India Sets New Seafood Export Record in FY24

India’s seafood export sector has achieved an unprecedented milestone, recording its highest-ever export figures in the fiscal year 2023-24. This remarkable achievement comes amidst a backdrop of global economic challenges and market fluctuations, showcasing the resilience and potential of India’s marine product industry.

Historic Export Figures

In FY24, India exported a staggering 1.78 million tonnes of seafood, valued at $7.38 billion (₹60,523.89 crore), marking a significant increase in both volume and value from the previous year. This milestone underscores India’s growing prominence in the global seafood market​.


Key Drivers of Growth

  • Increased Production and Innovation

The surge in seafood exports can be attributed to enhanced production capabilities and innovative practices within the industry. Advances in aquaculture, coupled with the adoption of sustainable fishing methods, have bolstered production efficiency. The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) has played a crucial role in promoting quality seafood production and export, supporting the industry’s growth trajectory​.

  • Expanding Market Reach

India’s seafood export market has seen significant diversification, with substantial growth in exports to the United States, China, and the European Union. These markets have shown a rising demand for high-quality Indian seafood, particularly frozen shrimp, which remains the major export item, accounting for a significant share of the total export value.

Challenges and Overcoming Adversities

  • Global Economic Uncertainties

Despite the global economic uncertainties, including disruptions due to geopolitical tensions and fluctuating demand in key markets, India’s seafood industry has demonstrated remarkable resilience. Strategic market diversification and a focus on quality have enabled the industry to navigate these challenges effectively.

  • Regulatory and Compliance Standards

Maintaining stringent quality standards and adhering to international regulatory requirements have been pivotal in sustaining and growing India’s seafood exports. The industry’s commitment to meeting these standards has enhanced the credibility and acceptance of Indian seafood in global markets.

Future Prospects

  • Government Initiatives and Support

The Indian government has been instrumental in supporting the seafood export sector through various initiatives and policies aimed at boosting production, ensuring sustainability, and enhancing market access. Programs promoting aquaculture, infrastructure development, and research and development have been crucial in driving the industry’s growth.

  • Sustainability and Technological Integration

The future of India’s seafood export industry lies in sustainable practices and technological integration. Embracing innovative technologies in aquaculture, improving supply chain efficiencies, and ensuring environmental sustainability will be key to maintaining and enhancing India’s position in the global seafood market.

Market Expansion and Diversification

Further expansion into emerging markets and continued diversification of export products will be essential for sustaining growth. By tapping into new markets and broadening the range of exported seafood products, India can mitigate risks associated with market dependencies and continue its upward trajectory in the global seafood trade.

India’s record-breaking seafood exports in FY24 highlight the sector’s robust growth and the successful strategies employed to overcome challenges. With continued innovation, government support, and a commitment to sustainability, the future looks promising for India’s seafood industry.

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