Traditional Dress of Jharkhand [Men & Women]

The evolution of Indian fashion has evolved over the time, and at the same time, the different states of the country carried on preserving the traditions of the regions. Be it the rich heritage and culture or the perfection of fashion, Jharkhand has upheld its place with great pride. The traditional attires here are filled with the signs of craftsmanship and great cultural diversity. The people of Jharkhand feel responsible enough for keeping these traditions well preserved and that is why, rather than running behind the new trends, they cultivate these old and traditional dresses and keep them parts of their daily lifestyle. Let us discover about it.

Jharkhand Traditional Dress for Men:

1. Dhoti-Kurta:

Dhoti Kurta

At the very heart of traditional men’s dress in Jharkhand is the simplest combination: dhoti and kurta. Dhoti is a rectangular piece of unstitched cloth, and it is wound around the waist and then held in position by a knot. The kurta is a long tunic worn on the upper body. Such a simple ganna speaks of the simplicity of life in Jharkhand. Typically cotton or silk, the ganna is comfortable to wear in the tropical climatic condition of Jharkhand but maintains a mannered look.

2. Gamchha:

Another essential part of the dressing of a man from Jharkhand is gamchha. This traditional towel, primarily cotton, is dabbed to wipe the sweat, carried with some necessary stuff, etc. The gamchha carries great cultural importance as well as it is adorned with bright colors and beautified designs, reflecting the local artisanal skills of the region.

3. Headgear:

The final part of the traditional look is the headgear worn by men in Jharkhand. Better known as ‘pagri’ or ‘safa,’ the pagri is worn with different styles, colors, and designs according to the personality of the wearer and the situation. The pagri gives a regal look to the attire and gives a feeling of dignity and pride.

Jharkhand Traditional Dress for Women:

1. Saree:


The saree is the king of women’s wear in Jharkhand. Draped gracefully around the body, the saree defines femininity, grace, and tradition. Be it the local tribal weaves or the delicate handloom patterns, each saree tells tales of craft and cultural heritage. Colors and motifs of Jharkhandi sarees often reflect the natural beauty of the region; some popular motifs are imitated by flora, fauna, and tribal symbols.

2. Blouse:

Blouses in Jharkhand take various forms. Pairing a saree is the blouse, which brings the modern touch to the traditional wear. Blouses can be simple designs for the daily wear to elaborate patterns adorned with embroidery, mirrors, and beads for festive occasions.

3. Jewelry:

No traditional wear is complete without beautiful jewelry, and Jharkhandi women are no exception. From tribal-inspired silver ornaments to elaborate gold jewelry, each piece carries cultural meaning and adds a touch of elegance to the wear. From necklaces and earrings to bracelets and ankle jewelry, accessories in Jharkhand are traditionally adorned with symbols of prosperity, fertility, and protection.

4. Fusion Wear:

Urban areas often have examples of a fusion of traditional and western styles of dress where traditional attire elements are incorporated into modern fashion. Women are seen wearing a traditional saree combined with a trendy blouse, or adorning a kurta with denim jeans to create an altogether new look.

5. Handloom clothes:

The handloom forms of Jharkhand have been re-kindled, and the age-old weaving has been revived. Various organizations and government initiatives have helped in supporting local artisans and the promotion of indigenous weaving techniques. This has helped in preserving cultural heritage as well as offering employment opportunities to rural communities.


As you have gone through the above details, you can understand the kinds of variety the traditions of Jharkhand has in case of the dresses.  Be it the dhoti-kurta or the sarees or the handloom clothes, you can witness the best options available here. For Jharkhand and the people living in here, it is a great reason of rejoice and price and that is what makes the state a very special one. As the state surges ahead with modernization, it has also clung on doggedly to its roots, with traditional attire symbolizing pride, unity, and resilience for the many communities who call Jharkhand home.

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