Top 5 Largest Turmeric Producing States In India

You see, as Indians, we do not just use turmeric as a spice, there are medicinal uses of it as well. And for both of these reasons, turmeric is also a pretty famous spice in the world. And which nation do you think is at the top when it comes to turmeric production in the world? Yes, it is India. Well, if you didn’t know that, stick with us because we’ll also let you know which are the top 5 largest turmeric producing states in India as of 2024 in this post. Alright, here we go.


1. Maharashtra (278,000 metric tons)

Maharashtra is at the top when it comes to most growing turmeric in India, producing a huge 278,000 metric tons every single year. It is reputed for its background in farming, but it is most popular for the cultivation of turmeric, especially in the Sangli district. In 2018, Sangli’s turmeric was officially recognized for its bright deep-orange color and special quality. People are used to cooking a lot with this turmeric because of the taste and use it in medicine for health benefits. This fact makes it very important for markets all around India and the world. And yes, new farming methods and the possession of good weather in the state of Maharashtra help it produce good-quality turmeric.

2. Telangana (250,000 metric tons)

Following closely Maharashtra is Telangana second highest, with a yearly turmeric production of 250,000 metric tons. Its turmeric has an indicative color of classic yellow, with typical curcumin content present at 2-4%. The main areas for its production are Nizamabad and Warangal, and they owe this status to the excellence of farming conditions in that region. This turmeric is used in the preparation of many recipes and so is always in demand, provided it is of good quality. Telangana thus plays a major role in local needs and in exports as well, making it a significant part of turmeric supplies around the world.

3. Karnataka (130,070 metric tons)

Karnataka produces 130,070 metric tons of turmeric and is known for its diverse weather, which is perfect for growing high-quality turmeric. This supports a lot in local use and equally meets the export standards. Here, farmers employ modern and more organic methods that are important for better and increased turmeric production. This proactive approach is to cater to the needs of both the local and international turmeric markets so that supply is sustained.

4. Tamil Nadu (100,000 metric tons)

Tamil Nadu, which grows 100,000 metric tons of turmeric every year, is famous for its Erode variety, which also got special recognition in 2019. This variety is high in curcumin content, which is very useful both in cooking and medicine. The combination of favorable weather and advanced farming methods ensures that the turmeric produced in Erode is always of high quality. This keeps it popular not only within the markets of India but also internationally, thereby making Tamil Nadu one of the main players in the trade of turmeric.

5. Madhya Pradesh (80,870 metric tons)

Madhya Pradesh, though fifth, is quickly becoming known for its turmeric production, with 80,870 metric tons. Madhya Pradesh is the largest spice producing state in India, the state is making huge efforts in order to increase its productivity in turmeric and the area under cultivation. With the adoption of the new farming technique and the help and support from the government, Madhya Pradesh is going to boost its turmeric production very soon, helping it increase its role in the Indian turmeric market.


Q1. Who produces the most turmeric in the world?

Ans: India is the world’s largest producer of turmeric, growing almost the entire global supply and using 80% of it. Indian turmeric is highly valued because it has a lot of curcumin, a significant healthy element.

Q2. When is turmeric grown?

Ans: Turmeric takes about seven to nine months to grow, depending on the type and when it is planted. It is usually harvested from January to March.

Q3. Which city is famous for turmeric?

Ans: It is Sangli, Maharashtra. This city is known as the Turmeric City because it is a major center for turmeric trading.

Q4. How much turmeric does India export?

Ans: India holds more than 62% of the turmeric trade worldwide. In the year 2022-23, India exported 1.534 lakh tonnes of turmeric and turmeric products, which were worth 207.45 million USD. The top countries buying Indian turmeric are Bangladesh, UAE, USA, and Malaysia.

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