India Ranked Third Most Improved Business Destination Globally (Report)

According to a recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Greece, Qatar, and India have emerged as the most improved nations globally in terms of providing conducive environments for businesses over the past year.

India’s remarkable ascent to the third spot on this list is attributed to its youthful demographic, promising strong demand, and robust availability of skilled labour. The report underscores India’s unparalleled potential for scale comparable to that of China, making it a standout single-country market.


Anticipating a period of robust economic growth between 2024 and 2028, the EIU foresees an influx of foreign direct investments into India as companies seek alternative manufacturing destinations beyond China.

Greece secured the top spot in terms of improvement in the business environment rankings (BER), driven by policy reforms initiated by a pro-business government. Similarly, Argentina’s adoption of free market programs under President Javier Milei has propelled its upward trajectory in the rankings.

Globally, Singapore, Denmark, and the United States emerged as the top three places to conduct business, with Singapore consolidating its position as the premier destination owing to its political stability and concerted efforts to bolster domestic private companies through technological advancement.

Rounding out the top five were Germany and Switzerland, followed by Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Finland, all of which are esteemed for their advanced economies and consistent performance in the index, making them favourable destinations for investments.

The EIU’s comprehensive ranking evaluates the attractiveness of the business environment across 82 countries and territories, taking into account factors such as inflation, cost of living, economic growth, and fiscal policies. This report serves as a valuable guide for businesses seeking to navigate global markets and make informed investment decisions.

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