Top 10 Popular Footwear Brands in India

Due to shifting fashion trends, increased disposable incomes, and a greater awareness of quality footwear, the Indian footwear market has grown significantly. In 2023, domestic and foreign footwear brands in India compete fiercely for consumers’ attention. With an estimated value of US$24.86 billion in 2023, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.84% from 2023 to 2028, reaching a value of US$35.43 billion by 2029.

To help you stay ahead, we’ve listed India’s top 10 footwear brands in 2023, highlighting their unique offers and fashion industry contributions.

1. Bata India

Bata Footwear

Bata India, a subsidiary of Bata, has become ingrained in generations of Indians. The brand represents quality, affordability, and elegance in footwear. Bata India has a unique history of innovation, product diversity, and dedication to meeting every Indian’s footwear demands.

Bata India, founded in 1931, shaped the Indian footwear industry. It has grown into a household name, offering a wide assortment of footwear for all ages and tastes. Bata has formal, casual, sports, and trendy shoes for any occasion. Bata’s success is built on its commitment to quality and comfort. Bata delivers items that look nice, are comfortable, and durable because to its strong supply chain and cutting-edge manufacturing facilities. As per a recent news Bata has secured the rights to produce and sell shoes under the Nine West brand in India.

2. Reliance Footprint:

The Reliance Footprint division of Reliance Retail produces some of the most popular shoes in India. Reliance Footprint’s rapid rise to prominence across the country can be attributed to the company’s large selection of fashionable and novel footwear.

Reliance Footprint stands out for its emphasis on inclusivity. The brand has wide appeal across demographics. Teens and adults alike can find comfortable, on-trend footwear at Reliance Footprint.

Accessibility is an additional attribute of Reliance Footprint’s methodology. With its extensive retail footprint in India, the brand effectively guarantees convenient accessibility of its products to customers across the nation. The dedication to ensuring accessibility aligns harmoniously with Reliance Retail’s overarching mission of catering to the diverse spectrum of customer requirements prevalent in India.

3. Woodland:

Many tours have been planned using Woodland by people who enjoy being outside and in nature. Woodland, a shoe company noted for its rugged, outdoorsy styles, has established itself as a leader in the competitive Indian shoe market.

Hikers, campers, and explorers will love woodland footwear since it can withstand the elements. Outdoor lovers have taken to the brand’s shoes because of their durability and comfort. Woodland is one of a kind since it manages to be both stylish and long-lasting. The shoes’ stylish design and durability in adverse conditions make them a hit with trend-setters.

4. Metro Shoes:

In India, Metro Shoes are admired for their elegance and class. Metro, which focuses in special-occasion attire, carries high-quality footwear for men, women, and children.

The brand’s identity is rooted in custom and quality craftsmanship. Metro Shoes’ painstaking craftsmanship makes each pair of shoes a work of art. Whether you need high heels for a formal event or a pair of cute, comfortable sneakers for the office, Metro Shoes has you covered.

Metro’s wide range of services and goods demonstrates its commitment to its customers. Both classic and contemporary shoe styles are available at Metro Shoes. The variety of shoes displayed in the stores reflects the company’s dedication to that goal.

5. Liberty Shoes:

With 60 years under its belt, Liberty Shoes has become an Indian institution. Since 1954, Liberty has been producing excellent footwear for academic and athletic use.

The triumph of Liberty can be attributed to its unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. The corporation consistently integrates cutting-edge technology and contemporary design trends into its merchandise in order to provide footwear that surpasses the expectations of its clientele.

The extensive assortment of merchandise provided by Liberty Shoes serves as a testament to their steadfast commitment in addressing the requirements and inclinations of a broad array of clientele. Liberty offers a comprehensive selection of footwear alternatives, encompassing a diverse array of ergonomically crafted school shoes that prioritize utmost comfort, alongside state-of-the-art sports shoes that cater to the exacting demands of students and athletes in pursuit of peak performance.

6. Puma:

In the dynamic Indian market, German sportswear manufacturer Puma is dominant. This legendary brand serves the sports and leisure industries, making it a popular choice for stylish, high-performance footwear. Puma’s celebrity and athletic partnerships have made them prominent in India.

Puma is a global sportswear and footwear leader founded in 1948. The brand has smoothly integrated into India’s diversified and vibrant athletic landscape, offering a wide selection of items for numerous sports and activities. Puma’s ability to combine fashion and performance is a highlight. Puma has sneakers for gym-goers, marathon runners, and active people.

Puma’s smart partnerships with famous athletes and celebrities have helped boost their recognition in India. The company has gained popularity through partnerships with cricketing legends Virat Kohli and Ranveer Singh as Puma brand ambassador. These partnerships give the brand a reliable, trendy, and aspirational feel.

7.  Adidas:

Adidas, another sportswear giant, has firmly established itself in India, leaving a lasting impression on consumers. Adidas represents excellence in sports and leisure footwear with a relentless focus on innovation, technology, and quality. The three-stripe logo symbolizes the brand’s flair and performance.

Adidas, founded in 1949, has a long sports and athletic history. The brand’s adaptable and fashion-forward footwear appeals to a varied consumer in India, beyond sports. Adidas emphasizes innovation and technology, driving footwear design. Their products combine cutting-edge technology with style, making them popular with athletes, fitness fanatics, and fashionistas. Adidas’ three-stripe logo symbolizes excellence, flair, and performance. It represents a brand that regularly delivers high-quality sports and lifestyle footwear.

8. Nike:

Nike is a multinational sportswear brand with a large Indian fan base. Nike is popular with athletes and sneaker heads for its cutting-edge designs and performance footwear. Nike redefines sports fashion with its reputation for innovation and brilliance.

Since 1964, Nike has been a global brand, including in India. From jogging to basketball and everything in between, the company delivers high-quality items. Nike’s dedication to sports fashion innovation sets Company distinct. Technology and style combine in Nike’s footwear designs, which appeal to performance and style fans. Nike shoes are perfect for fashionistas and athletes alike.

9.  Skechers:

The American shoe company Skechers has found a loyal customer base in India thanks to the quality and affordability of its casual and sporty styles. Skechers is the go-to brand for people looking for fashionable yet cozy solutions for their everyday wardrobe.

Skechers, a shoe company that has been around since 1992, has seen significant growth in India thanks to the widespread adoption of its memory foam technology. Shoe shoppers who put a premium on their comfort and health have responded positively to this novel addition.

Skechers sells sneakers, dress shoes, and lifestyle-inspired shoes. Because the firm makes comfy, fashionable shoes, they’re popular for running errands and walking about town.

10. Lee Cooper:

Lee Cooper, which started out as a British denim label, has expanded into the footwear market with notable success, becoming known for its fashionable and urban-inspired footwear. The company has made it possible for the fashion-forward Indian consumer to choose from a wide variety of casual and semi-formal footwear alternatives, thanks to a long history of innovative design.

With roots dating back to 1908, Lee Cooper has a lengthy history of supplying attractive and high-quality products to its clients. In India, the company has successfully combined its denim roots with cutting-edge shoe design to create a diverse collection that appeals to a wide variety of consumers.

Lee Cooper’s collection boasts a diverse array of footwear, encompassing an extensive range of styles, ranging from athletic sneakers to sophisticated loafers. The brand’s unwavering commitment to avant-garde design and scrupulous devotion to minutiae has rendered it a beloved choice amongst individuals seeking casual footwear that seamlessly amalgamates style and utility within the context of their bustling metropolitan existence.


Numerous companies serve varied consumer tastes in the Indian footwear market, which is always changing. The top 10 Indian footwear brands in 2024 include formal and sporting styles for all ages. These brands offer inexpensive, sturdy shoes and high-end, fashion-forward shoes. These brands may adapt and develop to satisfy Indian market demands as consumer tastes change. You can get the appropriate shoes for the gym, a run, a special occasion, or comfortable daily use from these top Indian brands.

Footwear FAQ

Q1. There are plenty of footwear brands in India. But how to choose the leading one ignoring cheaper competitors?

Ans: There are a number of footwear brands that come up with unique selling options for footwear brands, but when it comes to choosing the right product, then selection as per aesthetics, material quality, comfort features, durability, and brand reputation is essential. When one judges by this distinguishable factors, then the right choice can be possible.

Q2. How do the leading footwear brands make the production eco friendly?

Ans: As consumers become increasingly eco-conscious, understanding how prominent Indian footwear companies manage sustainability and ethics is crucial. This examination reveals these companies’ ethics and environmental practices. Eco-friendly shoes are assessed. Top firms favour organic cotton, recycled polyester, and eco-friendly leather. Brands reduce their carbon footprint and benefit the environment using these materials. We also consider sourcing responsibility. Brands choose ethical suppliers that obey labour and environmental rules. To guarantee ethical production, check supply chain transparency and use recognised suppliers. Labour fairness is another concern. Factory workers’ rights are important to Indian footwear companies. Workplace safety, fair pay, and professional progression are included. Reviews include eco-friendly initiatives. Brands reduce energy, water, and waste. To lessen their environmental effect, several companies use eco-friendly packaging and delivery. Consumers can support sustainable firms and make informed choices. Shopping for sustainable and ethical shoes helps the earth and society while looking stylish.

Q3. What are the recent trends and innovations that leading Indian footwear brands are adopting to serve changing consumer preference?

Ans: Innovation becomes critical in developing a differentiation strategy as well as engaging the consumer. This very much is the question related to understanding the latest trends and innovations adopted in the leading footwear brands of India, including things like design changes, infusion of technology, comfort elements, or options for customization. It is exactly these kinds of influences that make consumers well-informed about their purchase while shopping for their pair of shoes.

Q4. One wonders how do consumers negotiate this wide-ranging diversity of footwear available from India’s leading brands to select the most appropriate pair according to their need?

Ans: Choosing the right pair can be quite difficult with ample opportunity in footwear. This question sets the stage and touches upon some important factors of comfort, style, functionality, material quality, and budget considerations to guide the consumer through a wide range of products offered by the leading brands. Furthermore, it will look into resources such as customer reviews, expert recommendations, and brand reputation among many others to make one informed about the decisions to make in regard to purchasing of footwear.

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