10 Popular Hookah Flavours Name in India

Hookahs are one of the party essentials in India. Whether planning a rooftop or a house party, it has to be there. It is also popularly known as a relaxant during the weekends after a hectic week. Due to increased popularity, many flavors came into demand, giving ample options for hookah lovers to try. We wondered: what flavours do people like the most? So, we did lots of research to find out. This article can help hookah lovers who like trying new flavors and experimenting. Keep reading to learn about the 10 famous hookah flavours name in India.


1. Pan

When discussing favorite hookah flavours in India, we can’t skip discussing the pan flavour. It’s hugely popular and widely used in India. It’s considered the top flavour and is a tasty blend of spicy betel leaf and other pleasant ingredients. Indians love pan flavour, so a wide range is available, like Kesar pan, pan raas, pan masala, and more. The taste is exactly like a pan, ranging from fruity to spicy. Whether you’re seeking a new hookah experience or want to try something different, pan flavour is highly recommended.

2. Apple

Many people like to smoke classic apple flavours without mixing them with other flavours. “Apples” is one of the top choices for hookah tobacco in the Double Apple group. It has a long history, and many hookah smokers still love it. The mix of sweet red apples and tart green ones gives a delicious taste that stays with you. The tobacco is smooth, the apples taste crisp, and the smell is refreshing. It all adds up to a unique smoking experience you won’t forget.

3. Mint

Are you searching for a new flavour to try in your hookah? Mint is always a top pick! Adding mint to your hookah bowl brings a cool and refreshing taste. With each puff, you’ll enjoy the natural mint flavour. Mint is popular and can also make other flavours taste even better. It’s a well-balanced shisha that pairs well with different flavours and brands. Plus, mint’s cooling effect can make smoking hookah more enjoyable, especially on hot days. So, if you want a tasty and refreshing hookah experience, give the mint flavor a try!

4. Grape

Let’s talk about grape hookah flavour, number four on our list. If you want a different hookah flavour, give grape hookah a try! It’s perfect for people who like the taste of grapes but not the sweetness. Also, if you want a hookah flavour that smells strong, grape hookah is a good choice. Grape is one of the most well-known flavours worldwide. It’s usually smoked independently, but you can mix it with other flavours too. Grape flavour captures the lively taste of white grapes with a special hint underneath. When you smoke grape hookah, you’ll taste a bit of tartness, like Concord grapes. You can find grape hookah flavour in our online store. Once you try it, you’ll easily recognize its unique taste.

5. Blueberry

There are many types of hookahs, but in India, especially in places like Mumbai and Bangalore, people love blueberry hookahs. Blueberry hookahs have a sweet and fruity taste that’s great for people who like a fresh smoke. You can mix blueberry flavour with other fruits, sweets, or even spices to make it even better. If you want something tasty and different for your hookah, go for a blueberry-flavoured one today.

6. Orange

Now, on our sixth list is Orange-flavoured hookah. People love using oranges for hookah because they are juicy and sweet. This hookah comes in different flavours like Orange Cream, Mango Orange, and even Pineapple Orange. Whether you want a citrusy taste or something sweeter, this hookah has it. So why try something different and taste an orange hookah today?

7. Watermelon

We all love watermelons! They’re refreshing and tasty, especially during summer. Watermelon flavours for hookah are a hit. You can pick regular or menthol versions based on your preference. Our watermelon hookah options will satisfy you whether you prefer traditional flavours or something different. Don’t wait! Treat yourself to a beachy experience this summer.

8. Strawberry

Have you ever smoked a Strawberry hookah? Some people like it, some don’t. It’s made with strong flavours like sweet strawberries and juicy tobacco. The smell of strawberries is strong and real, not fake. You can taste the sweet strawberries mixed with the tobacco when you smoke it. It’s a nice change from the usual sweetness of strawberry flavour.

9. Mango

Finally, we have mango-flavoured hookah. Mango is famous as shisha. Its fruity, sweet, exotic taste is amazing. Mango hookah comes in many flavours, but it’s always rich and tasty. It’s perfect for summer. So, if you like mango or fruity flavours, you should try mango-flavoured hookah.


We hope you enjoy the article on the “10 popular hookah flavours name in India.” These flavours come under two categories: Herbal and non-herbal, so it’s up to you to choose which category you prefer. However, hookahs are a great way to fix a hectic day and the best way to relax on weekends, whether at your farmhouse or in a club. You surely won’t be disappointed with the flavours mentioned in the article. Knowing about the different hookah flavours available in advance will make choosing the best ones for a party easier.

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