Top 10 Popular Spectacle Brands in India

A majority of the renowned spectacle companies have thrived in this design sector of the country’s thriving eyewear all with their unique eclectic touch of creativity, style and good quality. Some use glasses while reading or focusing on near things in job situations, but now blue light blocking glasses are the choice to protect your eyes from the emissions of the screen. So, only a few wear non-prescription glasses for the trend. Considering that corrective lenses are used to give vision clarity, if such types of spectacles help or worsen eyesight is a topic to take into account. In 2024, consider the top 10 spectacle brands attracting customers. These brands denote the trends in eyewear and marry the design with utility targeting varied interest than in burgeoning eyewear market.

1. Lenskart:


Lenskart pioneered Indian eyewear, altering glasses shopping. Lenskart has democratised eyeglass access by seamlessly integrating online and physical channels, offering options for all tastes. Lenskart’s low prices make great glasses more affordable. Lenskart’s sophisticated website makes eyeglass shopping easy at home. Lenskart’s simple design and huge range make shopping easy and customisable. Virtual try-on lets buyers examine how eyeglasses fit their faces before purchasing. Lenskart provides online and in-store consultations and fits in India. To guarantee optimal visual health, Lenskart offers thorough eye examinations and home eye tests by eye care professionals. Eyeglasses from Lenskart fit varied preferences. Lenskart offers prescription, eyeglass, computer, kids’, sunglasses, and contact lenses for various lifestyles. Lenskart’s daily-wear glasses are affordable and durable. Lenskart eyeglasses are durable, comfortable, and clear for everyday use.

2. Fastrack:

Fastrack, noted for its dynamic flair, is a fashion leader among style-conscious customers. Millennials and Gen Z love Fastrack glasses for their style and affordability. So everyone may find eyeglasses they like, Fastrack carries several styles. Fastrack eyewear is durable, long-lasting, and reliable. Fastrack offers quality sunglasses starting at Rs.1000 for varied budgets. Fastrack sells eyeglasses for young folks, elderly, and middle-aged persons. Fastrack offers sunglasses, computer, contact, and swimming glasses. Fastrack is a one-stop store for all eyewear requirements for different lifestyles. Fastrack values style and function. Fastrack offers contemporary youth glasses. Fastrack ensures you seem elegant and confident in everyday and special occasion spectacles.

3. Ray-Ban:

Global eyewear brand Ray-Ban influences India with its classic designs and exceptional craftsmanship. Aviators and Wayfarers are popular with smart, elegant folks. Ray-Ban features stylish, classic, and modern eyewear for any occasion. Ray-Ban glasses last, ensuring long-term satisfaction. This firm provides sunglasses, eyewear, and prescription lenses for various optical needs. Ray-Ban glasses are perfect for adding style to daily eyewear. Ray-Ban eyeglasses adds drama or refinement to your outfit. Ray-Ban established the standard for eyeglasses with its timeless style, workmanship, and versatility. Due to its classic designs and unwavering quality, Ray-Ban is a leading eyewear brand.

4. Titan Eye Plus:

Titan Eye Plus is a renowned premium eyewear brand. Titan Eye Plus, committed to innovation and customer pleasure, offers fashionable, comfortable, and durable sight frames and lenses. The firm makes trendy, statement-making designs. Titan Eye Plus offers elegant, high-quality frames with a warranty for extra peace of mind. Titan Eye Plus sells sunglasses, computer, reading, contact, swimming, and solar eclipse goggles. Titan Eye Plus distributes glasses to all ages, making it distinctive. Titan Eye Plus features stylish and traditional eyeglasses for young individuals and elderly persons. Titan Eye Plus offers luxury eyewear with a focus on style, comfort, and durability. Titan Eye Plus’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction makes it a leading brand of fashionable, practical eyewear.

5. Fossil:

Fossil’s vintage charm and refined design elevate eyewear. Fashionistas love fossil glasses for their timeless style and precision. Fossil offers contemporary eyewear in several colours and designs for different personalities. All styles of men and women like Fossil’s eyeglasses. Fossil features classic and contemporary eyeglasses. Fossil makes charming, high-quality sunglasses and eyewear. Ladies seeking expensive eyeglasses like Fossil. Fossil eyewear delivers superior quality and style to enhance eyesight and elevate the wearer’s attire. Classic elegance and sophisticated sophistication define Fossil eyewear. Fossil’s extensive assortment and craftsmanship keep it at the top of the eyewear industry.

6. John Jacobs:

John Jacobs’ stunning glasses radiate elegance and craftsmanship. John Jacobs caters to discerning consumers who seek subtle elegance and high-quality materials and craftsmanship. With its quality and craftsmanship, John Jacobs frames are elegant and affordable. Each John Jacobs eyewear is affordable yet high-quality. This makes pricey spectacles affordable. The company’s exquisite Italian designs offer wearers a distinctive appearance. High-quality John Jacobs eyewear suits traditional and current trends. You can get quality inexpensive eyewear from John Jacobs. Each pair of glasses meets the highest quality standards, ensuring durability and endurance. These criteria have established John Jacobs a trusted eyewear brand recognised for its quality and elegance. For classic, stylish eyewear, John Jacobs is excellent. Due to its timeless designs, John Jacobs spectacles will survive for years for any serious eyewear collector. John Jacobs spectacles are classy. Fashionistas and eyewear lovers love John Jacobs’ high-quality materials, faultless craftsmanship, and timeless designs.

7. Burberry:

Rich and British, Burberry creates eyeglasses. Burberry glasses seamlessly blend ancient craftsmanship with modern design, evoking effortless style and prestige. Burberry has several categories and styles to assist customers pick. Wider brow lines make Burberry frames attractive. Choose Burberry for fashionable eyewear. For durability and style, Burberry creates luxury glasses from high-quality materials. Wearing the brand’s elegant designs makes a statement everywhere. Burberry has square, butterfly, rectangular, and circular frames for diverse preferences. With ease, Burberry eyewear matches your classic or contemporary style. Burberry’s classic, well-made eyewear exudes elegance. Burberry’s historic craftsmanship and innovative design continue to captivate fashionistas and eyewear enthusiasts, making it an industry symbol of prestige and elegance.

8. Vincent Chase:

Lenskart-owned Vincent Chase sells fashionable, inexpensive eyewear. Vincent Chase creates and manufactures high-quality items to fulfil current client expectations. Vincent Chase lenses are affordable and durable. Frames are lightweight, durable, and long-lasting for comfort and durability. Vincent Chase glasses increase confidence and flair beyond function. Vincent Chase glasses fit well, making them more comfortable to wear. Vincent Chase offers inexpensive eyewear for fashionistas. Vincent Chase offers trendy eyewear at affordable prices to all customers. Vincent Chase embodies affordable luxury with unrivalled beauty, workmanship, and affordability. Vincent Chase reinvents spectacles with its commitment to innovation and customer service, letting consumers express their own style.

9. Calvin Klein:

Calvin Klein manufactures elegant, uncomplicated spectacles. Clean shapes and minimal branding draw classicists to Calvin Klein sunglasses. Calvin Klein glasses are durable and long-lasting. Calvin Klein glasses are elegant, functional shapes for everyday usage. Calvin Klein has categories and shapes for various face types. Calvin Klein features classic and trendy eyeglasses for you. The brand’s simple style lets wearers exude confidence and elegance anywhere. Calvin Klein redefines luxury eyewear with its understated beauty and grace. Calvin Klein glasses are crucial for those who appreciate refined aesthetics and faultless workmanship due to its durable construction, premium designs, and numerous styles.

10. OKNO Eyewearlabs:

Innovation and affordability define Eyewearlabs, a burgeoning Indian eyewear company. With several frames and lenses, Eyewearlabs sells fashionable, inexpensive eyeglasses without compromising quality. The company’s eyeglasses are modern and classic, appealing to all preferences. Eyewearlabs’ excellent fit maintains glasses on the face without slipping. These daily-use glasses provide optimal comfort for pain-free usage. OKNO anti-blue light eyewear is sold by Eyewearlabs for gamers and screen workers. Specialised eyewear reduces eye strain and blue light exposure, improving eye health. Eyewearlabs is a rising Indian eyewear business that gives modern clients creative and cheap alternatives. Eyewearlabs will change the eyewear industry with unprecedented affordability, quality, comfort, and style.


The Indian eyewear market is a plethora of many spectacle brands, each one more reputable than the other, bringing to its customers a unique blend of style, quality, and innovation. Whether one savours the evergreen flavour of Ray-Ban, is charmed by the perky Fastrack, or wants to indulge in opulent Burberry, there is a brand to satisfy every flavour and craving on India’s eyewear landscape.


Q: Is it possible to Purchase the Prescription glasses in online Platforms?

Ans: Yes of course! But you need to ne specific in the choice. You need to follow a few steps, namely, choosing the right frame, upload your prescription and then finally, make your lens choice.

Q: Is there any way to choose between full-rim, half-rim, or rimless eyeglasses?

Ans: A metal or plastic frame surrounds the lens in full-rim eyeglasses. It is the strongest and can resist accidental falls. Busy folks use full-rim spectacles. Half-rimmed eyeglasses frame the top and show the bottom of the lens. Rimless glasses are readily destroyed since they have no frame. Classy rimless eyeglasses are possible.

Q: What would be the most comfortable specs for you?

Ans: As the plastic frame spectacles are light, you can have the best fit and comfort with  them. Even when you wear them for long while, you will not feel any pain or heavy on your eyes.  This is what makes them so perfect. Moreover, they come with so many designs.

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