Top 10 Popular Champagne Brands in India

It can be a wedding or a party for your friends or colleague’s promotion, there is always the need for something special, something fancy when it comes to dine and drink. And there comes the Champagnes, with excellent taste and variety. For the crowd, this is the beverage no one says no to. All you need to know is which one too select. A great number of Champagne brands are presently in India. For celebrations and for spending special moments, these Champaign brands are the ones you can choose. In 2024, the ones that can come handy for you are the ones mentioned below.

1. Louis Roederer Champagne (Rs. 20,000):

Louis Roederer Champagne

This is the first brand in the list. Since 1776, Louis Roederer Champagne has been synonymous with luxury and craftsmanship. Each of these carefully made bottles show the passion of the makers to lead the taste to excellence with its depth and intricacy. Famous Louis Roederer brands include Cristal and Brut Premier. This is really fascinating as these expensive champagnes are renowned for their quality and taste.  Louis Roederer’s two centuries of champagne-making skill guarantees every taste is elegant and refined. From vine to cellar, every step of production is controlled to maintain brand excellence.  The brand’s luxurious heritage is built on quality and creativity. Each new vintage captivates champagne lovers worldwide, confirming the brand’s icon status.

2. Dom Perignon Champagne (Rs. 17,000):

Dom Perignon, the Champaign brand is named after the Benedictine monk. This one is the pinnacle of champagne craftsmanship. Moët & Chandon wines are crafted using a combination of old and contemporary procedures. And yes, the making process turns them really extraordinary.  Aficionados who seek excellence in every sip love Dom Perignon’s distinctive flavor and uncompromising quality. Dom Perignon has captivated champagne enthusiasts worldwide as the embodiment of elegance since its birth. It is needless to say therefore, that the brand advocates uniqueness when it comes to taste and flavor. Each Dom Perignon bottle at Moët & Chandon undergoes a rigorous process to satisfy the highest standards of quality. Everything from fruit selection to skilled craftsmen’ precise mixing creates a champagne of unparalleled grace and depth.  This special brand showcases its creators’ inventiveness and enthusiasm as a symbol of excellence and elegance in a trend-driven society. Each Dom Perignon bottle invites sensory exploration of life’s most crucial events.

3. Dom Ruinart Champagne (Rs. 11,500):

Dom Ruinart Champagne is known for its superior champagne. Nicolas Ruinart created this renowned enterprise in 1729 to make pure, delicate Chardonnay cuvées. Since its founding, Dom Ruinart has captured lovers with its delicate appeal and exquisite taste. Each exquisite bottle represents the founder’s legacy and attractiveness. Dom Ruinart values heritage and creativity. Champagnes with incomparable richness and depth are the result of years of family refinement of Chardonnay’s finesse. Dom Ruinart winemakers strive to create the greatest champagne. The fruit is managed meticulously from vineyard to cellar to retain its purity and bring out its terroir in every glass.

4. Besserat Champagne Cuvée Des Moines (Rs. 9,000):

Besserat de Bellefon makes elegant, graceful cuvées in Champagne. The Cuvée Des Moines, with its delicate bubbles and vibrant flavor, is ideal for festive occasions. Besserat Champagne is the finest champagne, handcrafted. The house continues to delight followers with its distinctive style and rigorous quality, offering unmatched enjoyment. Besserat de Bellefon preserves Champagne’s terroir while innovating to provide timeless and innovative cuvées. Balanced tradition and innovation have given the house a generation-long reputation for exceptional champagnes that appeal to lovers worldwide. Besserat de Bellefon’s Cuvée Des Moines satisfies connoisseurs with its subtle flavor and effervescence. As an aperitif or with outstanding meal, Besserat Champagne’s elegance and refinement enhance every event. Besserat de Bellefon makes champagne more elegant and flavorful, inspiring deep admiration for its innovation and craftsmanship. The brand encourages Champagne lovers to appreciate its timeless appeal with every bottle.

5. Krug Champagne (Rs. 6,000):

Krug Champagne shows artisanal blending at its finest. Each bottle is a masterpiece created to capture the Champagne terroir after 175 years. Krug Champagne takes you on a delightful trip from the Grande Cuvée, a harmonious blend of flavors and aromas, to the unique Clos du Mesnil. Each phrase reflects decades of accuracy and expertise. Krug loves innovation and tradition. This harmonious blend of old-world expertise and modern methods makes every Krug Champagne taste interesting and refined. Krug’s Grande Cuvée, his best champagne, is blended from many vintages and has unmatched flavor. Terroir-driven champagnes like the Clos du Mesnil from a single vineyard are rare in premium cuvées. Every Krug Champagne bottle is a wonderful journey through Champagne’s tastes and smells. Krug’s excellence appeals to champagne fans worldwide, establishing the standard for elegance and refinement.

6. Taittinger Champagne (Rs. 6,000):

Pierre Taittinger developed Taittinger Champagne in 1932, recognized for its classy wines. Each bottle of champagne symbolizes joy and refinement due to its elegance. From the traditional Brut Réserve, a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier, to the Comtes de Champagne, a graceful and sophisticated masterpiece, Taittinger’s commitment to excellence continues to amaze wine enthusiasts. Taittinger’s winemaking combines tradition and innovation. Each champagne is painstakingly made to reflect Champagne’s unique terroir, resulting in incomparable depth and finesse. With its delicate effervescence and crisp acidity, Taittinger’s Brut Réserve is a champagne lover’s favorite. The Comtes de Champagne, crafted from the greatest vineyards and aged to perfection, is the pinnacle of champagne artistry for the most discriminating palates.

7. Ayala Champagne (Rs. 5,500):

Ayala Champagne, based in the historic town of Aÿ, has exquisite artisanal craftsmanship in each cuvée. Elegant champagnes have been the family’s specialty since 1860. Every Ayala Champagne type, from the crisp Brut Majeur to the luxurious Perle d’Ayala, has its unique appeal. Ayala’s meticulous workmanship has won over discriminating collectors of these superb cuvées. Ayala Champagne values quality and craftsmanship. Every bottle is created with care and skill to represent the house’s lengthy history and excellence. With its lively effervescence and refreshing acidity, Brut Majeur is a fantastic introduction to Ayala’s wines, while Perle d’Ayala is the house’s masterpiece with its rich structure and complex flavor. Fans savor every sip with their senses.

8. Duval Leroy Champagne (Rs. 5,000):

For 160 years, Duval-Leroy Champagne has been known for quality and uniqueness. Duval-Leroy bottles reflect Champagne’s particular terroir, from the Côte des Blancs’ luxuriant grapes to the Montagne de Reims’ stony terrain. By carefully constructing and dedicating to quality, Duval-Leroy has won over lovers with its gorgeous flair. Every detail of manufacturing is carefully done to create champagnes with exceptional depth and complexity that symbolize finesse. Inspired by Champagne’s landscapes, Duval-Leroy’s collection showcases each vineyard site’s flavors and fragrances. Each wine’s terroir is evident, from the Côte des Blancs’ minerality to the Montagne de Reims’ fruitiness. Champagne’s rich history comes alive in every taste as Duval-Leroy takes fans on a sensory journey through its vineyards. Duval-Leroy Champagne, alone or with great meal, exudes elegance and refinement long after the toast.

9. Laurent Perrier Champagne (Rs. 4,000):

Laurent-Perrier Luxury and talent are associated with champagne. Since 1812, the house has prioritized quality and innovation. Laurent-Perrier’s Brut NV and Cuvée Rosé are elegant. Every bottle showcases Champagne’s terroir and centuries-old expertise, crafted with precision. Laurent-Perrier champagnes strike the right balance between tradition and innovation. Each cuvée showcases the house’s beauty, complexity, and refinement. Laurent-Perrier’s Brut NV’s fine bubbles and lively acidity show its excellence and consistency. Enticing smells and luscious fruit flavors make the Cuvée Rosé luxurious and distinctive.

10. Pol Roger Champagne (Rs. 3,500):

Since 1849, Pol Roger Champagne has been known for its magnificent cuvées that encapsulate the spirit of celebration. The house’s commitment to quality is evident in every bottle, from Winston Churchill to the Brut Réserve. From grape selection to blending, Pol Roger’s winemakers take care in every step. Each cuvée is a masterpiece, crafted to showcase Champagne and the house’s style. Winston Churchill, named after the statesman and house patron, exudes sophistication and gravitas with its intricacy and startling flavor. A fan favorite, the Brut Réserve offers crisp acidity, mild effervescence, and vivid fruit aromas.


The aforementioned brands are truly special when it comes to having a really good time. Not only that they are the best in India, but also that these Champaign brands are the parts of luxury and happy moments. Their uniqueness in  respect to taste and flavor is also appreciated by many. Truly, these are the Champaign brands that are appreciated and chosen by the best.

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