Top 5 Highest Sunflower Producing States In India

Did you know that there is a particularly high demand for sunflower seeds and oil in India, and that’s the very reason why we import these from other nations like Brazil, Ukraine, and Russia? But that doesn’t mean we do not have farmers cultivating sunflowers here on our native lands. Yes, there is a considerable chunk that we cultivate and produce here when it comes to sunflowers. And today, we are here to let you know about the top 5 most sunflower producing states in India as of 2024. Alright, here we go.


1. Karnataka – 103,400 tonnes

Karnataka is the largest producer of sunflowers in India, with a massive 103,400 tonnes. This figure is nearly half of the entire country’s production, at 48.65%. This state perfectly suits sunflower production, because it has the right soil and climate. In the key place of Karnataka, Kalyana Karnataka, farmers have mostly replaced the traditional crops with sunflowers. They have done this because sunflowers are more profitable and are in high demand. And yes, over the years, districts, particularly Raichur, Koppal, and Yadgir, have seen a great rise in their sunflower farms.

2. Orissa – 20,960 tonnes

Orissa is second on the list, producing 20,960 tonnes of sunflowers. The state produces approximately 9.46% of India’s sunflowers. This district, and in fact the state, has the potential for growing sunflowers successfully since the environmental conditions are kinda good. This, however, does not compensate for the grim situation. There is a decline in areas where sunflowers are grown; the yield area is around 440 hectares. This marked decline has been attributed to several problems like unfavorable soils, lack of marketing for the commodity, and inadequate processing facilities.

3. Haryana – 16,800 tonnes

Haryana produces 16,800 tonnes of sunflowers, contributing 7.90% to the national total. The state has expanded the area under sunflower cultivation, especially in the Ambala region. Sunflower production has suffered problems like price fluctuation in the market and damage losses due to rain, but still, it remains the choice of many local farmers as the sunflower is an early maturing crop, and it can be intercropped with other crops for better soil health and productivity in the farm.

4. Maharashtra – 12,120 tonnes

Maharashtra contributes 12,120 tonnes to India’s total sunflower production. The state cropping strategy focuses on growing a variety of oilseeds since they are high in demand in the market, and have become profitable to the farmer. Deciding which crop to grow in Maharashtra is influenced by strategies like crop rotation, and intercropping sunflower with other oilseeds since sunflower is not cereal but is mainly used as oil. In this way, they can make better use of the land and earn more money hence spreading financial risks for farmers.

5. Bihar – 11,480 tonnes

Lastly, Bihar, producing 11,480 tonnes, makes up 5.40% of India’s total sunflower production. Within the state, the production or cultivation of sunflowers has been pretty much steady over the years, and it is likely to be this way for quite a while.


Q1. Can sunflowers be grown in India?

Ans: Yes, sunflowers are grown on about 1.48 million hectares in India. The yield is about 0.6 metric tonnes per acre.

Q2. How fast do sunflowers grow?

Ans: Sunflowers grow very fast. They can grow up to 12 feet in just 3 months. If the conditions are right, sunflowers usually take 70 to 100 days to fully grow after planting.

Q3. Does India import sunflower oil?

Ans: Yes, India mainly imports palm oil from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. It also imports sunflower oil and soy oil from Argentina, Brazil, Russia, and Ukraine.

Q4. Does India export sunflower oil to other countries?

Ans: Yes, India exports most of its refined sunflower oil to Singapore, Nepal, and the United States.

Q5. Does India export sunflower seeds?

Ans: In 2022, India exported $1.55 million worth of sunflower seeds. The main buyers were the Philippines, the United States, the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, and Japan.

Q6. Is sunflower oil duty-free import in India?

Ans: In May 2022, India allowed duty-free imports of 2 million tonnes of sunflower oil for the year 2022/23 and planned to continue in 2023/24. So yes, that’s the case, at least for now.

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