Top 5 Largest States In India By Area

Despite India being the 7th largest country in the entire world when it comes to land area, there are 28 states and 8 union territories. But among these 28 states, there are still some that are competitively larger than others, and that makes sense when you understand the geography as well as the history of the nation. Anyway, if you are feeling curious about which are the largest states in India, then you are at the very right place because we are about to get down on this list of the top 5 largest states in India by area. Alright then, here we go now.

Largest-States-In-India-by area

1. Rajasthan

Rajasthan is for sure the largest state in India, with an area of about 342,239 square kilometers. This state’s boundaries run through as many as five states within the country itself and extend to one against Pakistan. On the same birth date of Rajasthan, we came to know that it is on 30th March 1949, emerging from the old Rajputana after joining the Indian Union. Famous for having deep-rooted history, it’s the land where tall-standing majestic palaces and forts depict tales of bravery. According to the recent 2023 population estimate, there are about 81.025 million people living in Rajasthan. Agriculture is one of the key occupations of the residents, where they cultivate stuff like wheat and barley and play host to millions of tourists who come to visit the historical beauty along with the rich culture.

2. Madhya Pradesh

At the very central part of India lies this second-largest state which covers 308,252 square kilometers. This state has literally been at the center of history in the subcontinent of India, with over 86.5 million people living on the vast lands of this state. Created on November 1, 1956, MP aka Madhya Pradesh is for sure home to historical stories that are still alive at sites like the Khajuraho Temples and Sanchi Stupa. The state is characterized by an economy of agriculture and industry, but the problems of poverty continue to be a huge issue for the locals, even though it is rich in cultural and natural legacy.

3. Maharashtra

Home to over 126.3 million people, Maharashtra is a state with land that stretches up to 307,713 square kilometers. This is positioned in the western part of India and is second in size when we consider the population factor. It embarked on a separate state journey on May 1, 1960, after a parting from Bombay State. And not only is Maharashtra huge by size, but the economic contribution of the state also stands gigantic. The capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai, is the nucleus of the country’s financial and film industry. And, as you have already guessed, just like the other states on this list, Maharastra as well is famous and celebrated for its historical landmarks, diverse traditions, and vibrant culture.

4. Uttar Pradesh

The fourth largest state by area, Uttar Pradesh covers 240,928 square kilometers. It is the most populous state in the country, with a huge number like over two hundred million people. Did you know that ancient cities like Varanasi and Ayodhya are also located here? This state is such a powerhouse of cultural heritage, it is glorified as the birthplace of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna along with a bunch of historical places scattered everywhere in the state like the Taj Mahal and others. Though agriculture still is the economic backbone, the services sector is ascending very rapidly and is now occupying a pivotal position in India’s IT and software services scene.

5. Gujarat

And lastly, the fifth-largest state of India in terms of area, Gujarat stretches across 196,024 square kilometers along the western shoreline of the Indian subcontinent, with a population well over 71 million. It became a separate entity on 1 May 1960 from the division of Bombay State into Gujarat and Maharashtra. Dubbed “the Jewel of Western India,” the economy of Gujarat is literally the biggest one in the country with industries like chemicals, petrochemicals, dairy, cement and ceramics, and gems and jewelry, among others. And how can we even forget about the importance of Gujrat being one of the prime locations for maritime trade for India? Yes, that’s one of the major reasons why the business and the overall economy here is thriving like nowhere else in the country.


Q1. What’s the busiest state in India by population?

Ans: Uttar Pradesh takes the lead as the state with the most people in India, with Maharashtra and Bihar not far behind.

Q2. Which state stands out as India’s strongest?

Ans: Leading India from the front, Maharashtra is a state that for sure has a robust economy, diversified industries, and a business-friendly environment.

Q3. Which Union Territory spans the largest area in India?

Ans: Jammu and Kashmir becomes the largest union territory of India, with an area of 125,535 km2, closely followed by Ladakh.

Q4. How often does India conduct its census?

Ans: Simply put, the Census is an exercise undertaken by India every ten years in which comprehensive data are collected regarding the number of the country’s residents and other relevant statistics.

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