10 Popular Ice Cream Flavours Name in India

Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts among all generations across the country. Ice creams are in demand throughout the year, irrespective of the season. People of all age groups love it, which allows manufacturers to try different flavours of ice cream. Ice cream is a must when walking during the nights in the summer after dinner with your family. Flavours are available for every family member, so select the scoops as per your taste buds. You can mix the different flavours to get your best flavour from the two or more. Let’s see which ice cream flavors are popular among the Indians, and you should try these once in your lifetime.

 Let’s take a trip down memory lane with these 10 most popular ice cream flavours in India.

What are the popular ice cream flavours in India?

1. Seasonal Fruit

Seasonal Fruit

So, Indian seasonal fruit ice cream flavours will top our list because we’ve been familiar with indulging in our favorite summer fruit-based ice cream since childhood. It’s the best way to beat the heat and feel refreshed and rejuvenated. And the best part? These kinds of ice cream flavours taste exactly like real fruits. Undoubtedly, fruits offer great health benefits, but balance is essential in life, so you should enjoy the goodness of fresh fruits in your cones and ice cream bowls. Mango, orange, jackfruit, lychee, coconut, pears, plums, jamuns—name it, and there’s a cold treat available in the market for you to enjoy.

2. Chocolate


There’s no specific definition for chocolate. This chocolate flavour is like a dream come true for chocolate lovers. When in doubt, always order a scoop or two, or three, of chocolate-flavored ice cream; for a few seconds, all your worries will be buried deep into your ice cream bowl of bliss. Although chocolate ice cream contains a heavy sugar dose, the dessert offers some health benefits. As we’ve heard since childhood, “Anything in excess is bad.” But you know what? It’s worth it. So, treating yourself to a chocolate-flavoured ice cream is a blessing for your heart.

3. Tender Coconut

Tender Coconut

You won’t understand how amazing this ice cream is until you taste it. It’s made with coconut cream and palm jaggery syrup, which makes it a hit among vegans. The cream makes it smooth and rich, while the jaggery gives it a nutty, caramel-like taste. It’s something new to try. And just when we thought we had tried the best ice cream in the country, companies like Naturals introduced the tender coconut flavour. With real pieces of coconut in subtly flavoured ice cream, it’s a favorite in the summer that makes you feel like you’re at the beach. You should give it a try.

4. Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is a super famous Indian dessert in Indian culture. But did you ever think of having it like ice cream? Sounds wild, right? It’s like enjoying two treats together! The ice cream usually has pieces of soft gulab jamun mixed in, making it taste really rich and yummy. It’s great for people who love traditional Indian sweets and ice cream. Whether you have it in a cone or a bowl, it’s sure to make your sweet tooth happy and make you want more!

5. Jaljeera


If you crave the exact flavour of pani puri’s water and can eat it without sweating while waiting in line or are obsessed with the salty and sour taste, you should try Jaljeera flavoured ice cream. We suggest you consider having this in summer, although there’s no specific time for enjoying ice cream. You won’t be disappointed once you try it; it tastes so good that you won’t need anything else.

6. Kaccha Aam

Kaccha Aam

Think about switching from one favorite thing to another. Remember when you helped your grandma dry mango slices on the terrace? Then she’d turn them into jars of your beloved pickle. Eating this ice candy on a hot day will take you back to those simpler times when sneaking a few mangoes into your pocket was your only worry.

7. Nolen Gur

Nolen Gur

A tasty Bengali inspires this ice cream recipe treat. It’s known as a perfect way for Bengalis to beat the heat. If you’re not Bengali, you might wonder why you should try it, right? It’s made with jaggery, which is carefully taken from date palms. We mix it with cream and other ingredients to make a rich and creamy ice cream. Like many Bengali sweets and treats, this ice cream will impress!

8. Chai


Chai is undoubtedly a medicine for us Indians. However, in summer, it can be challenging for those who love tea unless you’re chai. Drinking hot chai in the summer can be uncomfortable due to the heat. But what if we told you you can enjoy it as ice cream? Yes, we’re serious. A generous scoop of this masala chai-flavoured ice cream can be a delightful way to cope with the heat while staying cool during the season. Just imagine—a rich, creamy base infused with the robust and complex flavours of black tea, ginger, cardamom seeds, cloves, and sugar. So, why not give this flavour a try?

9. Meetha Paan

Meetha Paan

Meetha paan is a great way to finish a big meal. Ice cream makers across the country have mixed this after-dinner treat with ice cream to make a special dessert. This tasty frozen treat gives you the fresh taste of paan wrapped in creamy ice cream. It’s made with gulkand, chopped betel leaves, milk, khoya, green cardamom, and fennel seeds.

10. Green chili

Green chili

This unique flavor of ice cream might be too spicy for some people. You must be okay with spicy food to enjoy it because it’s made with deseeded green chillies. Even though it’s creamy and sweet, the spiciness of the chillies stays in your mouth for a while.


So far, we’ve discussed all the ice cream flavours, and you’ve noticed that we Indians are creative people who love experimenting with various things. Therefore, here are the some popular ice cream flavours in India that you should try at least once. We’ve noted the rise of the Indian ice cream market due to factors like increasing temperatures, longer summers, and modern lifestyles. Indians’ creativity shines through their ice cream choices, reflecting a diverse and vibrant culinary culture. So, next time you’re craving a cool treat, give these Indian flavours a try and enjoy!

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