In many states across India, Lungi is the go-to attire for many, especially in the down South. But Lungi isn’t just any piece of cloth though, nah, it’s unique in its own way. You see, Lungis vary from just simple white color cloth that is draped around the waist to something that is super colorful and comes in different patterns too. But most of the time, those ones are for special occasions. All in all, Lungi is a perfect attire, mostly for men, in the weather conditions of India.

And if you are already a fan of Lungis, you may be wondering about buying some new ones, right? Well, the thing is, nowadays, you can easily buy simple, even stylish Lungis online too. Yeah, and there are many brands that offer the perfect length and comfortable material of Lungis to their customers. And that is what today’s post is all about. Here we will be walking you through the collections of the top 10 best Lungi brands in India for 2024. If you are here just for that, we better get down to the list now. Right? Here we go.

Top Lungi Brands in India

1. SRS Lungi

In 1975, the visionary entrepreneur P.S.K.SUBRAMANIYAN laid the foundation for the SRS brand, initially trading Lungies for Tamilnadu’s needs. Evolving beyond, it ventured into production, expanding across Tamilnadu and exporting to various states. Now they deal globally to Sri Lanka, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. Today, SRS is a textile powerhouse, offering an array from Dothies to Nighties. Boasting 30 years of experience, 3000 dealers nationwide, and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, they have now partnered with top fashion brands in India.

2. Mr. Lungi

And here’s our first pick! Started just in 2020, Mr. Lungi has already made quite a splash. Why? Well, they stick to top-notch quality, and yes, they won’t empty your wallet! They’ve got a crazy mix of designs like the good old Checks, Kerala styles, or even Chess patterns. Since they get their pure cotton straight from their own people, so you’re getting the real deal. And without a doubt, their Erode mill in Tamil Nadu is bustling! Every piece is made with full-on machinery, so it’s quick and spot-on. Now, we all want comfort, right? That’s where their 100% pure cotton shines. They send their Lungis in safe bags, and if there’s a problem, they’re there to help you with a 5-day return. All in all, with Mr. Lungi, you’re not just wearing clothes; you’re embracing benefits like feeling fresh, breezy comfort, and a style statement.

3. Kitex Lungis

Now, for those who know their textiles, Kitex is a big deal. They’re not just about lungis though, they’ve got a whole range. But today, we’re all about their Lungis! Made of pure cotton, they’re all about keeping you chill in India’s sunny vibes. You want patterns? Well, they’ve got both the old-school and the modern twist. They don’t tie themselves to one place but bring a bit of all India. Price-wise, there’s something for everyone, quite literally. Maybe grab their “ECONOMY XL LUNGI COMBO PACK” at ₹790? Or feel a bit fancy with the “KITEX- Executive Lungi Pack Of 5” for ₹2,000.

4. Sangu Mark

Next on the list is Sangu Mark. One look online, and you’ll see they’re ready for summer, blending the old with the new. Want a hint of a classic with “Executive Medium Checked Ajantha Blue Color”? Or maybe go bold with “Executive Fancy Black & Blue Color”? Cotton is their thing, offering that much-loved airy feel for India’s tropical weather. They mix and match the old and the new in design. And if you’re wondering about the name “Kaili” or “Kalli Mundu”, that’s just some South Indian love for the lungi. For your wallet, they’re pretty flexible too. Maybe pick up two lungis for just ₹925? All in all, Sangu Mark makes sure everyone gets a piece of their quality, without breaking the bank.

5. My Nandu

Then there is a brand that you may know as My Nandu! This isn’t just another Lungi brand. Nope! When you wear a My Nandu lungi, you wear energy. Their motto is simple, which says “Nandu adds Pep and Vigour to lungis.” Think about it though. It’s not just cloth. It’s a total vibe. Traditional or modern, they’ve got you covered. And hey, ever heard of “BLACKS” or “MADRAS CHECKS”? Those ones are classic, right? But they also have fresh picks like “URBAN TREDZ” and “2022 NEW DESIGN.” They mix old and new, creating magic. What’s the fabric, you ask? Well, they don’t shout it out, but you can bet it’s top-notch. So yeah, that’s My Nandu for you. Traditional. Modern. And always stylish.

6. Blue Leaf Lungis

And how can we forget about the Blue Leaf Lungis? Old meets new here. They really get it. You love tradition but also crave today’s comfort. Made of both cotton and polyester, their lungis are surely the perfect ones. Whether it’s a chilled evening with friends or a big family bash, they’ve got a design for you. And, if you’re worried about washing it, relax. Their Lungis are fuss-free. On top of that, they keep you cool, no matter how hot it gets. One of their top hits on Amazon? Well, for us, that would be their BlueLeaf PureCotton Lungis for Men Set of 3. Buyers love them. They’re versatile, comfy, and offer bang for the buck.

7. Dhrona Lungis

Now, let’s talk about Dhrona Lungis. Their products are more than just a lungi. It’s a piece of South Indian soul you can wear. Every lungi they make speaks of tradition and comfort. It’s crafted with care by skilled hands. Their check designs are quite classic and charming. Made of pure cotton, they’re light, breezy, and shine just like silk. And every lungi they make goes through a tough check. They want only the best for you aka the customer. And yeah, Dhrona Lungis fits everyone. Long or short, there’s one for all. Their Dhrona Men’s Cotton Dhoti with a silver border is for sure a hot pick on Amazon.

8. Cotton Crown

And yeah, if you’re into cotton lungis, then you’ll love Cotton Crown. Why? Because they’re all about top-notch quality. They’re big on comfort. They love breathability. And their Lungis are made of the softest cotton you can think of. That’s right, only the best for you. It’s not just about the material though. With a mix of old-school and trendy designs, you get the best of both worlds. Want to stand out, well then you’ve got to check out their Cotton Crown Men’s Cotton Velcro Pocket Gold Jari Dhoti on Desertcart. That golden Jari border is elegance redefined! And on Amazon, their skin-friendly multicolor lungi has people talking about its softness.

9. Niranj

Next up, we have Niranj. Imagine luxury. Now, imagine it in the form of a lungi. That’s what Niranj offers. Their attention to detail is simply wow. Think of vibrant colors, unique designs, and that soft feel. Their NIRANJ Men’s Cotton Stitched Lungi on Amazon is a case in point though. And that too, is just priced at only 349 rupees, but on average, you can get it anywhere between 400 to 500 rupees. But that’s not it though, they also have the NIRANJ ATTRACTIVE DESIGNS LONG LASTING COLORFUL LUNGI. It’s stylish. It’s comfy. And without a doubt, if you value class, Niranj is your go-to brand.

10. Ragini V

Then there is Ragini V, and this brand sure knows how to mix tradition with today’s fashion. One hot item on Amazon from Ragini V is the RAGINI V STITCHED LUNGIES. It’s not just a regular lungi though. These cotton lungis, in many colors, have got some serious love, a 4.1-star rating, to be exact! And as of now, you can get it for less than 600 rupees on Amazon. People are talking about how comfy they are, their awesome designs, and of course the top-notch quality. Each pack comes with four Lungis, each 2 meters long. You might think it’s just a piece of cloth. But with Ragini V, it’s an experience. Soft cotton, cool designs, and so many ways to wear them. And the best part is that good quality doesn’t always mean a big price tag. With Ragini V, luxury is for everyone.


That should be more than enough for today. With this list of the top and best Lungi brands in India, you are better equipped to make the right purchase decision. In our opinion, just pick any brand from the list, go through their collection, and see if the material, color, length, and pattern are a perfect fit for you or not. And with that, you’ll be good for the most part.


Q. Is there any special way to check the brand authenticity of the lungis in respect to the modern fashion trends?

Ans: When it is about the lungis, stress on brand quality transparency happens to be a very important factor. For ensuring the same and checking whether the lungi goes perfect with the modern fashion trends, you can look for the certifications such as Fairtrade or GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). You also need to have a proper information about whether or not the product is coming from the authentic sources of weavers and cooperatives and if the makers are getting proper wages or not. Additionally you can also make searches online and offline regarding the origin of the fabric and the processes it undergoes.

Q. When you are in search of a specific kind of lungi style (such as Benarasi Silk Lungi or Designed cotton lungi) Then how can you find such regional specialties?

Ans: Traditional lungis from India and other countries are diverse. Since each area has its distinct styles, weaves, and motifs, lungis represent cultural identity. Consumers that value regional traditions pick specialist brands over mass-produced options. Interestingly, some firms stress regional styles or weaves, teaching lungi enthusiasts. Lungi culture may be learned via enterprises that specialize in specific locales or weaving processes. Clothing authenticity and cultural history are preserved by supporting traditional weavers and indigenous communities. Local textile festivals help lungi collectors identify unusual varieties. At these gatherings, artists and weavers showcase lungis that reflect regional traditions and ingenuity. Lungi collectors may find rare and culturally significant artifacts at textile fairs, from South Indian Kaili to Bengali Tant.

Q. Name the different fabrics used in lungi and how they different in drape and comfort?

Ans: Fabric determines lungi comfort, feel, and maintenance. Cotton is the most preferred fabric because of its breathability, softness, and versatility. Daily usage of cotton lungis is pleasant in many cases. Cotton is stylish and easy to keep, making it a fantastic choice. Elegant individuals like silk lungis. The shine and smoothness of silk lungis make them beautiful. Silk fabrics need care to maintain their luster and durability. Silk lungis need careful cleaning and maintenance to stay beautiful and last. In hot and humid conditions, linen lungis are comfortable. Linen is breathable and moisture-wicking, keeping you cool in the heat. Lungis provide refinement to formal and casual settings with their clean linen texture. When buying a lungi, read brand fabric and drape details. To match design, comfort, and upkeep, consider your goal, personal preferences, and each fabric’s unique features. Depending on your preferences, cotton, silk, or linen lungis are comfortable to wear.

Q. Concerned about the eco friendliness of the lungi making process? What kind of options are there?

Ans: Sustainable practices are fast catching up in the lungi industry. Look out for brands using organic cotton, natural dyes, and those using water-efficient methods of production. Certifications such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100 point to safe chemical usage. A few brands may also be found offering upcycled lungi options, upcycling waste. Research on the brand initiatives and certifications to make an informed, eco-conscious choice.

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