Top 10 Popular Gin Brands in India

The space in the Indian spirits market has been continually changing, rapidly, and one of the most interesting changes appreciating in recent times is gin. Gin is a distilled alcoholic beverage flavored primarily with juniper berries and various botanicals, giving it a unique herbal and aromatic character. It typically has a clear or pale yellow color and an alcohol content ranging from 35% to 60% alcohol by volume (ABV).

Be it the taste or the utility, gin offers the best options. As the craft cocktail culture continues to thrive, gin has become a preferred choice for discerning drinkers. So, now let’s take the journey of knowing the top 10 gin brands available in India which contributes the best for the burgeoning gin culture of our country.

1. Monkey 47:

Monkey 47

One of India’s favorite gins is German-made Monkey 47. With its exact blend of 47 botanicals, including lingonberries and spruce, Monkey 47 was crowned India’s best gin for 2023. Its botanicals and complex flavor make this gin stand out. The perfect fruity-herbal mix makes Monkey 47 a favorite for classic and creative cocktails. Mixologists and cocktail aficionados enjoy gin because it can be used to make several beverages that emphasize its flavor. Collins, creator of Monkey 47, developed this premium gin in 2006, winning over cocktail aficionados worldwide. With seven alcohol concentrations and flavors in India, Monkey 47 offers something for everyone. Beyond taste, Monkey 47 is popular in business. It is a global brand that captivates consumers. This popular gin is pricey because to high demand and limited availability. Monkey 47, priced at 5000 INR for a 500 ml bottle in India, is a favorite choice for luxury gin lovers due to its taste and exclusivity. Monkey 47 represents elegance and refinement in gin while reigning.

2. Hapusa:


India’s best gin, Hapusa, exhibits botanical variety. In Goa, India, Nao Spirits has methodically developed Hapusa, a gin competitor, since 2017. Juniper’s Sanskrit name reflects its gin-making value. Himalayan plants are used in Hapusa, an Indian terroir festival. This Indian-inspired gin is delicious thanks to turmeric and mango. Hapusa is handcrafted from Himalayan botanicals. Mixers and garnishes work well with Himalayan herbal gin, enabling consumers try diverse flavors. Few Hapusa gins are available, but research promises more. Hapusa costs 2500 INR for a 700ml bottle in India, making it more enticing. Hapusa stands apart in the gin market by showcasing India’s botanical diversity and generating a high-quality spirit.

3. Tanqueray:


Indian gin drinkers choose Tanqueray, a global brand. Tanqueray, a London Dry Gin dating back to the 1830s, is a versatile spirit that builds many famous cocktails. Tanqueray, the best gin in India, is from Britain and noted for its quality, botanical blend, and flavor. Due to its taste and quality, Tanqueray is India’s top cocktail gin, popular with mixologists and cocktail lovers. This centuries-old London gin was invented by Tanqueray in 1830. Tanqueray has three main flavors and intensities for distinct preferences. To make a great gin, the firm painstakingly combines juniper, coriander, angelica root, and citrus peels. In India, Tanqueray sold 1.5 million cases the year prior, indicating its popularity. Indian shoppers may purchase a 700ml Tanqueray bottle for 2500 INR, a premium gin with legacy and competence. Tanqueray represents elegance and refinement in India’s gin culture.

4. Sipsmith:


London distillery Sipsmith has established itself in the Indian gin industry with its traditional expertise. Sipsmith’s smooth taste and high quality have made it one of India’s best-selling gins. Selected botanicals like Macedonian juniper and Spanish orange peel give Sipsmith its flavor. The gin tastes balanced due to these well-chosen ingredients. Quality and craftsmanship go into the brand’s renowned London Dry gin. India got Sipsmith when the UK distillery began manufacturing it in 2009. It now has a loyal following and is synonymous with premium gin. Four Sipsmiths in India have distinct flavors. Unique botanicals give the gin its smoothness and subtlety. For India’s best gin, a 700ml Sipsmith costs 3000 INR. This reasonable price, Sipsmith’s superb quality and smooth taste make it a great choice for gin enthusiasts who respect exquisite workmanship. Sipsmith’s legacy and skills affect Indian gin culture.

5. Jaisalmer:


In this masterpiece, Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer royal tradition is portrayed. Indian handcrafted gin norms are set by Radico Khaitan. It symbolizes India’s multiculturalism and global influence. India’s finest gin is Jaisalmer. India’s best gin is made with superb craftsmanship and unusual botanicals. Darjeeling green tea and lemongrass taste like India’s vibrant culture. Its rich cultural heritage links Jaisalmer Gin to India’s best beverages. Fans of herbal drinks that symbolize the country’s ethos and fulfill quality cravings appreciate this gin. Jaisalmer Gin has three main flavours, each contributing to its complexity. These variants cost 3500-4000 INR for a 750 ml bottle in India, making Jaisalmer a sign of cultural wealth and a popular gin choice. Jaisalmer Gin’s success cements its status as a cultural icon and a testament to India’s gin-making ability, marking a new chapter in India’s gin legacy.

6. Colombo No.7:

Colombo No.7

Sri Lanka’s bustling Colombo inspired Colombo No.7, which exoticizes India. The best Sri Lankan gin in India highlights Asia’s gorgeous sceneries. Colombo No.7’s seven botanicals, including curry leaves and ginger, evoke the region’s spice-rich history. Colombo No.7, with rich taste and smoothness, showcases Sri Lankan spirits expertise. Whether in a summer club or with a Bollywood movie, this gin makes every drink enjoyable. New Indian gin Colombo No.7 is a hit. Buyers have several options with three main types. Half a million cases were sold to passionate consumers last year, signaling a promising future for this emerging gin. Colombo No.7’s exotic botanical combination and unique touch on traditional gin cocktails give a new depth to India’s gin landscape and boost the worldwide appeal of innovative spirits inspired by Asia’s various tastes.

7. Bulldog:


UK Bulldog Gin is prominent in India’s gin culture. The powerful gin mixes traditional botanicals with unexpected tastes like lotus leaves and lavender. Mixologists and connoisseurs adore this versatile gin with floral and citrus scents. Bulldog Gin, another top-tier UK-imported gin in India, has a distinct taste, great quality, and low pricing. It’s India’s favorite herbal drink due to its powerful flavor and sophisticated craftsmanship. Bulldog Gin is popular in Indian pubs and bars for these reasons. Bulldog Gin, created by a famous British distillery since 2006, received three prizes in 2019. Bulldog Gin is famous in India’s ever-changing gin scene due to its cost and quality.

8. Bombay Sapphire:

Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Sapphire is a famous Indian gin. Due to its exact infusion of 10 botanicals, including grains of paradise and cubeb berries, this gin is smooth and adaptable. Bombay Sapphire mixes with beverages. One of India’s best gins, Bombay Sapphire, is a summertime favorite worldwide. Its taste, smoothness, affordability, and quality make it a rare gin. In India’s diverse geography, Bombay Sapphire has four flavors and qualities. Gin lovers will like this variant, which expands the brand’s offerings. This high-quality gin costs 2000 INR a bottle, making it affordable. Mumbai Sapphire’s finesse and craftsmanship delight gin lovers and mixologists, showing its durability.

9. The Botanist:

The Botanist

The Botanist gin from Islay, Scotland, is wonderful. This accurate-distilled gin honors nature’s richness with 22 hand-foraged island botanicals. The Botanists take discerning Indians on a sensory journey with its unique flavor profile enhanced by wildflowers and herbs. Kids in India’s gin culture like The Botanist Gin. The carefully picked Islay Island botanicals provide a nice and balanced taste. India’s favorite cocktail and straight gin is The Botanist. The Botanist, with three main varieties to accommodate gin aficionados, has become the top brand. Its high-quality craftsmanship and pricing make it a premium option for many people. India loves the Botanist Gin, priced at 3000 INR for a 700 ml bottle, for its quality, affordability, and taste.

10. Gin Mare:

Gin Mare

Gin Mare from the Mediterranean stands out in India’s gin resurgence. This Spanish gin tastes Mediterranean with Arbequina olives, thyme, and rosemary. Its unusual flavor complements traditional and contemporary cocktails. Mediterranean botanical-infused Gin Mare is India’s finest. This precisely produced Spanish treasure captures Spain’s floral richness for a very exciting gin experience. Try this wonderful gin with water and a lemon slice in an ice-filled glass for genuine taste. Gin Mare’s three main types make this healthy Spanish drink popular. Indian kids have often chosen it. The typical 700ml bottle of this Mediterranean marvel in India costs 4000 INR, proving its premium quality and its joy to gin aficionados seeking Mediterranean taste in every sip. Gin Mare, a Spanish gin classic, charms Indian gin enthusiasts with its botanical blend.


With the advent of popularizing gin in India, these are the top 10 leading gin brands in 2024 and offer a myriad of options to the enthusiasts. From Tanqueray’s classic craftsmanship to the innovative flavors of Indian craft gins such as Hapusa and Jaisalmer every brand adds itself to a vibrant tapestry that is the gin landscape in flux in India. Regardless of whether indulged neat, ridin’ the rocks or as a creative collaboration in cocktails, these gins present an enjoyable journey of flavors that meets every palate. With the pace at which this market is growing, one can only imagine how much further the innovation and exploration in gin will go thus making it a very exciting times for all lovers of the spirits in the country.

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