Top 10+ Popular Shampoo Brands in India

There are many people in India who seek vivid and healthy hair by trying several shampoo products. The Indian market has several hair care shampoos for various hair types and demands. Shampoos are carefully designed to address dryness, oiliness, damage, dandruff, and color-treated hair. There are several companies have become household names and shaped hair care. Let’s explore India’s top 10 famous shampoo brands. These brands have established themselves and revolutionized hair care. These companies stand out in a crowded industry for their effectiveness, inventiveness, and ability to meet customers’ changing requirements.

Here is the list:

1. L’Oreal

L'Oreal shampoos

Longtime beauty leader L’Oreal controls Indian shampoo. Innovative formulae and high-quality ingredients make Loreal’s shampoos suitable for all hair types. L’Oreal’s comprehensive range of products, including Total Repair 5 and Extraordinary Clay, addresses specific hair issues, making it suitable for luxurious hair care. L’Oreal shampoos strengthen and revitalize hair. Conditioners and shampoos clean and moisturize. For individuals looking to enhance their hair care, L’Oreal offers practical and elegant solutions. Superior components distinguish L’Oreal from rivals beyond appearances. The firm tailors hair care products to customers. From damaged hair to oily roots, L’Oreal offers a solution for everyone. L’Oreal’s hair products nurture roots to tips beyond washing. Quality ingredients ensure each wash enhances hair health. L’Oreal’s position in the Indian shampoo market reflects its beauty industry heritage and commitment to luxury and quality hair care.

2. Sunsilk shampoo

Sunsilk shampoo reigns as a leading hair care shampoo in India. It presents a wide array of shampoos and conditioners tailored to diverse hair needs, including solutions for hair fall, thickening, nourishment, straightening, and enhancing black shine. They are renowned for competitive pricing. Sunsilk ensures affordability, making it accessible to a vast Indian consumer base. The most popular Sunsilk products in India encompass variants like Lusciously Thick and Long, Nourishing Soft & Smooth, Perfect Straight Nourishing Conditioner, Hairfall Solution, and Stunning Black Shine.

3. Dove


Gentle Dove shampoo has been around for years. Nutrition and moisturization make Dove shampoos an inexpensive and reliable hair care option. Leading hair care brand Dove is known for its commitment to true beauty and diversity. Its main product is Dove Hairfall Rescue Shampoo, a daily hair loss treatment. This shampoo strengthens, seals cuticles, and prevents breakage with its anti-breakage formula. Hair becomes fuller, healthier, and shinier. Dove’s success derives from understanding client needs. Dove has developed a reputation for tackling real-life difficulties like hair loss. Anti-breakage ingredients in Dove’s Hairfall Rescue Shampoo demonstrate its commitment to effective treatments. Dove promotes true beauty and inclusivity with their products. Beyond appearances, the brand supports authenticity. Because of its holistic approach, millions trust Dove’s hair care products.

4. TRESemme


TRESemme has established itself in India by bringing salon-quality hair care home. Professional products with salon-quality results are TRESemme’s specialty. TRESemme is the top choice for Indian customers seeking elegance and professional knowledge in their daily hair care routine due to this commitment to improvement. A notable TRESemme product is Hair Fall Defense Shampoo for damaged and breakage-prone hair. This innovative shampoo reduces breakage and strengthens hair for longer, stronger hair. TRESemme’s Keratin protein-enriched product demonstrates its advanced hair care. TRESemme’s Hair Fall Defense Shampoo reduces hair breakage by 97% after one wash. For hair loss, this shampoo is revolutionary. Keratin protein strengthens hair and provides professional at-home care. Its objective to empower self-expression sets TRESemme apart. With salon-quality results at home, TRESemme allows people express themselves via hair. Indians now use TRESemme daily to elevate their personal care regimens in response to this empowerment.

5. Head & Shoulders

Head & Shoulders shampoo has secured a formidable position in India. This shampoo is mainly renowned for its efficacy in combating dandruff while nurturing scalp health. Its popularity stems from a blend of factors including aggressive marketing campaigns, celebrity endorsements, and proven results. The brand’s commitment to addressing common hair concerns resonates well with Indian consumers, who prioritize scalp health due to prevalent environmental factors. Additionally, its availability across diverse retail channels, affordability, and wide product range cater to varied needs. As a result, Head & Shoulders stands as a trusted choice for millions, embodying reliability and performance in India’s competitive shampoo market.

6. Dabur

Dabur, deeply entrenched in Indian culture, has melded tradition and modern to make well-being-promoting shampoos. Dabur’s Vatika series, a highlight, uses Ayurvedic herbs for hair concerns. The mix of tradition and innovation makes Dabur one of India’s top shampoo brands. Vatika Health Shampoo, a multi-hair problem treatment, fuels Dabur’s success. Amla, shikakai, olives, and almonds are among the seven natural ingredients in this interesting shampoo. The natural components in Vatika Health Shampoo treat dandruff, dryness, hair loss, broken ends, and scalp infections. Vatika Health Shampoo from Dabur has natural hair-healthy ingredients. A powerful blend of vitamin C-rich amla and cleansing shikakai nourishes hair from root to tip. Shampoo with olives and almonds protects hair and provides a full solution.

7. Indulekha


Indulekha’s Ayurvedic approach makes it a top Indian hair care brand. The brand’s self-application comb is unique in hair care. This innovative design increases product dispersion to roots, boosting hair health. Natural and holistic hair care aficionados love Indulekha Ayurvedic shampoos. Indulekha shampoos highlight Ayurvedic herbs’ power. Natural component and dependability fans love this conventional therapy commitment. Ayurvedic principles are included in Indulekha’s formulations for hair health and attractiveness. Indulekha shampoos emphasize preventing natural oil loss after cleansing. Indulekha’s Shikakai-enriched shampoo keeps hair shiny, unlike others. Shikakai’s conditioning properties cleanse and nourish hair, establishing a delicate balance for hair health.

8. Herbal Essences

Herbal Essences

Popular P&G hair care brand Herbal Essences combines nature and science. Bio-renew technology combines natural components with scientific innovation, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to combining the finest. Herbal Essences is a top choice for eco-conscious hair care consumers since its unique combination provides a sensuous experience and addresses specific hair needs. The appeal of Herbal Essences shampoos is plant essence. Natural ingredients make the company’s hair care range appealing to nature enthusiasts. Herbal components improve product efficacy and sensory satisfaction, giving customers a complete and enjoyable experience. Sulfate-free Herbal Essences aloe vera shampoo is beneficial for hair and the environment. Brand bottles are 100% recyclable (excluding the oil pump, which should be discarded separately). Sustainability and environmental responsibility are shown by Herbal Essences’ 25% recycled plastic bottles. Herbal Essences is PETA- and eco-friendly. Our ethical and responsible principles ban animal testing and suffering, and this accreditation validates them. Customers who prefer ethical and caring businesses will enjoy this cruelty-free certification.

9. Kesh KingKesh King

Ayurvedic Kesh King promotes hair growth and health. Based on Ayurveda, the brand’s shampoos strengthen and revive hair using a complex herb blend. Kesh King’s comprehensive Ayurvedic hair care approach appeals to natural hair care enthusiasts. Kesh King’s main product, Ayurvedic Anti-Hairfall Shampoo, emphasises natural therapies. With Aloe and 21 Ayurvedic herbs, this shampoo fights hair loss and leaves hair silky, shiny, and smooth. Aloe and Ayurvedic herbs demonstrate Kesh King’s commitment to hair health. Ayurvedic principles make Kesh King’s hair treatments therapeutic as well as cosmetic. Ayurvedic Anti-Hairfall Shampoo, a safe medicine, shows this dedication. Kesh King distinguishes out in a natural, healthy market. Aloe and 21 Ayurvedic herbs in Kesh King’s shampoo renew hair and scalp and minimize hair loss. The brand goes beyond cosmetics to improve hair health and Ayurvedic balance.

10. Biotique


Biotique’s Ayurvedic-modern blend sets it different in the shampoo sector. This precise blend is apparent in the brand’s botanical shampoo range for various hair types and concerns. Biotique naturally blends Ayurvedic knowledge and contemporary technology. This hair care treatment strengthens, grows, and volumizes for thicker, healthier hair. Biotique promotes hair health with botanicals. The brand’s Ayurvedic components represent its holistic approach. Biotique’s herbal shampoos are designed and effective for a wide range of hair types. Biotique’s Bhringraj & Biotin Hair Fall Control Therapy Shampoo is great. This product demonstrates Biotique’s comprehensive hair loss therapy. Bhringraj and Biotin shampoo revolutionizes hair care. Bhringraj’s Ayurvedic hair-strengthening properties are complemented by Biotin’s scientific hair-growth and health benefits. The Bhringraj & Biotin Hair Fall Control Therapy Shampoo combines traditional and contemporary ingredients to combat hair loss. Biotique’s commitment to advanced hair care for evolving client needs is shown by this revolutionary product.

11. Matrix:


After a successful salon career, Matrix’s high-performance shampoos have taken off in the consumer market. Matrix strategically provides salon professionals’ expertise and a comprehensive range of hair care products to fulfill consumer needs. These methods, together with Matrix’s commitment to quality and innovation, have earned it India’s #1 shampoo brand. Matrix shampoos clean and nourish hair. Matrix shampoos eliminate dirt and pollutants and protect hair and scalp from pollution, dust, sun, and more. Hair health need this additional protection, especially in tough situations. Matrix’s consumer market wants salon-quality outcomes at home. To satisfy consumer needs, the firm produces Professional shampoos for different hair types and concerns. Customers may pick a shampoo that suits their requirements, creating a customized and effective hair care experience. The vast Matrix Professional shampoo range helps individuals chose products for their hair needs. Matrix carefully targets salon expertise with accessible solutions. Matrix shampoos nourish hair after washing due to the brand’s innovation.

12. Himalaya


Himalaya, a herbal health brand, readily adapts to hair care with a natural shampoo range. Himalaya shampoos care your hair with Aloe Vera, Neem, and Bhringaraja. The brand’s commitment to ethics and sustainability attracts eco-conscious shoppers. Himalaya’s hair care relies on proven herbs. Neem’s antibacterial powers, Bhringaraja’s hair-strengthening benefits, and Aloe Vera’s relaxing and moisturizing properties make a multipurpose hair care mix. Himalaya’s commitment to nature’s strength underpins its natural hair products. Himalaya’s ethics and sustainability boost its eco-friendliness. Environmentally concerned buyers support a firm that improves the world. Himalaya has improved their Gentle Daily Care Natural Protein Shampoo. Chickpea and Licorice make this shampoo suitable for men and women. In addition to washing, it strengthens and protects hair from pollution and grooming. To improve hair health, Himalaya products cleanse, nourish, and strengthen. Gentle Daily Care Natural Protein Shampoo embraces Himalaya’s natural and effective hair care concept. Apart from cosmetic benefits, Chickpea and Licorice infusion strengthens hair against daily wear. Himalaya’s objective of developing customer- and environmentally-friendly products is supported by this approach.


As we traverse along the huge ocean of shampoo offerings that 2024 brings forth in the Indian market, these top 10 names indeed stand out among the rest with a more defined appeal when it comes to an implied commitment to quality, freshness of innovation, and catering to the varied hair care needs. From global juggernauts such as L’Oréal to home-grown champions like Dabur, each brand standing for their unique blend of tradition and modernity at the front catering to evolving predilections of Indian consumers in the realm of hair care.

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