s state has made considerable efforts towards agronomic diversification and technological development, which can now be seen in the country’s influence on soybean production.

4. Karnataka:

 Karnataka’s soybean performance is very high among Indian regions, which leads to its name being one of India’s top soybean production regions. The superiority of its agroecology, which probably allows us to have an ideal growth condition for soybeans, is what makes the state come out top in all soybean farms. The area’s farmers successfully cultivated their soybean farms using advanced irrigation systems and an integrated range of agro-techniques, which led to a substantial increase in their soybean yields. Agricultural subsidies and infrastructure investment from the government have become the biggest forces that push the cultivation of soybeans in Karnataka, and this area with agriculture is becoming more and more vast.

5. Telangana:

Telangana has evolved as an up-and-coming soybean-producing state through its well-thought-of agricultural policies and numerous farmer-friendly schemes and projects. Surprisingly, it has only been recently that the air of the Telangana agricultural system has been polluted with soybeans. However, they have suddenly achieved fantastic momentum in soybean production. The sustainable water forum established by the state has prioritized irrigation infrastructure development, field research, and technology upgrades that have considerably boosted soybean farming activities. Additionally, farmer-friendly policy implementation and government market intervention have helped establish a favorable framework for production, making Telangana the top-ranking soybean-producing state in India.


The current year’s 2024 list of India’s top 5 soybean-producing states tells a blend of both the traditional agricultural skills set from the past and modernized farming systems. The list is still led by the MP and MA, respectively, and is closely followed by the RA, KA, and TA states. Even though these states facing geopolitical disparities and difficult weather circumstances have not been deterred, the states are still boosting soybean production to high leverage. These financial supports, technological interventions, and farmer empowerment plans are the major factors propelling soybean production in all the states, contributing the most to the nation’s agricultural development.


Q1: Which pattern helps Madhya Pradesh with the highest soybean production?

Ans: For Madhya Pradesh, black soil, favorable climate, and government policies for agricultural development are the key factors that make it one of the top producers of soybeans in the country.

Q2: How did Rajasthani farmers manage to make essential changes connected with ecology to increase soybean harvesting?

Ans: Rajasthan has advanced with new irrigation techniques, high-yielding, drought-resistant soybean varieties, and diversifying farm activities to facilitate industrial investment.

Q3: What activities have Telangana implemented to ensure sustainable and efficient soybean production?

Ans: The state has adopted irrigation infrastructure development, agricultural research, and farmer involvement to make soybean crops prevail over other farming situations.

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