Top 10 Famous Indian Chefs Of All Time

There once was a time when not a lot of people around the globe knew how good Indian cuisine was. But thanks to some chefs’ incredible work over the years, we can now proudly state that Indian food is one of the best and tastiest in the entire world. Well, if that has got you intrigued already, then keep on reading today’s post because we are about to talk about these top 10 famous Indian chefs of all time who have contributed greatly to Indian cuisine. Alright, here we go now.

1. Sanjeev Kapoor

Sanjeev Kapoor

First on our list is Sanjeev Kapoor, whose name is almost always linked to Indian food, he had to be on our list today, and he deserves to be listed at the very top of this list. Why, exactly? Well, if you watched “Khana Khazana,” which aired on television for more than 17 years, you know what he can do in the kitchen with all the spices, ingredients, and his own magic. With more than 150 cookbooks, his own 24-hour food station called “FoodFood,” and the prestigious Padma Shri award in 2017, without a doubt, this chef is a legend in the world of food.

2. Vikas Khanna

Vikas Khanna

One of the most famous and most impactful chefs and judges in Masterchef India, Vikas Khanna is for sure at the top of this culinary game, not just in India, but all around the globe. From cooking with his grandma in Amritsar to getting a Michelin star for his restaurant Junoon in New York, Vikas Khanna’s story is truly inspiring. Later on, though, he learned to cook at the Culinary Institute of America, so he combined his love of Indian tastes with knowledge of cooking from around the world. His project, “Feed India,” fed millions of people during the COVID-19 pandemic, showing how kind he is as well as how good a cook he is.

3. Madhur Jaffrey

Madhur Jaffrey

Then there is Madhur Jaffrey, who is known as the “queen of cooking” because she brought Indian food to the West. But did you know that before her cooking career, she actually used to be an actor, but after moving to London, she knew she was good at cooking? And that’s precisely what got her started. “An Invitation to Indian Cooking,” her first cookbook, was a new guide for people in the West. Madhur Jaffrey has won many awards, including the coveted CBE, for her more than 15 cookbooks and a popular TV show.

4. Atul Kochhar

Atul Kochhar

Michelin star is for sure one of the highest levels of awards a chef can get, and did you know who the first ever Indian cook to get a Michelin star was? Yes, that was none other than Atul Kochhar. Simply put, his rise to fame began with his restaurant in London, Benares. He got his start at The Oberoi in India. Though, we’d like to mention that not one but two Michelin stars were given to him for his creative take on Indian food.

5. Ranveer Brar

Ranveer Brar

If you want to know more about the chefs who made India’s food more popular around the globe and gave it a new look and representation, well, then we must mention Ranveer Brar, who is actually one of the youngest and most active cooks in India. However, his journey started with selling food on the streets of Lucknow. This led to formal training and a meteoric rise in the world of cooking. He was the youngest head chef at a five-star hotel when he was 25 years old. As of 2024 though, his motivational speeches and the book “Come into My Kitchen” show how much he loves food and culture.

6. Gaggan Anand

Gaggan Anand

For many years now, many people in the country and chefs also believed that there is a problem with how Indian food is presented, and that’s where Gaggan Anand changed the way Indian food is offered with his new ideas and cutting-edge presentations. His restaurant that is serving Indian food in Bangkok is the one that went on to top the list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants more than once. It is in Bangkok. And it should be a surprise at all to know that Gaggan Anand is actually a two-time Michelin star winner.

7. Vineet Bhatia

Vineet Bhatia

And talking about Michelin Stars, well, did you know that Vineet Bhatia is actually the first Indian chef who won two Michelin Stars? Talking about his personal life, well, he was born and raised in Mumbai and went to the Oberoi School of Hotel Management, which helped him get ahead in this culinary game. His London restaurant, Rasoi, quickly got a Michelin star, and people all over the world still praise his creative take on Indian food.

8. Tarla Dalal

Tarla Dalal

India is not just known for Non-Veg dishes, but actually, we are famous in the world for our vegetarian food. And who had the biggest contribution to making vegetarian dishes in India famous all around the globe? Well, of course, it was Tarla Dalal. She wrote her first book, “The Pleasures of Vegetarian Cooking,” in 1974. It was an instant hit when it came out. And yes, in 2007, she went on to win the Padma Shri award for her useful method and well-liked recipes.

9. Floyd Cardoz

Floyd Cardoz

Floyd Cardoz is actually an Indian chef who successfully mixed Indian flavors with Western cooking methods to make a new style of cooking, you know? He learned at Les Roches in Switzerland and worked for Gray Kunz on his way from Mumbai to New York. Because he won “Top Chef Masters” and wrote recipes like “One Spice, Two Spice,” Cardoz will always be remembered by cooks around the world.

10. Ritu Dalmia

Ritu Dalmia

Lastly, let’s talk about Ritu Dalmia, who is known for her beautiful Italian cooking, and gives Indian food a unique twist, a real unique one. And when she was just 22, she started her first restaurant. She learned how to run it well in Italy and then came back to India to open Diva, a popular place for real Italian food.


That’s all there is for now. Sure, there are a lot of chefs in the country who are keeping up the good work, but not all of them can match the popularity that these 10 chefs have, not just in India, but all around the globe.

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