Top 10 Popular Modular Switches Brands in India

The modular switches industry in India is growing fast, with a yearly increase of 12% from 2021 to 2027. This growth is because more people in homes, offices, and industries want modular switches. In Indian homes, these switches are the most popular, making up more than 60% of the market. But, in the coming years, we expect the use of these switches to grow even more in offices and industries. This shows that modular switches are becoming more important in India for electricity use in different places.

Overall modern Indian homes and businesses value electrical switches beyond their functionality. With their sleek looks, durability, and innovative functions, modular switches are essential to interior design and convenience. Many modular switch brands serve Indian consumers’ different needs. This article discusses India’s top 10 modular switch brands, their innovations, quality, and market share.

1. Havells India Limited


Havells, one of India’s most trusted electrical brands, has illuminated homes and offices for over 60 years. Havells India Limited’s rich history, inventive products, and enduring legacy are examined in this article. Havells dominates the modular switches industry with devices known for their exquisite designs, high build quality, and sophisticated functionality that meet the changing needs of consumers in residential and business areas.

Havells India Limited was created in 1958 by QimatRai Gupta to modernize India’s electrical industry. Havells has become a household name for innovation and excellence over the years. With over 60 years of history, the brand is trusted and reliable.

Havells’ move into modular switches shows its flexibility to meet consumer needs. Havells leads the modular switch market with a wide range of stylish, functional switches. Haven modular switches are admired for their attractive forms that blend with modern interiors. Havells offers a variety of switch designs from classic to contemporary to fit different décor trends.

Besides reliability, Havells switches are attractive. They make interiors look better and become part of the design concept. Haven switches are popular among interior designers, architects, and homeowners because to their stylish and useful design.

2. Legrand India


Legrand, a global leader in electrical and digital building infrastructure, is known for innovation and excellence in India. Cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated designs define the brand’s Indian modular switches market presence. Our wide switch selection from Legrand India showcases its devotion to style and utility.

Legrand emerged as a global leader in electrical and digital building infrastructure over a century ago. Innovation and competence have brought the brand to the top of the electrical sector worldwide. Legrand India continues this history by supplying modular switches and other electrical solutions.

Legrand’s tech-integrated switches demonstrate its creativity. The brand offers innovative switching solutions. Smart switches let customers control lighting and other items with their phones or voices. The adjustable buttons and LED indications of the ICONIC electronic switches are innovative. This level of customization and simplicity shows Legrand’s commitment to technology integration innovation.

Legrand India prioritizes quality and safety. The brand’s switches are extensively tested to meet international performance and safety standards. Quality is maintained throughout the product, from materials to manufacture, guaranteeing that clients receive beautiful, reliable, and safe switches.

3. Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd. (Panasonic Group)

By focusing on quality and safety, Panasonic Group subsidiary Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd. has established itself in the Indian electrical business. Modular switches from the brand are known for their variety of shapes, colors, and finishes, which suit many interior design tastes. This section discusses Anchor’s reliability and Roma and Rider.

With a rich history, Anchor Electricals is associated with Panasonic, a global electronics giant. Panasonic is known for its quality, longevity, and innovation. Anchor’s modular switches suit a variety of interior design tastes. Customers can match their décor with the brand’s switches’ many styles, colors, and finishes. Anchor has switches for every style, from contemporary minimalism to timeless elegance.

Trusted electrical solutions brand Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd. is known for reliability. Anchor is trusted to produce reliable, safe switches. This confidence is earned by the brand’s dedication to quality and strict quality control. Anchor’s switches meet international safety requirements and are reliable. This shows its commitment to consumer safety.

4. Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric, a worldwide energy management and automation company, has penetrated the Indian modular switch market. They sells premium modular switches under the Clipsal brand, known for their energy efficiency and creative features. Schneider Electric stands out in modular switches due to its focus on technology and sustainability.

Since over two centuries ago, Schneider Electric has led the world in energy management and automation. Innovation and sustainability have made the brand a trusted electrical brand worldwide. Schneider Electric India offers Clipsal premium modular switches as part of its innovation. Schneider Electric’s modular switches are energy-efficient. Clipsal switches optimize energy use to promote sustainability. Schneider Electric’s switches meet environmentally conscious consumers’ energy conservation needs.

5. GM Modular Pvt. Ltd.

Indian brand GM Modular Pvt. Ltd. makes attractive and creative modular switches. Zencelo, the company’s multifunctional Zencelo series, is appreciated for its convenience and modern attractiveness. GM Modular’s price and quality make it a popular choice for switches that blend aesthetics and practicality.

GM Modular’s revolutionary design and functionality set it apart in the modular switch market. Modern and streamlined, the brand’s switches, particularly the Zencelo series, combine well with modern interiors. The Zencelo series is known for its versatility. Its large range of colors and patterns lets users match switches to their interior themes. GM Modular’s switches suit minimalist and dramatic styling.

Touch technology in GM Modular switches adds sophistication and convenience. GM Modular touch switches respond smoothly to even the lightest touch. User-friendliness and stylish design make these switches popular. GM Modular also provides consumer-driven automation solutions. Smart switches and home automation solutions from the brand make lighting and other linked devices easy to operate. GM Modular’s switches reflect modern consumer desires with innovative technology.

6. Wipro Enterprises (P) Ltd.


Wipro, a leading Indian company, is a major player in the electrical switches market. Under the brand name “Wipro North-West,” the company designs modular switches to accommodate changing consumer needs.

Wipro modular switches are respected for their durability and affordability. Wipro has worked to make durable switches in a sector where durability is important. Budget-conscious consumers like these switches because they are reliable and have a good ROI. Wipro’s innovation and sustainability match environmentally concerned consumers’ shifting tastes. The brand’s switches use the newest technology to meet market demands. Beyond product design, Wipro prioritizes sustainable sourcing and manufacturing. As the electrical switches sector prioritizes sustainability, Wipro stands out for its environmental responsibility.

7. Crabtree (Havells Group)


In the premium modular switch market, Havells Group member Crabtree has excelled. Elegant and modern switches that enhance living and working environments are the brand’s specialty.

Crabtree’s Athena and Diamond switches are elegant and high-quality. These switches are popular among luxury switch buyers because they integrate form and function. Crabtree switches bring beauty and sophistication to homes and businesses. Crabtree’s 40-year legacy shows its dedication to excellence. The brand has set new design and performance standards for modular switches over the years. Quality is Crabtree’s hallmark, as shown by its longevity.

8. Goldmedal Electricals Pvt. Ltd.


The beautiful and cheap modular switches of Indian firm Goldmedal are popular. The company’s i-Sense and Curve models are recognized for their modern looks and user-friendliness.

Golden switches are admired for their sleek, modern looks that complement modern interiors. The i-Sense and Curve series offer several elegant options. These switches are for consumers who value both form and function. Budget-conscious shoppers love Goldmedal’s pricing and quality. The brand knows how important it is to deliver stylish, reliable switches. This commitment to value has helped Goldmedal’s market share rise.

9. Philips Electronics India Limited


Philips, a global brand, sells “Philips” and “Hue” modular switches in India. These switches are high-quality and simple.

Philips modular switches prioritize quality and simplicity in design. These switches blend into numerous home design styles and look clean and unobtrusive. Philips knows the value of switches that blend into an environment without grabbing notice. Philips modular switches’ smart lighting compatibility is a highlight. This connection lets users control switches and lighting from one place. Managing lighting and switches through a single system fits the brand’s innovative and reliable reputation.

10. Orpat Group

Orpat Group, an Indian corporation that makes modular switches, is known for its cost and basic functionality. Orpat offers modular switches for budget-conscious shoppers without sacrificing quality. The brand realizes the value of supplying switches for a wide audience. This pricing appeals to individuals who want basic functional switches.

Orpat Group is one of India’s top modular switch brands due to its simplicity and durability. The brand makes switches with simple, reliable functionality since it knows not all customers need sophisticated functions.


For consumers’ different demands and tastes, the Indian modular switches market offers many solutions. Modular switch brands are available for style, practicality, energy efficiency, and price. Havells, Legrand, Anchor, Schneider Electric, GM Modular, Wipro, Crabtree, Gold medal, Philips, and Orpat are India’s top 10 modular switches brands due to their quality, innovation, and customer happiness. These brands will shape India’s electrical switch future as it adopts new electrical solutions.

Modular Switches FAQs

Q. What is the best way to know if the modular switches are adhering to the BIS Safety Standards (IS 3854) sans any quality compromise?

Ans: The companies that adhere to the safety standards for modular switches without compromising on the quality always show their certification in their product packages. However, if you want to verify the certification then it becomes a very tricky task. You need to make contact with the brand for requesting them to share their safety compliance reports with you for the switches you are interested in. So far BIS compliance is concerned you can also make comparisons with the other companies as well.

Q. For those building smart homes, which modular switch brand would be properly compatible?

Ans: Compatibility is complicated by smart home options. Many firms offer “smart” switches, although not all support different protocols. Compatibility needs considerable study. Visit product websites with extensive compatibility charts and procedure lists. If necessary, expand and pick switches with additional protocols. Smart home system experts may also provide valuable insights and specialized guidance to help you integrate smart homes confidently.

Q. Are you concerned about the EMI or the electromagnetic interference that these smart switches have for the other devices in your home? Need a solution?

Ans: EMI from smart switches may damage fragile electronics. Shielded or EMI-filtered switches reduce EMI. Use these switches to improve device performance and safety. The brand’s protective materials and performance must be assessed. Analyzing this data may disclose the switch’s EMI reduction capabilities. Please include EMI certifications and specifications. Besides evaluating product specifications, an electrician may advise. Electrical professionals can assess your electrical equipment and EMI sources. After evaluating your equipment, they may propose EMI reduction solutions to safeguard and maximize performance.  Grounding and installation may lessen EMI risks. Your smart home’s electrical system can be reliable and protect your valuable electronics with comprehensive EMI mitigation.

Q. Mixing and matching the modular switches, is it a proper practice in the same electrical circuit?

Ans: In general, mixing brands is not recommended on grounds of safety as well as performance. Variation might be there in operating mechanisms or ratings, or there might be incompatibility between different brands of accessories. Hence, it is good to stick on to one brand throughout a circuit from the point of view of proper integration and also to avoid any probable electrical hazards. Should it be inevitable, however, a qualified electrician needs to be consulted in order that the chosen switches are checked to be compatible before mixing them.

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