Top 5 Highest Mango Producing States In India

With its sweet and sour flavour and colourful layers, the mouthwatering mango has wholly reformed the hearts of millions in India. Due to the unique feature that India is the largest mango producer in the world, the country owns the widest number of mango varieties grown across several states. Let us come together and take an expedition in 2024 by selecting India’s 5 most outstanding mango-producing states and unravelling the magic associated with mangoes.


1. Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is the state that shines and enjoys a consistently leading mango production role in India. Its rich soil with different edaphic and climatic zones enhances its mango goodness and makes it home to world-known mango varieties like Dasheri, Langra, and Chausa. The green-clad and highly cultivated mango orchards of Malihabad and Saharanpur are two areas known for their splendour and abundance of mangoes each year. The practices used in the cultivation of mangoes in those areas are meticulous.

2. Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh plays a big role in India’s mango production. This is the second largest mango producing state that is blessed with the perfect weather and advanced farming techniques. In the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, about the famous area called ‘Kadappa’ of the country, one can find varieties such as Banganapalli, Totapuri, and Suvernerekha, which are all grown in abundance of mangoes. By applying sustainable farming methods and government preference, Andhra Pradesh is still embarking on a large harvest, the biggest among national mango produce.

3. Karnataka

A strategic location for Karnataka as a third major mango-producing state is its differentiating biosphere and hospitable climate, creating a conducive situation for mango cultivation. Many parts of the state, like Kolar, Chikkaballapur, and Bagalkot, are well-known as “mango paradise” because of varieties like Alphonso, Raspuri, and Badami, which thrive amazingly under good care. Karnataka’s mangoes are an absolute treat for anyone who has ever tasted one! The mangoes are cherished for their excellent sweetness, mouthwatering aroma, and a rainbow of colours that intrigue mango lovers domestically and abroad.

4. Bihar

Extending from the states of Bundelkhand to the Ganges Lowlands along the north side of Bihar, Rich and fertile plains offering the best suitable conditions make Bihar a go-to destination for mango cultivation. A state of mangoes, namely Bhagalpur, Banka, and Maldah, famous for their premium, is home to superb types of delectable mangoes, such as Malda and dessert varieties. Combining traditional goodies and advanced farming techniques, Bihar contributes to India’s mango chat.

5. Telangana

Mango industry growth is undergoing a remarkable transformation in India as the small state of Telangana ceaselessly tries to promote agriculture and technology. The area surrounding Medak, Mahbubnagar, and Khammam has been adopted and is increasingly planted with mangoes, with the Neelum, Himayat, and Banganapalli varieties taking the lead in the trend. Using programs aimed at increasing the farmers’ productivity and welfare, Telangana Ehad can take the front-line position of the whole nation serving the mango demand.


Mango is an important symbol of agriculture in India, so the mango season has become one of the most enjoyable moments of our lives. The leading five states among the producers of mangoes in India are Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Bihar, and Telangana, each contributing distinctly to the varieties and flavours of the fruit. Shall we give a hand to the dedicated farmers who fill the land with its wealth and make us want to experience its lovely and delicious flavour again?


Q1. Which factors lead to universal rule and domination of this nation in the production of mangoes?

Ans: Several factors contribute to the dominance of certain Indian states in mango production, such as favorable climate, fertile land, modern irrigation facilities, and government support. To increase production and productivity, these states should promote research and development programs and campaigns to improve mango yields.

Q2. How are the mango production trends in these states responsible for shaping the economic and social well-being of a community and the livelihoods of the people?

Ans: The Prime states in the country are major mango producers, benefiting the economy by providing income to farmers, supporting agro-based industries, creating jobs, and promoting rural development. The mango industry also enhances tourism through festivals and agritourism while contributing to foreign exchange earnings.

Q3. What challenges do these locales encounter during mango harvesting and how are these issues addressed?

Ans: Though advancing by leaps and bounds, mango cultivation is beset with problems like varied weather conditions, pests and diseases, inadequate processing facilities, post-harvest losses, and market fluctuations.

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