Top 5 Highest Rice Producing States In India

Rice is for sure one of the most famous and favourite staple foods in India, and you’d agree with that, right? But do you know the rice that you love the most, where does it actually come from? See, some states and regions in India are specifically known for rice cultivation, and today, we are going to talk about just that. Here we will be exploring the list of the top 5 most rice producing states in India as of 2024. Alright, here we go now.

Rice Producing

1. West Bengal – 15.75 million tonnes

West Bengal is at the top in rice production in India, making 15.75 million tonnes. The state holds very good land for farming alongside the River Ganges. Cultivation of different varieties of rice, such as Swarna, IR36, and Sona Masuri, takes place here. West Bengal is such a region where modern and traditional means of farming are synthesized together. The result is reflected not only in the major quantity of rice production but, above all, the land’s fertility is saved. Rice from this area has great quality and is world-famous.

2. Uttar Pradesh – 12.5 million tonnes

Uttar Pradesh is the second largest state with 12.5 million tonnes of rice. This is a state where they have lots of good lands where they grow rice. They use new ways of farming and cultivate types of rice that give more crops, like Pusa Basmati. Using good watering systems and new technology helps them make a lot of rice for people here and in other places.

3. Punjab – 11.82 million tonnes

Punjab is third, making 11.82 million tonnes of rice every year. Though it has a smaller area for farming, Punjab does really well because it uses water very efficiently and grows high-quality Basmati rice. The state uses good farming ways that help keep the environment safe and get a lot of rice from the land. And yes, Punjab is also using new technologies to help in growing rice.

4. Tamil Nadu – 7.98 million tonnes

Tamil Nadu makes 7.98 million tonnes of rice, putting it fourth on the list. The state is well-known for its rice cultivation, given that water from the Cauvery Delta is used in the state for the same. It has been known to cultivate different types of local rice, of which the prominent includes Ponni and Ambemohar rice that flourish in the state’s weather. Tamil Nadu is engaged with both old and new methodologies of farming to harvest more rice without harming nature.

5. Andhra Pradesh – 7.49 million tonnes

Andhra Pradesh is fifth on this list, producing 7.49 million tonnes of rice. The long coastline and many rivers in the state make it a good place for cultivating rice. Some of the rice types they grow are Sona Masuri and BPT 5204. They apply both the new methods of planting that exist and the old methods from long ago, perhaps to increase the amount of rice, as it is the staple food for the people around here and it’s also sold or exported to other countries.


Q1. What is the best climate for growing rice?

Ans: Rice is mostly grown in very warm and wet places. It does well in areas that have a lot of moisture in the air, plenty of sunlight, and enough water.

Q2. What type of soil is needed for rice?

Ans: Rice needs warm weather, a lot of humidity, and rain to grow. It thrives in soils like alluvial and clayey soil, which hold water well. Also, rice grows best on flat land.

Q3. In which season is rice planted?

Ans: Rice is planted in almost every farming season: Kharif, Rabi, and summer in India. The planting time can vary in different places depending on the local weather.

Q4. Which state is called the rice bowl of India?

Ans: Andhra Pradesh is often called the rice bowl of India. Rice accounts for 77 percent of the state’s total crop production, that’s why.

Q5. What is the best quality of rice in India?

Ans: Basmati rice is the top choice in this regard. It is highly valued and is native to India.

Q6. When did rice first come to India?

Ans: Rice was first seen around 1400 BC in southern India. It was first grown in the northern plains and then spread to fertile plains that rivers water. The word “rice” is thought to come from the Tamil word “arisi.”

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