Top 5 Largest Chilli Producing States in India

India commonly known as the ‘Land of Spices’ has an old history of both cultivating and growing, an array of spices including the chilli (in hindi “Mirchi”) which has gained a high-profile position among these spices. As one of the largest producers and exporters of chillies, India’s production is integral to its agricultural sector. Here, we will know about the top five highest chilli-producing states of India, which are crucial to meeting both domestic demands and extensive export commitments.

Chilli Producing

1. Andhra Pradesh:

Chilies, the main crop of Andhra Pradesh, has been given the tag of ‘Chilli Bowl’ of India. The state has quite a few suitable locations (Guntur and Warangal being one) in its microclimatic regions that offer perfect conditions for chili cultivation. Guntur chillies, delegated as most flavorful for their pungency and vibrant color are particularly relished in both internal and external landscapes. New, modern farming technologies, which include irrigation systems, have also contributed to lift the district’s ranks as a visible, highlighted name in peppery spice markets.

2. Telangana:

Besides Andhra Pradesh, Telangana is adjoining a state of the country that has a similar climate that is favorable for chili farming, and that makes it yet another powerful producer of chilies. Regions comprising Khammam, Mahabubnagar, and Nizamabad are famous for their quality spices, which primarily are chilies. The state government has given concrete examples of initiating sustainable farming practices and helping chili farmers among others to achieve this. Chilli is one of the state’s most abundant crops currently. With rising international demand for Indian chilies as a raw material, Telangana stands out as a crucial player in the challenging role of fulfilling global consumption.

3. Madhya Pradesh:

Agricultural diversity has always been the forte of Madhya Pradesh, and the state has gained accolades over the years for being a major Chilli producer. Just like the districts of Raisen, Sehore, and Jabalpur, the state has been greatly developed in irrigation infrastructure and its support schemes. They have therefore seen a chilly farming surge. The maturity and passion of our farmers are just amazing. They have embraced modern techniques such as drip irrigation and high-yield chili varieties, which increased their productivity levels. The supply of Indian chilies grows in line with the increased demand. Due to the rich agricultural practices and strategic positioning of Madhya Pradesh, it has become a vital state that constitutes a major spice output of India.

4. Karnataka:

Minshalli, which has very diverse agro-climatic environments is open to farming of many kinds of crops, one of them being chillies. The districts of North Karnataka such as Chitradurga, Bellary, and Koppal are well-known for their chili production, leading greatly to the state harvest. Promoting organic agriculture and supporting sustainability in the farming sector in Karnataka is in sync with the global movement related to healthier and eco-friendly food-focused farming practices. Through the utilization of the latest technologies and market linkages chili farming in the state, in addition to enhancing productivity, also results in the guarantee of the quality of their produce thereby making Karnataka a large chili-producing state.

5. Odisha:

Although, Odisha state is essentially well known for its rice and seafood also it has equally participated in the chili production of India state-wise. Districts like Koraput, Rayagada, and Malkangiri, provide the base for the cultivation of a high number of -chili farmers in the state, by providing rich soil and adequate rainfall. The chili farmers in Odisha have proven to be resilient and innovative in their [Agricultural] practices even in the face of difficulties such as erratic weather patterns and little access to modern farming mechanisms. The government of the state is working effectively to augment township development and the farmers are provided with the necessary financial aid which as a consequence, strengthens Odisha’s visibility in the market.


The first five states with a record of highest chili output are Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, and Odisha which altogether speak of India’s achievements in chili cultivation. The joint efforts of these organizations, backed up by the government and with a background of technological breakthroughs and innovations, have helped India to put its foot in the global spice market. With increasing consumer concerns about natural healthy ingredients paired with taste, the demand for these states’ Indian chilies is expected to surge significantly, thereby accelerating the role of those states in the anticipated domestic and international market inclination.


Q1. Do state names sweeten the taste of certain bitters like chilies?

Ans: Of course, different communities grow some unique kinds of peppers specific to each area, much like the cultures and traditions. For instance, Guntur is renowned for chilies from the state of Andhra Pradesh, while Byadgi is associated with chilies from Karnataka state.

Q2. What is the role of the state chili growing in this economy? It is possible to start any vegetable or fruit production at home

Ans: Chilli cultivation remains an employment alternative to about half of the rural population in these states that remains untapped thus helping to boost the economic development of these states. Along with this, the spice sub-sector overthrows the economy’s revenue deficit during exports, increasing the national wealth.

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