Top 10 Popular Kidswear Brands in India

Choosing the right kidwear products is a tricky task. The skin of children is very sensitive and if any wrong material is used over, several side effects take place. This is where Choosing the right kidwear brand is important. At present, in India, there are a number of brands that offering quite stylish and kid friendly options for different kind of clothing items. Suitable and fit for kids of different ages and size, these kidwear products are made by those brands that have been in the business for quite a long time. Here are all the information about the top 10 brands in case you are heading to the mall for buying some clothes for your child.


1. Babyhug

  • Size Range: Newborn – 5+ Yrs
  • Official Website:

Infants and children up to 5 years old may trust Babyhug for durable, easy-to-care-for apparel. Due to its affordability and practicality, parents seeking solid solutions for their children trust the brand to provide garments that can withstand hectic lifestyles and are easy to maintain. Babyhug makes stylish, durable, and easy-to-care-for garments. Each outfit is crafted using high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail for durability. Parents can trust Babyhug clothing to keep up with their active youngsters thanks to soft, breathable fabrics, reinforced seams, and robust buttons. Babyhug understands the importance of affordability for parents, especially when purchasing clothing for growing children.

2. Hopscotch

  • Size Range: Newborn – 6+ Yrs
  • Official Website:

Hopscotch has been India’s leading destination for creative, affordable children’s apparel since 2012. The company’s bright colors, striking themes, and inventive designs appeal to fashion-forward parents and sensitive newborns, making it a trusted children’s wear brand. Hopscotch makes trendy, useful kids’ apparel. Each outfit is comfortable and functional, letting newborns and toddlers roam and play while looking attractive. Hopscotch’s wide range of comfy onesies and trendy ensembles guarantees a hit with every child. Hopscotch’s innovative designs distinguish them.

3. Mothercare

  • Size Range: Newborn – 8Yrs
  • Official Website:

Mothercare has led newborn clothes quality and design since 1961. The brand has won praise from parents worldwide for its superior care for newborns and children up to 8 years old after decades of developing it. Mothercare is appreciated for its efficiency and beauty. Each piece is designed for comfort and style, so little ones look and feel great. Mothercare apparel is carefully designed with soft, breathable fabrics for sensitive skin and useful features for busy parents. Mothercare’s outfit variety is unique. Everyone may find comfortable sleepwear and stylish everyday wear at the firm. Modern kidswear from Mothercare is popular since it has traditional and trendy designs for every taste.

4. Little Kangaroo

  • Size Range: Newborn – 10Yrs
  • Official Website:

Little Kangaroo has pioneered vibrant baby wear since 1976, reflecting infants and toddlers’ boundless energy and enthusiasm. With its whimsical and creative designs, the firm has made a name for itself in children’s clothing. Little Kangaroo plans to dress in the finest materials and safest colors. The brand employs GOTS-certified cotton and non-toxic colors to make every item stylish and gentle on delicate skin, providing parents peace of mind that their children are safe and comfortable. Little Kangaroo’s whimsical patterns are carefully designed to inspire play and creativity. The vibrant patterns and quirky motifs on each clothing encourage children of all ages to express themselves and be creative.

5. Cucumber

  • Size Range: Newborn – 10Yrs
  • Official Website:

Since 2002, Cucumber has pioneered organic materials and eco-friendly practises in children’s clothes, stressing sustainability without losing beauty. Making attractive, eco-friendly garments is the brand’s goal. Cucumber promotes sustainability throughout manufacture. Organic fibers, eco-friendly hues, and sustainable manufacturing lessen its environmental impact and promote responsible consumption. Cucumber makes every product for sensitive skin using organic components to aid the environment for future generations. Every Cucumber item evokes purity and innocence, making it unique. The brand pulls inspiration from adult design trends to create soft, charming clothing for children and parents. From relaxing pastels to energetic motifs, every outfit radiates timeless beauty that transcends trends, helping kids look and feel incredible while promoting environmental consciousness.

6. Lilliput

  • Size Range: Newborn – 10Yrs
  • Official Website:

Lilliput’s bright children’s clothes have delighted kids and parents since 2003. Pioneers in children’s fashion, the brand creates appealing and elegant apparel with distinctive designs and meticulous attention to detail. Lilliput prioritizes children’s clothing from birth to 10. The firm provides lovely onesies and sophisticated dresses for any taste and occasion, so parents may choose the ideal clothing for their child. Lilliput is different in price, quality, and design. Each item is carefully made using high-quality materials and procedures to ensure quality and durability. Lilliput strives to make high-quality clothing accessible for all families so every child may wear it.

7. Nino Bambino

  • Size Range: 0 – 12Yrs
  • Official Website:

Nino Bambino, founded in 2000, makes comfortable, versatile children’s clothing. For attractive baby starts, the firm has always used high-quality fabrics and exquisite designs. The Nino Bambino apparel line promotes comfort and style. Each piece is attractive and comfy for delicate skin. All Nino Bambino clothing is made for kids, from soft, breathable fabrics to clever design. Nino Bambino makes under-12 clothing replacements. The firm provides parents beautiful, versatile, and easily updated solutions since children grow rapidly and have changing needs. Fashion-conscious parents that desire luxury and beauty for their children choose Nino Bambino. Modern parents who seek the best for their kids admire the brand’s craftsmanship and refinement.


  • Size Range: 0 – 12+ Yrs
  • Official Website:

AJIO, founded in 2003, is a leading online retailer of adorable, comfortable children’s costumes. AJIO has revolutionized children’s fashion by combining elegance, practicality, quality, and innovation. To produce garments that look and feel great is AJIO’s goal. Each clothing is chosen for comfort and functionality to let youngsters move and play while looking stylish. Every piece is carefully crafted to meet the brand’s high quality and craftsmanship standards, from soft, breathable fabrics to thoughtful design accents. AJIO serves babies to 12-year-olds, making it unique.

9. Allen Solly

  • Size Range: Infants – 16Yrs
  • Official Website:

Allen Solly Kids defines innovative kids’ fashion since 1993. The brand, part of India’s top premium lifestyle shop, emanates elegance for parents and children. Allen Solly Kids aims to combine comfort and style. Each costume is designed to make babies and toddlers up to 16 years old feel confident in their attire. Soft, airy fabrics and careful embellishments are used in every piece to achieve elegance and utility. Allen Solly Kids captures current fashion while satisfying young children’s likes. Its vibrant themes and bright colors for newborns and sleek, sophisticated designs for older children help kids express themselves with confidence.

10. Gap

  • Size Range: 1 – 18Yrs
  • Official Website:

Gap has sold affordable children’s garments since 1969, known for quality, style, and affordability. After 50 years, the company has offered beautiful, functional apparel for kids of all ages. Gap’s vast newborn clothes collection blends modern and traditional styles, making it appealing. The brand offers comfy onesies, cute rompers, and exquisite items for parents and kids. Each garment is made for comfort and durability so kids can play and look good. From 1 to 18, Gap’s vast clothing variety appeals to kids. The firm offers jeans, graphic tees, khakis, and comfy sweaters for kids of all ages, letting them express themselves. Gap is known for its affordability and quality.


All the brands mentioned above are quite specific when it comes to the health concerns of the kids and they made sure that the best kid friendly materials are used for the manufacturing process of their clothing items. Coming from different parts of India, these brands have helped to make your kids look stylish.

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