Top 10 Popular Job Portals in India

The job market is at present booming with new opportunities. Organizations are looking for a whole new batch for employees who are trained and experienced in new age work roles, technology, strategy and dealings. On the other hand, the individuals, freshers and experienced ones, are looking for new job opportunities also. Therefore, a codependent relationship has been built between the organizations and job seekers. For the applicants, remuneration, job culture and other perks are the main criteria, whereas the organizations look for quality work and commitment. For these two parties to find their preferred options, the job sites in India does a very important role. Presently, most of the job seekers look for online portals only when looking for jobs. The same is true for the organizations. The leading job portals here make recruitment easier. For the right manpower, we would recommend the following 10 most popular job portals that you can also try for your job search.


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Naukri Job Site

India’s #1 job portal for searchers and employers is, launched in 1997. Its broad reach and extensive solutions have altered Indian job hunting, gaining millions of trust. India’s oldest and most reputable job search website,, has changed the employment landscape by linking employers and job seekers. Recruitment outside India provides a global audience. Free job search is a feature. It’s easy-to-use interface and sophisticated search tools have helped many locate dream jobs. offers job advertising and tailored recruitment solutions to organizations. For efficient recruitment, organisations may pick the subscription plan that best meets their requirements.


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Indeed, created in 2004 as a part of Japan’s Recruit CO. Ltd., is India’s second-largest employment portal after Indeed is a worldwide recruiting giant for all sizes of enterprises. Indeed’s thorough job search includes company data. Transparency helps job searchers make educated judgments throughout the application process. Its user-friendly UI and dependable search results set it apart from other Indian job search sites. Site navigation is straightforward, making job postings easy to discover. Indeed differentiates itself by giving free job postings to SMBs.

3. LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site where professionals from numerous fields can interact, discuss, and follow industry trends. LinkedIn aids networking and job hunting. Users may identify networking and career preparedness to assist recruiters locate candidates. Site job notifications notify users of relevant job openings in their fields, streamlining the employment search. Businesses can recruit well using LinkedIn. Businesses may contact many competent professionals by advertising job openings on their websites. Paid services may boost job poster visibility and hiring speed. Employers may effortlessly reach local residents with LinkedIn’s personalized job posts.

4. Glassdoor

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Glassdoor initially focused on employee assessments and enabled current and former employees to evaluate their jobs. These examinations included workplace culture, pay, benefits, and promotion. This tool let job seekers research firms and chooses careers. The site eventually included job posts. Employers may post job openings and employee reviews using this extension. This relationship eased business recruitment and delivered job seekers all job and company culture information in one place. Furthermore, Glassdoor’s Indeed partnership increased recruitment. Together with Indeed, Glassdoor helps companies attract and retain top personnel. This partnership gave job seekers additional alternatives and information.

5. Foundit

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Foundit, previously Monster, is a prominent online job marketplace for candidates and employers. Due of its vast reach and specialized services, Foundit is popular with job seekers and businesses. The site provides full-time, part-time, and freelance IT and non-IT employment. This wide coverage provides job seekers several alternatives for their skills and preferences. Foundit offers job listings and assistance to help job seekers find jobs. These sites screen and recommend jobs to assist individuals choose careers. The site also provides premium job search.

6. Shine

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Indian job site Shine has been popular since 2008. Job seekers countrywide use its vast career services to build resumes, prepare for interviews, and locate fantastic employment. Shine’s versatile platform appeals to a diverse employment market. Shine offers entry-level to senior jobs. The site’s hiring services assist firms. Shine streamlines hiring and connects startups and large enterprises with top talent with specialized recruitment services. Shine’s hiring appeal is strong. Shine offers new workers unrivaled employment opportunities with a steady supply of job advert from different organizations.

7. TimesJobs

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A major online job forum in India is TimesJobs, hosted by the Times Group. Because of its various options, TimesJobs is popular with job seekers and employers. Job searchers may apply, list, and develop profiles on TimesJobs. People may actively seek professional opportunities and exhibit their talents to companies using these qualities. TimesJobs’ AI-based job recommendation system is unique. Based on resume skills, experience, and interests, this service suggests occupations using complex algorithms. This innovative method shows users relevant and suitable jobs, improving job search results.

8. Upwork

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Upwork, India’s most innovative job portal, offers freelance opportunities. Only freelancers work on Upwork’s many projects in many sectors. Companies use Upwork contractors for short-term projects requiring certain talents. The site’s specialty is remote work. All platform tasks are remote, minimizing on-site employment. Due to its remote work model, Upwork suits freelancers and part-timers. Full-time workers may not like Upwork, but freelancers and part-timers do. The platform’s simple design and robust job search tools let freelancers find and apply for jobs that fit their skills.

9. Freshersworld

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The #1 job platform for students starting careers is Freshersworld. First-time job searchers may find IT, non-IT, and government jobs at Freshersworld, recognized for its many offerings. In addition to employment listings, Freshersworld offers course information, exam dates, and educational resources. Freshersworld keeps freshmen informed about their fields to prepare them for careers. Freshersworld helps freshmen beyond job seeking. The site offers career guidance and CAT, GRE, and other exam practice quizzes. This full strategy helps freshers obtain employment and enhance their skills and credentials, making them more competitive.

10. JobsForHer

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Indian women’s job web JobsForHer is pioneering. JobsForHer shines a focus on meaningful work with high job security and competitive compensation for women. Since it favors women job seekers, JobsForHer is popular among female professionals and freshers. For women entering or reentering the workforce, the website offers job options across industries and skill levels. A strength of JobsForHer is its MOUs with over 2000 organizations. This enormous network matches women with employment that fit their skills and objectives. JobsForHer helps women find jobs beyond job postings. The website provides training to help women compete in the employment market.


All in all, the trend of reliance on online platforms for job posting and seeking is on an alert emerging ratio. Day by day, such job search websites are seen to be introducing new features that transport heavy tasks into such a cakewalk. Whether it is a fresher or a professional – these job-seeking platforms serve the same. Apart from job seekers, it has been a blessing in disguise for the employers. To find a candidate appropriately fit for the job, a minimum investment of time with the screening process has never been so easy. For that the best portals would be there.

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