Traditional Dress of Haryana [Men & Women]

Among the Northern Indian states, Haryana has shown incredible faithfulness in keeping our rich history and culture properly preserved through the annuls of time. Among the different parts and elements of the state, the vibrant heritage is well maintained. One can find a special place of such cultural fabrics in the way the dresses people here wear. More of the population here goes for the traditional dresses as they are both subjects to pride and comfort. Be it the vibrant colors or the traditional significances, both men and women look great in them. So here is your chance to know about these clothing items and try one if you wish.

Haryana Women’s Traditional Dress:

1. Ghagra-Choli:


Ghagra-Choli is a traditional garment of Haryana women. The Ghagra is a long, flared skirt, and the Choli, for this style, is a fitting blouse. This costume is usually stitched with beautiful embroidery, mirror work, and vibrant colors, giving a happy spirit to the Haryanvi culture. The dupatta again is a graceful drape over the shoulder. They make them look beautiful. At the same time, they also feel comfortable.

2. Odhni:

The Odhni, or dupatta, holds a special place for the Haryanvi women in dress. The Odhni is a long scarf or shawl worn over the head or around the shoulders, partnering Ghagra-Choli. The Odhni, too, is equally adorned with intricate embroidery, sequins, and mirrors, giving it a regal charm. Odhni is available in different colors and designs.

3. Saree:

Though less common than Ghagra-Choli, the saree is still worn by women of Haryana, especially in cities. The Haryanvi sarees are simple and elegant, carrying with them the traditional prints and motifs. The Pallu is draped over the shoulder, embedded with delicate embroidery or borders that add sophistication to the dress.

4. Salwar Kameez:

Salwar Kameez is another preferred choice by the Haryanvi women, especially in daily wear. This comfortable suit consists of a tunic, Kameez, with loose-fitting trousers, Salwar, and a dupatta. Salwar Kameez of Haryana is colorful, full of intricate embroidery, and adorned with vibrant colors and a graceful silhouette. For the women in Haryana, this staple dress is the first preference.

Haryana Men’s Traditional Dress:

1. Kurta-Pajama:

The Kurta-Pajama ensemble is a traditional, never-going-out-of-style suit of a Haryanvi man. Kurta is a long tunic matched with Pajama, comfortable trousers. This is an ensemble recommended due to its simplicity, comfort, and versatility. It has become suitable for all casual and formal situations. Haryanvi Kurta-Pajamas are mostly embroidered or decorated with fancy buttons.

2. Dhoti-Kurta:

Dhoti-Kurta is another traditional dress worn by men in Haryana, especially on religious ceremonies and festivals. The Dhoti is a large piece of cloth wrapped around the waist and legs. The Kurta is worn with the Dhoti. This ensemble gives the person wearing it an aura of traditional charm and cultural pride, while the region expresses its timeless traditions.

3. Pagri:

The Pagri, or the traditional turban, is an integral part of the dress of Haryanvi men. The Pagri is a long piece of cloth elegantly wrapped around the head and allows the person wearing it to express pride, honor, and valor. Haryanvi Pagris come in colors and styles, each carrying its own meaning and cultural symbolism.


We keep discussing about cultural vibrancy here, but truth to be told, they really make the users of these clothes look the best. It is the age old fashion sense that drives the people of Haryana to embrace these clothing options. The dresses are perfect for the weather here too, making their daily lives easier as they wear them during different seasons. They go to work, visit the public congregations, ceremonies, etc. all in these dresses.

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