Top 5 Largest Cardamom Producing States In India

Cardamom is also known as ‘elaichi’ in India. Anciently, it has been used for various purposes, from medicinal properties to extra ‘flavor’ properties; it is used widely in our country. Cardamom takes almost 4-5 years to cultivate and become a kitchen product. Asia, especially India’s temperature and climate, is suitable for production. Cardamom needs high irrigation, growing abundantly in states with heavy rainfall. Rainfall covers its irrigation needs, and buds grow into a full-fledged, beautiful crop. Many Indian farmers are involved in this production right now.


 Let’s learn about the top 5 highest cardamom-producing states in India.

1. Kerala:

India is a land of medicinal products and flavorful spices. It is not hard to believe that India is one of the top producers of Cardamom in the world. The climate needed to grow Cardamom is perfect in India, and one can see the reason for this abundant growth. According to recent data from the National Horticulture Board, Kerala is the state with the highest producer of Cardamom. With 15,540 tonnes of production, it stands at the top in the last few years. It adds to the 58.6% of total cardamom resources in India and allows all the farmers. Because the optimum temperature is 10-35 degrees Celsius, Kerala is the perfect state for the production. The export game is also strong in this state, which adds a lot to India’s economic growth.

2. Sikkim:

Second on the list is the land of spice in India, also known as Sikkim. This state has done tremendously well in producing Cardamom, especially large Cardamom. There are different ways of propagation of this crop, such as primary nurseries, secondary nurseries, sucker multidisciplinary nurseries, micropropagation, and many other ways. Cardamom needs a higher level of irrigation, and loamy soil is known to be the prime contributor to this crop. Sikkim has loamy soil and the exact pH needed for this crop to grow abundantly. Because of all these reasons, this state adds 19.8% of the production, which is quite an amazing account.

3. Nagaland:

Using innovative technologies and effective policies by the government, Nagaland is one of the top producers of Cardamom in India. Be it efficiency or the effective production of this crop, Nagaland remains third, followed by Arunachal Pradesh and Karnataka. The efficiency of Nagaland is seen as better than many states in India. This is because they yield more Cardamom even if they have less capacity. E-selling has emerged as a top resource for why it became India’s third largest cardamom producer. Northeastern regions have contributed a lot to this spice, and in the last few years, many farmers have taken effective steps that have led to better opportunities.

4. Arunachal Pradesh:

Earlier, Arunachal Pradesh was known for opium, but in recent years, this has shifted from opium to the production of large Cardamom. North Eastern states have all the components, from climate to the soil, for the effective yield. Recently, the government has also shown interest, and in the coming years, this state has the potential to become the largest producer in India. The government has asked farmers to cultivate large Cardamom that will add to the national capacity, and farmers will also earn a fair amount. Different banks have also collaborated with the government to make good policies to help farmers. All these reasons are why large Cardamom is grown in this state.

5. Karnataka:

Karnataka is known as the land of spices. From bananas to coffee, this state is also famous for Cardamom. Cardamom has grown abundantly on the western ghats due to the soil fertility and the monsoon required for its yield. It adds to the 3.5% of the total production of Cardamom. Farmers here have used this opportunity well to become more competent in this field.


India is the top producer of Cardamom, small or large. The northeastern states and the western ghats are the most suitable places in our country. As this crop needs rain and fertile soil to flourish, the major producers in India are the rainy regions. Recently, the government has been tying up with different banks and organizations to educate farmers on how they can produce the most. This has led to positive growth of Cardamom over the years and, hopefully, will continue to be the one in the future.


Q1: Why is India one of the top producers of Cardamom in the world?

Ans: Cardamom needs optimum temperature and high rainfall for the best yield. Many regions in India fulfill all these requirements, so India can produce the highest amount.

Q2: Who is the biggest producer of Cardamom in India?

Ans: Kerala comes first on this list with 58.6% of production.

Q3: Who is the top producer of Cardamom in the world?

Ans:  Guatemala is the world’s top producer of Cardamom, with India being the second.

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