Top 10 Popular Faucet Brands in India

See, one can’t deny the fact that good faucets installed in your kitchen or bathroom can really be the center of attraction sometimes. Right? Well, apart from being just functional things, faucets are also becoming kind of a style statement these days. No matter what kind of vibe or look you are going for when it comes to your bathroom or kitchen, there certainly are some faucets that you’ll find perfect for whatever vibe or look you are after. Faucets these days have different finishes, designs, and advanced features too, and we sure know that you’ll feel a bit dazzled by looking at those variants of faucets.

Let’s say you are leveling up your kitchen or bathroom space, or maybe your new house construction is going on, in that case, you’ll certainly need some faucets. But when you take a look at the brands and their different collections, you’ll find yourself in a confusing spot. And yeah, we get it, that’s not an easy purchase decision to make. To help you out with that, we have decided to come up with the most thorough list of the top 10 leading faucet brands in India.

1. Kohler


Did you know Kohler has been around since 1873? Yep, John Michael Kohler and Charles Silberzahn started it with just $5,000 in America. And the first bathtub they made was an old horse trough! And today, they’re not just making bathtubs though. Kohler is a big name globally, crafting everything from furniture to generators. But their faucets are the real masterpiece. Have you ever heard of a drinking fountain called a “bubbler” which is used in many Western countries, and even in some parts of India? Well, that was Kohler’s invention! They’ve been around, seen the world, and even stepped into China in 2007. With a mix of classic and modern automatic designs, you can bet their products are top-notch and made to last.



Jump to 1980. That’s when CERA came onto the scene in India. From stylish faucets to fancy showers and even whirlpools, they’ve got it all. And their factories are like something from the future, with robots and 3D printers everywhere. Big on being green, CERA was the first to use natural gas in production. Makes their products shine, they say. They even have toilets that save water! Oh, and speaking of innovative stuff, their Core Urinal won an innovation award in 2019. All in all, if luxury is what you’re after, CERA is one name that pops up often.

3. Hindware


Hindware, a name that’s been ringing bells since the 1960s in India. They have a wide array of offerings from fancy tiles to, you guessed it, faucets too. They have a knack for mixing style with responsibility. How though? Well, they’ve come up with faucets that save water but don’t skimp on style. Talking about style, have you seen their ‘Hues’ series? That’s a collection with faucets in gold, rose gold, and chrome black. So, if you’re the type who wants a faucet to match your style, Hindware’s got you covered.

4. Jaquar


Starting its journey back in 1960, Jaquar is no newbie in the bathroom and lighting game. Nestled in Manesar, Haryana, it’s gone from a local brand to a global sensation, stretching its reach across 55 countries! And it all started with N.L. Mehra. Did you know that “Jaquar” took inspiration from Jai Kaur, the grandma of the Mehras? From bathroom fixtures to water heaters, Jaquar’s got it all. Remember the flush valve that everyone loved in 1987? Yep, that was Jaquar! And yup, they’re not just about sales, they care for our planet too. Their main building in Manesar? It’s super eco-friendly!

5. Delta


Next up we have Delta! This faucet brand is a child of Masco, and trust us, they know faucets! Founded in Gurgaon, Haryana, since 2012, Delta mixes style with some cool tech. If you have ever been to Mumbai’s outskirts that’s because their main storage is right there in Bhiwandi. What’s their magic? Well, they believe in the wonder of water, simplicity, and people’s insights. Have you heard of those fancy names like H2Okinetic and Lumicoat? Yep, that’s Delta’s cool gear! And if diamonds are forever, their Diamond Seal Technology ensures their faucets are too. Oh, and with 5000 products, finding your match is not a big deal!

6. Parryware


On to Parryware now! This big name started humbly under EID Parry in 1952 in Ranipet. Then, the 80s brought a game-changer. The Murugappa group jumped in, and suddenly, Parryware wasn’t just making bathroom stuff, they were kinda into defining luxury! Fast forward to 2006, Spain’s Roca Corporation shook hands with Parryware, and by 2008, Parryware was all theirs. The brand kept climbing, and in 2014, they had seven high-tech plants! By 2017, they stamped themselves as the ever-trendy brand in the market. And as of now, their stuff aka the products are the most stylish and useful ones in the market. But what about their faucets? Well, those ones are both pretty and practical!



GROHE is kind of a big name from Germany, known for awesome bathroom and kitchen stuff. And yeah, they’ve been around with LIXIL since 2014. LIXIL? Oh, they make cool water and home products. You may have heard the brand use the tagline of “Pure Freude a Wasser”, which simply means “Pure Joy of Water”. And that’s what they aim for, making every drop count! They’re not just about taps, though. They’ve got special lines like GROHE QuickFix and GROHE SPA. And if you’re into saving the planet, GROHE’s your brand. They even have this thing called GROHE Everstream, which is like this fancy shower that recycles water. All in all, they want good homes for everyone, everywhere.



Moving on, we have TOTO. It’s a Japanese brand that’s all about innovative bathroom solutions. Established in 1917, they first called themselves Tōyō Tōki, which actually means ‘Oriental Pottery Company’. Now, everyone knows TOTO for the Washlet. What’s that? It’s a super cool toilet seat with a bidet! But TOTO also makes stylish faucets that are built to last. If you pop onto their website, you’ll see tons of tap designs, each unique and sturdy. In 2009, they teamed up with a German company, Pagette. This helped them step into the European market. And by 2012, they were so in love with Europe that they set up shop in Düsseldorf. And when they made their first appearance in the Indian market with their phenomenal faucets, it was a hit from the get-go.

9. Kraus


Established in 2007, thanks to Russel Levi and Michael Ruhklin, Kraus quickly stepped into the spotlight of kitchen and bathroom gear. They started small, selling top-notch faucets and sinks mostly online. Even though they borrow their cool designs from German brains, most of their goods come to life in China and India. So, what’s on their shelf? Well, they’ve got a lot, like kitchen sinks of all types, and for the faucet fans, they’ve got pull-downs, pull-outs, commercial ones, and even bar faucets. And let’s not forget about their bathroom section. From ceramic to glass sinks, they’ve got it all! Their faucets, well those range from basic ones to those fancy waterfall and sensor ones. Kraus believes in magic. The kind of magic that turns ordinary places into something special with just design. They dream big, always aiming to make your kitchen and bath feel like a luxury trip.

10. Roca


Lastly, let’s talk about just one more brand which is Roca! That’s surely a name that shines bright in the world of bathroom solutions. Coming all the way from sunny Barcelona, Spain, they started their journey back in 1917. Funny thing, they began with making heaters, not faucets. But as time went by, they jumped into making boilers, baths, and then finally, faucets by 1954. And yeah, the 90s was Roca’s time to shine on the global stage. They moved around, teamed up with big names, and made friends in countries like Portugal, Brazil, and even China. And today, Roca’s touch can be felt in over 170 countries. Especially in India, where Roca’s faucets are making quite the name all because of their incredible build quality, and the modern but sleek design that they bring. So yeah, if you are after a bit of luxury, then this is for sure one of the faucet brands from this list that you should give a shot to.


Sure, buying faucets can be a little confusing at first, but only if you don’t know what exactly you are looking for. We assure you that once you look at these top brands’ faucet collections and their prices, you’ll be more clear in your mind about which brand to go with. So yeah, go ahead and try it for yourself.

Faucet FAQs

Q1. So far water conservation is concerned, how does the faucets measure up in regards to flow rate and water efficiency?

Ans: As per the faucet models, the matter of water efficiency varies. You should find the right brands that offer proper flow rates in liters per minute. This should be mentioned in their product pages. As per the BIS or the Bureau of Indian Standards you can make comparisons in regards to the water consumption standards (IS 15841). Like this you can make the measurements for different faucets. Those faucets having lower LPM ratings should be chosen. Also the aerator and sprayer technology should be considered in these cases. But that is not all. You should also make considerations regards to the water saving initiatives that these companies have taken.

Q2. There are different finishes that are available for the faucets, what are they and in terms or maintenance and durability how they work?

Ans: The correct tableware finish affects attractiveness and maintenance. Chrome and nickel finishes are contemporary yet show wet stains and fingerprints more. Cleaning matte surfaces like brushed nickel or black requires particular procedures. PVD coatings endure and scratch-resistant. PVD finishes are more costly on average.Making an informed decision requires researching manufacturers’ finishes and their benefits and cons. Choose a tableware finish based on cleaning preferences and budget. By doing so, you can ensure that your finish enhances your dinnerware’s appearance and satisfies your lifestyle and practical needs.

Q3. For the smart home makers how do the faucets provide the best features and home compatibility?

Ans: As smart home technology advances, modern houses choose smart faucets. Their compatibility may be unclear. Bluetooth or Wi-Fi faucets must operate with your smart home system like Alexa or Google Home. If the faucet’s technology doesn’t function with your smart home, it may be frustrating. Avoid compatibility issues by researching manufacturers with comprehensive compatibility charts and smart home system connection information. Brands that integrate well may help reduce compatibility difficulties and ease the procedure. Choose a smart faucet with expandability in mind. Choose faucets with more compatible systems for additional flexibility and smart device integration. By checking compatibility and preparing for expansion, homeowners may optimize smart faucet performance and enjoy a seamless smart home experience.

Q4. What cartridge technology do your faucets incorporate and how do these impact performance and longevity?

Ans: A cartridge controls water flow and is very necessary for smooth operation and never letting leaks happen. The best category offers durability and drip-free performance is considered the ceramic disc. However, inquire about the brand and quality of the cartridge used within the model of each type of faucet. Also, understand the warranty coverage for the cartridges since they need to be replaced after some time.

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