Top 10 Trending Apps in India

Do you know that India is actually the 3rd biggest digitalised country in the entire world? Yes, that’s a fact. And the evidence of that can be seen in today’s digital landscape where everyone seems to enjoy online services and apps in the country to make their lives easier and much more fun. Since there are so many mobile phones aka smartphone users in India, that’s why there is a huge demand for mobile apps. And out of thousands of apps, there are a few that are trending right now, practically taking the Indian market by storm. Let’s have a look at these top 10 trending apps in India as of 2024. Alright, here we go.

1. JioCinema


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At the top of this list, is for sure JioCinema, and that too for a very huge reason. You see, IPL 2024 is currently in progress, and JioCinema has the streaming and broadcasting rights for the 17th season of the IPL. On top of that, to watch a live IPL match on JioCinema, a user doesn’t have to pay anything. That’s the big plus. And yes, when it comes to other content, JioCinema has a lot to look up to like hit movies, TV shows, and special web series in many languages. You can enjoy popular shows like ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘Harry Potter’ free of ads, all for a pocket-friendly price. So no wonder why JioCinema is the most trending app in India right now.

2. Instagram


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Now, who doesn’t know about Instagram in India? Literally, everyone is enjoying the reel content aka short-form content on this social media platform. And again, Instagram continues to be a major player in social media with over 5 billion downloads. Yes, Instagram will continue to be super important for influencers from India with easier ways of creating and sharing content in 2024. With better editing features, fun filters, and ways to work with other apps, these tools add up to sharing creativity and connecting with others.

3. Flipkart


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Online shopping is a big industry in India, bigger than ever before. And Flipkart is kinda like the leading app in the online shopping world, with more than 500 million downloads. The main thing that sets it apart is for sure the super user-friendly interface. On top of that, Flipkart is known for its reliable delivery and easy return process, meaning shoppers trust it more than any other site. Many payment methods are included here, such as UPI and wallets, making the process easy and fast.

4. WhatsApp


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In India, if you have to message someone or connect with someone over video call or anything like that, there is no better option than WhatsApp. All in all, WhatsApp Messenger is extremely popular, with more than 5 billion downloads. It offers full-fledged communication that includes texts, voice calls, and video calls, all while providing strong security to protect the conversations of its users. And yes, WhatsApp is keeping on updating itself with the features of UPI payment and business tools in 2024.

5. PhonePe


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You see, it is not PhonePe anymore, it is just another name for doing online UPI transactions. And that’s how big of an impact PhonePe has in India. With more than 500 million downloads, you can just get the idea of how popular and trending this app is, and that too, always. Under one secure and user-friendly platform is very remarkable financial transaction management from paying for utilities, among other things, to investing. It has now introduced instant payment alerts and bill-splitting options among other features. That way, now, it makes money management easy and reliable in a digital way.

6. Facebook


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The old social media giant is still in the race, at least in India where millions of people still use Facebook on a daily basis. It keeps growing because it always adds new, easy-to-use features. Currently, in 2024, Facebook remains the most popular for its extensive network, with 492 million active users alone in India. It is a brilliant platform for chit-chatting with friends and for various work-related networking purposes. Recently, it has made improvements in how videos work on the site, and it includes Reels, longer videos, and live streams all on one smooth full-screen setup.

7. Meesho


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Let’s say you want to buy something online, maybe a pair of shoes or anything like that. But you don’t just want to spend thousands for that, in that case, Meesho is the best platform for you to buy things at affordable prices. That’s because there are direct small sellers that sell their stuff online with the help of Meesho. Currently, they have more than 500 million downloads in India, and this number count is steadily growing month after month.

8. Truecaller


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Truecaller is still a must-have app for over a billion users, thanks to its advanced features that do more than just show who is calling. It is good for spotting spam and blocking unwanted calls, and with Truecaller Pay, it even handles money transfers. Actually, these are the two secrets of its huge success with many users in India: being trustworthy in keeping user privacy and providing practical services. Despite some allegations in the past, Truecaller is still one of the most preferred apps to know the caller IDs of unknown numbers in India.

9. Remini


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With the AI-image generation advancing literally every month, there is a huge demand for apps and tools like Remini. What it does is pretty helpful and simple. You see, sometimes you take pictures and maybe you generate AI images, but they turn out to be blurry or missing some details. In that case, Remini can help you out because it ensures that the picture is restored to HD clarity and detail, so no wonder why there is a great number of downloads for this app in India.

10. mAst


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mAst has won over the creative side of the market with its vibrant tools for making videos and music statuses. Downloaded more than 100 million times, this app is popular among young people who like to share their creativity with video and video status. It offers a huge range of songs, templates, and effects to make a user’s content unique. To put it simply, its easy-to-use features have made mAst popular among those who actively tell their stories on social media.


That’s all there is for now. These are by far the most popular apps in India right now, and you must have some or maybe all of these installed on your device, right? If not, then for sure, give them a try.

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