Top 10 Famous Photographers in India

India has gained popularity for nurturing brilliant photographers who own a wonderful perspective on capturing moments, and feelings, and narrating memories through their lens. As we step into 2024, the Indian image industry continues to flourish, with proficient people leaving an indelible influence in numerous genres, ranging from style to wildlife pictures.

Let’s discover the ten renowned photographers in India for the year 2024, whose extraordinary work has captivated endless hearts.

1. Raghu Rai

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Raghu Rai, a photojournalist has been working with photography and has contributed significantly to the social and political cultural arena over five decades. He is best known for his powerful black-and-white imagery, ranging from capturing the faces of the country including Indira Gandhi and Mother Teresa to the faceless and the homeless on the fringes of society. His powerful documentation of the Bhopal tragedy and his long association with India Today places him amongst the foremost Indian photographers. He has been awarded many fellowships and prizes including the Padmashree and he is also the pride holder of the Photographer of the Year award from USA.

2. Atul Kasbekar

Atul Kasbekar

Atul Kasbekar, a famous style photographer and film producer from India, won popularity for his notable picture skills, especially for the Kingfisher Calendar. Kasbekar’s superb work on the Kingfisher Calendar earned him the prestigious International Food and Beverage Creative Excellence Awards (FAB Awards) in London, making him the first Indian to acquire this honor. Apart from his picture career, Atul also possesses a company facet. He established an Entertainment Solution called Bling! and another corporation named Corporate Image.

3. Dayanita Singh

Dayanita Singh is a photographer and likes to describe herself as a visual communicator. She aims to communicate through photographic images that linger in the mind of the viewer. Her mode of presentation, more often than just prints is through books and exhibitions. Her photographs possess a poetic quality along with a strong sense of narrative which is carried through to the style of presentation and is evident in her early training in Documentary Photography. Having a strong sense of conceptual framework and sensibility, she mixes images with text to create works that are more akin to literature than photographs.

4. Dabboo Ratnani

Dabboo Ratnani

Dabboo Ratnani, a fashion, portrait, and movie star photographer, won access to the sector of pictures via a series of fortuitous activities. Initially starting with editorial paintings, he progressively ventured into version portfolios and marketing. His excellent skills have been showcased in diverse film promotions and business campaigns. Ratnani’s most iconic introduction is his annual calendar, which has performed a sizable position in popularizing the concept of collectible celebrity calendars in India, following the footsteps of the Pirelli Calendar.

5. Sudhir Shivaram

Sudhir Shivaram

Sudhir Shivaram, an Indian plant life and fauna photographer. He now works as an entire-time instructor in his location. He is likewise a propose for flora and fauna conservation and has served as a logo ambassador for Canon. Sudhir became a founding member of India Nature Watch and his image became featured on the cover of National Geographic Traveler India in September 2013. He obtained the Yellow Border Award for the terrific cowl at the 2014 Worldwide Editorial Awards and modified into named “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” with the useful resource of Sanctuary Asia.

6. Prabuddha Dasgupta

Prabuddha Dasgupta came here from an artistic family and started his profession as a copywriter however later became a full-time photographer who specialized in black and white style images. He labored for prestigious guides like Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Elle, and Vogue. He also published books showcasing his skills for shooting landscapes, such as “Women” and “Ladakh”. In 2009, he released “Edge of Faith,” an e-book providing pictures of the Catholic network in Goa, demonstrating his capacity to seize the essence of people.

7. Sooni Taraporevala

Sooni Taraporevala

Sooni Taraporevalata is a talented photographer, Indian writer and film maker. She is famous for her top-notch scripts for Mira Nair’s films Salaam Bombay. The Namesake, and Mississippi Masala, which all got Oscar nods. In 2014, the Indian governmen gave her the Padma Shri award. Sooni Taraporevala is part of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and her works are kept at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi.

8. Arjun Mark

Arjun Mark

Arjun Mark, the acclaimed Indian photographer, is understood for his modern and formidable technique of taking pictures of fashion and splendor, as seen in his superstar-filled classified ads and successful collaborations. He continuously evolves his fashion to keep away from being labeled, prioritizing immersion in the concern counts over clean posing. His brilliant skill has been recognized with prestigious awards, consisting of the “Award of Excellence”. Also featured in Luerzer’s Archive as one of the 200 Best Ad Photographers in the World.

9. Sohrab Hura

Sohrab Hura has won recognition for his precise and innovative style of pictures, which delves deep into his non-public experiences. As a growing famous person in the area of photojournalism, Hura combines factors of documentary photography and private storytelling to create a visually captivating and emotionally powerful body of labor. Hura’s exploration of themes including identity, memory, and private history frequently blurs the limits between documentary and artwork. Being a member of Magnum Photos, Hura has showcased his paintings on a global scale, bringing a fresh and different perspective to Indian pictures.

10. Rathika Ramasamy

Rathika Ramasamy

Rathika, a Computer Engineer who grew to become a natural world photographer, is famous for her captivating storytelling and knowledge of shooting birds via her lens. With a robust history inside the subject, she is identified as one of India’s pinnacle natural world photographers and a member of Nikon Professional Services. She is a founding member of the R.R. Foundation for Wildlife Conservation.  Her high-quality contributions have earned her great acclaim, which includes functions in calendars and guides, accolades from universities, and popularity for her notable achievements in flora and fauna photography.

The photographers noted earlier epitomize the highest level of Indian images in 2024. Their various strategies and huge impact on the industry spotlight the dynamic and ever-converting landscape of photography in India. Covering the whole thing from the energetic streets and considerable flowers and animals to the glamour of style and deep private stories, these photographers skillfully seize the various essences of India, leaving a lasting effect on each of the local and global picture scenes.

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