Indian Space Research Orgnisation (ISRO) launches “START” training program for space enthusiasts

ISRO Launches ‘START’ Training Initiative To Ignite Passion For Space Exploration


A great thrill comes in the news that the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has introduced an innovative online training, ‘Space Science and Technology Awareness Training’ (START). The ‘Space Science and Technology Awareness Training’ is a well-thought-out move to engage children in the world of space science and technology.

The START 2024 program will take place from April to May and primarily targets postgraduate and final-year undergraduate students majoring in physical sciences or technology. ISRO is now requesting expressions of interest (EOI) from educational institutions like colleges, universities, et cetera which offer UG and PG courses on physical sciences and technology for hosting the program.

START learners should expect to be taken through all aspects of space sciences such as astronomy, astrophysics, heliophysics, and instrumentation among others. This will be taught by prominent scientists from Indian academic institutions as well as ISRO centres who aim to create a deep knowledge of the interdisciplinary nature of space science.

ISRO’s commitment to nurturing India’s talent in the field of space science is evident through initiatives like START. By providing insights into the Indian space science exploration program and research opportunities in space science and technologies, students will be equipped to pursue careers in this dynamic field.

In addition, the training will also reveal how space science can be applied across different fields. It will illustrate that people with different skills can make breakthroughs in this discipline. By doing this, I aim to show students how space science is important in solving problems that appear too complex to be solved by a single discipline.

Thus, such initiatives as START are instrumental in shaping the future workforce of ISRO as it continues to push boundaries and expand its space exploration programs. These professionals who will lead India into the cosmos therefore must have a good understanding of space sciences and technology developed based on it. By fostering an abiding interest in space sciences and technologies, ISRO is grooming future professionals who will rejuvenate India’s cosmic journey.

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