Top 10 Popular Salwar Suit Brands In India

In India, women up north, like to wear a Salwar suit because it is the more traditional option, But yeah, nobody said that you can’t look stylish in traditional attire, right? And that is simply the case with salwar suits. You see, nowadays there are gorgeous pieces of salwar suits out there that you can’t help but admire a lot. So yeah, if you are thinking of buying one for yourself, then you’ve gotta consider a few things like the design, fabric quality, price range, and things like that. But worry not though, the list of the top 10 famous salwar suit brands in India 2024 that we are about to share, will have that perfect combo. We’re not just gonna look at one specific thing though, we’ll see how the brand handles or cares for their customers in general, so that you can get the bigger picture here. Alright, here we go.

1. Biba


Can you believe it, Biba has been a staple in India’s ethnic fashion scene for quite some time now? It’s like, whenever you think about salwar suits, Biba’s name just pops up. Rewind to 1988, and you’ll find Meena Bindra starting up Biba from her home in New Delhi, with only 8,000 rupees. And yeah, the name “Biba”? It translates to a young, pretty girl in Punjabi, which totally fits the brand’s aesthetic.

The thing with Biba’s salwar suits is this: they’ve got this unique blend of traditional Indian styles with a dash of modern twist. And this combo? It’s not just for the young crowd, it’s a hit with women across all age groups. Oh, and then Biba began replicating Bollywood movie styles, like from “Taal” and “Pardes.” That’s when they really hit it big, even featuring in movies like “Na Tum Jaano Na Hum” and the blockbuster “Devdas.”

2. Libas

Now, let’s talk about Libas. This brand, it’s quite a thing among modern Indian women, especially for their salwar suits. Kick-started in 2004 by the renowned designers Reshma and Riyaz Gangji, Libas made history as the first Indian textile brand on the National Stock Exchange.

So, what’s the big deal about Libas? Well, they’ve got this perfect fusion of comfort and contemporary fashion. Their salwar suits are a testament to India’s rich craft, blended seamlessly with current trends. And the collections like Ajrakh and Rooh? They’re pretty much showcasing the best of Indian textile art. It’s like, Libas’ salwar suits don’t just dress you up, they make you feel a certain way.

3. Sangria

And then, there’s Sangria. If you’re on the lookout for trendy yet affordable ethnic wear, Sangria is your go-to. They’ve mastered this art of mingling classic styles with a modern vibe. Say you’ve got some event or festival, and you want to keep things a bit traditional but also trendy, Sangria’s got you covered.

All that quality stuff with trendy designs is not too heavy on your wallet too, nah, Sangria is one of the most affordable brands on our list today for salwar suits. But a heads-up, once you start browsing through Sangria’s collection, you might just find yourself a bit overwhelmed, in a good way, though. They’ve got an array of stunning choices that’ll probably leave you spoilt for choice.

4. Fabindia


John Bissell, an American in New Delhi, started this venture, not as the retail giant we know today, but as a humble export company for home furnishings. Now, when we talk about Fabindia’s salwar suits, we’re not just talking about clothes; we’re talking about top-quality, traditional Indian craftsmanship. They source from villages all over India, not only supporting rural employment but also keeping our rich heritage alive and going strong.

And Fabindia isn’t just working with a handful of artisans, we’re talking a whopping network of over 40,000! That’s massive, isn’t it? These are the folks bringing the elegance of Indian textiles right into the fashion spotlight. Their salwar suits? They’re this perfect blend of natural, crafty vibes with contemporary design, hitting the mark with women of all ages.

5. Global Desi

Now, let’s swing over to Global Desi. This brand is like a breath of fresh, vibrant air in the Indian fashion world, especially with its salwar suits. Founded by Anita Dongre, Meena Sehra, and Mukesh Sawlani in 1995, Global Desi is a key part of the House of Anita Dongre. Their special touch? It’s this boho-chic style, where Indian tradition dances with contemporary design. Their salwar suits? Oh, they’re not just outfits, they’re statements of fusion fashion, inspired by the rich tapestry of Indian colors, textures, and prints, tailored for the modern, trend-conscious woman.

We are talking about vibrant prints, bold colors, and modern cuts, that’s Global Desi for you, a hit among the young and the hip. And inclusivity? They’ve got it down pat, with designs for women of all shapes and sizes.

6. W For Woman

And then, we have W For Woman. Talk about a brand that’s totally turned women’s fashion in India on its head! Part of TCNS Clothing Co. Limited, W For Woman has carved its niche in the ethnic wear market with its unique blend of Indian and Western styles. Their salwar suits are the very definition of this fusion, designed for the fashion-forward, independent Indian woman. But it’s not all about style with W For Woman though, comfort and versatility are big on their agenda too.

Always one step ahead, they roll out new styles and designs every season, keeping pace with international trends but with that Indian zest. And here’s something, they were among the first in India to conduct an Anthropometric study in 2002, aiming to create fits that are just right for Indian women.

7. Aurelia

Alright, now onto an insanely famous brand that is getting more and more attention in the Indian market. You see, Aurelia is a brand that is all about Women’s fashion, and you can’t go wrong with their collections.

Whether it is the clothing, footwear, or accessories they offer, you’ll find yourself a bit dazzled by every collection they have on their official websites. But what exactly makes their salwar suits so special though? Well, it is simply the quality of the material they use, and the design choices they have. All in all, every piece of clothing you buy from Aurelia is downright stunning.

8. Rangriti

Alright, now let’s talk about a brand that has been making women fall in love with their unique and incredibly beautiful clothing collections. You see, the name of this brand pretty much gives it away. Here, the “Rang” word means colors, and “Riti” is of course used for fashion in the country.

And just like most of the brands on our list today, the fashion of trendiness and traditional Indian craftsmanship of Rangriti’s collections is downright stunning. There is no way that you look at their collection and not end up buying a bunch of clothes. Yeah, the prices are pretty friendly because why not?

9. Soch

Soch is this standout name in Indian ethnic wear, and it totally caught the fancy of women who dig traditional styles with a modern edge. Started with a vision, right? They wanted to roll out this elegant, opulent collection. And boy, did they deliver! Soch has been like a tribute to India’s grand royal traditions but tweaked for the modern woman’s needs. Their salwar suits are absolute perfection in quality and design.

And the variety, from embroidery to zari work, mirror work, and sequins, they’ve got it all. It’s like they cater to every occasion, from formal to party wear. What’s more, their collection is versatile enough for daily wear and those big, special events.

10. Rain and Rainbow

And then, there’s Rain and Rainbow, a big name since 2013 in the Indian ethnic wear market. They’ve got this belief, that every woman deserves to feel confident and comfortable. Their collection is this cool blend of timeless Indian design with a contemporary twist, which, you see, really hits the mark for women who appreciate tradition with a bit of modern flair. And yeah, they’re not just about selling clothes. They’re into preserving traditional Indian craftsmanship and showcasing it to the world.

Their team, filled with skilled artisans and designers, works non-stop to craft unique, special pieces. People are noticing too. Just look at the Amazon reviews. Customers are all praised for the comfort, fit, and elegance of their salwar suits.


There you have it. Now, we are pretty certain that you can’t go wrong with these top 10 salwar suit brands. But yeah, we can guarantee you one thing when you’re out there checking out these brands’ collections, you’ll feel a bit confused, but in a good way because you’ll have a lot of good options to choose from. Ain’t that the kinda problem we all want in our life, especially when shopping for clothes?


Q. Is there any specific criteria that makes brands like Fabindia or Biba special in Salwar Suit Making? Need to know in regards to design innovation.

Answer: Fabindia or Biba stands out through innovative design concepts, precise craftsmanship, and commitment towards keeping ahead with fashion trends. The exclusive embroideries, subtle embellishments, and contemporary silhouettes on their salwar suits speak to the modern sensibilities yet are respectful of the traditional aesthetics. Further, with Fabindia or Biba, the search for new materials, techniques, and styles never ends, and the customers will always be in an embarrassment of richness from the freshness and excitement of options that set trends rather than follow them.

Q. Which Salwar Suits can offer the best Eco Friendly fabrics? Is there any recommendation?

Answer: You must separate actual eco-friendly solutions from promises while shopping for beautiful, sustainable clothing. Fabindia’s sustainable handloom and natural textiles and fair trade practises distinguish out. The “Organic” and “Craftgate” lines highlight eco-friendly manufacture. Fabindia provides stylish garments and helps communities by supporting local craftspeople and traditional workmanship.

Q. Which brands are perfect when it comes to fitting Salwar Suits?

Answer: Finding the proper fit might be tricky, but several firms cater to different body types. W for Woman has petite-sized versions for smaller frames. W for Woman knows small women’s proportions and makes sure their clothing fit properly and emphasise their natural curves and contours, allowing them to boldly wear fashion. Libas’ “Gerua by Libas” collection has more sizes and styles for various body shapes. Libas celebrates diversity and beauty in all sizes to inspire women of all body types to express themselves through fashion without compromising style or comfort. In addition, Manyavar’s “Mohey” line provides plus-size women comfortable and stylish salwar suits that fit curvier figures.

Q. Is there any way that the luxury brands of salwar suit can be made within specific budget?

Answer: Etsy and The Loom offer individually designed items at affordable prices. These include ethnic wear like salwar suits that have been made with utmost care and uniqueness so that one can choose one according to one’s style and price without having to spend too much in the process.

Outlet stores are the best place to find affordable ethnic clothing. Many top brands operate an outlet store with discounts on previous season’s goods. Such stores provide top brand salwar suits and other ethnic clothing at a discount. Both online and offline thrift and pre-loved stores do offer quality salwar outfits at an affordable price.

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